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Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald’s arguments about Jews and Judaism -- originally expressed in four books he published between 1994 and 2004 -- mimic those made by anti-Semites during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. MacDonald argues that Judaism is a particularly successful “group evolutionary strategy” that allows Jews to benefit at the expense of non-Jews, and that anti-Semitism is a “rational” non-Jewish response to counteract Jewish successes. MacDonald believes that Jews in contemporary times have fostered and supported multiculturalism, Zionism, and neo-conservatism to benefit Jews at the expense of non-Jews.

In an apparent effort to publicize his ideas overseas, much of this work has been translated into European languages, including German, Dutch, Polish, and Russian. MacDonald promotes these translations on his Website.
Focus on Jewish “traits” and alleged domination of other groups

MacDonald thinks Jews are characterized by four “background traits”: elevated intelligence, hyperethnocentrism, aggressiveness, and psychological intensity which, when combined, make Jews a “formidable” and “effective” group, capable of dominating other groups. MacDonald sees Jewish intelligence, in particular (which he attributes to alleged “eugenics-style” breeding practices among Jews), as responsible for Jews’ purported ability to transform non-Jewish society for their own benefit. This intelligence is biological, MacDonald claims, and confers, at least upon Ashkenazi Jews, “the highest average intelligence of any human group.” He also believes it grants Jews a “tendency” to amass wealth, a further source of collective Jewish power.

All ethnic groups, according to MacDonald, are engaged in an unending competition over resources and reproductive success. He claims that in the United States, Jews have competed most prominently against a traditional white ethnic European majority. To ensure Jewish survival and to dominate American society, MacDonald asserts that Jews orchestrated increased levels of non-white immigration into America by abolishing national-origin quotas in the 1960s. Another alleged weapon in the Jewish arsenal against America’s white European majority was the creation of intellectual movements like Freudian psychoanalysis that MacDonald claims were designed to undermine and even “criminalize” ethnic European identity. Like other anti-Semites, MacDonald also argues that Jews promote deviant sexual morality “at odds with the traditional culture of the United States.”

MacDonald sees Jews' pursuit of their own ethnic interests as the sole reason they allegedly promote multiculturalism, immigration, psychoanalysis and sexual deviance, thereby instituting a “culture of critique” that seeks to convince ethnic Europeans that any expression of ethnic solidarity on their part is pathological. MacDonald even takes the argument a step further, positing that Jews are consumed by a “hatred” for European tradition itself.

Claims of Jewish control

MacDonald also argues that Jews are able to disseminate their anti-European ideas and squelch the public debate of Jewish issues because they have access to the “very top” levels of academia and the media. He claims that Jews use their position to misinform the American public about issues of critical importance, including the war in Iraq, in order to prevent non-Jews from advocating on behalf of their own interests. Because of this Jewish influence, MacDonald dismisses as an “illusion” the belief that America is a free society where ideas are openly debated.

Instead, MacDonald relies on the old anti-Semitic canard that one group, “the Jews,”  is responsible for all perceived deficiencies in American culture, and cannot be trusted to work for the common welfare of a democratic society. Thus, he writes that in his “ideal world” the work of certain Jewish journalists and political advisors would be accompanied by the following absurd disclaimer:
    You should be cautious in following my advice or even believing what I say about Israel. Deception and manipulation are very common tactics in ethnic conflict, so that my pose as an American patriot should be taken with a grain of salt. And even if I am entirely sincere in what I say, the fact is that I have a deep psychological and ethnic commitment to Israel and Judaism. Psychologists have shown that this sort of deep commitment is likely to bias my perceptions of any policy that could possibly affect Israel even though I am not aware of it.

MacDonald claims that in addition to serving their own domestic interests, Jews have subverted the power of the United States to allow them to manipulate and control the rest of the world for the benefit of the state of Israel. Attributing to “Jewish neoconservatism” vast powers of influence and control, he writes that this intellectual movement seeks to harness “the wealth and power of the United States in the service of Israel,” and that neoconservatives “form an elite that is deeply involved in deception, manipulation and espionage.”

MacDonald explicitly admits that his claim that Jews have in the guise of neo-conservatism been able to “transform the country to serve their interests,” is a reprise of anti-Semitic arguments made many times in Western history. Like anti-Semites before him, who blamed their countries’ difficulties on Jews who allegedly were biologically driven to undermine non-Jewish nations, MacDonald makes the same claim regarding the United States today. In fact, he characterizes Henry Ford’s notorious anti-Semitic book, The International Jew, as “reasonably congruent” with his own thinking about Judaism, adding that “the majority of its major claims about Jews are correct.”

Rationalizing anti-Semitism

Troubling as well is MacDonald’s claim that anti-Semitism itself is a “rational response” to Judaism. He applies this thinking to the history of anti-Jewish hatred, arguing that “the [Spanish] Inquisition should be seen as a defensive reaction to the economic and political domination” of Jews and that the “powerful anti-Jewish attitudes and legislation of the fourth century Church” were justified. Even Nazism, to MacDonald, was a “group evolutionary strategy” that “mirrored Judaism.” MacDonald characterizes the ideas of those who have hated Jews back through the centuries in the same manner as Hitler and the Nazis defended their anti-Semitism as a means of protecting German purity against alleged Jewish encroachment.

While admitting that he views Jews in a “less than flattering light,” he nevertheless contends that the issue should be whether or not he is “right,” as opposed to whether or not his views constitute anti-Semitism. To MacDonald, anti-Semitism is no more than the expression by non-Jews of their legitimate ethnic interests. He writes, “[C]ompetition between groups is the root cause of anti-Semitism and the most intense, bloody conflicts between Jews and non-Jews over the ages.” In response to criticism of his ideas, he has even suggested that it is a “badge of honor” to be “labeled an anti-Semite.”

White supremacy

MacDonald also promotes two explicitly white supremacist beliefs: that whites of European descent share biological traits that predispose them to creating “ethical” societies, and that American whites should organize to protect their ethnic interests against encroachment by other groups. He bases these beliefs on the long-discredited social Darwinian idea that the “cold, ecologically adverse climates” of Europe caused whites to evolve differently from other groups and implies that this difference makes white Europeans superior to other ethnic groups. 

MacDonald alleges that in American society, the influence of Jews and the “political strategy” of blacks have led inexorably to the undermining of the basic freedoms of Western society, which can be guaranteed only by European majorities.  As a result, MacDonald has argued that today American whites must establish a policy of “racial defense” designed to protect their genetic purity. As a first step, he has proposed the creation of a white “ethnostate,” or, at a minimum, a utilization of “Jewish” techniques to ensure that white ethnic interests are protected against encroachment by other groups.

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