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Dennis Mahon
Daniel Mahon, Twin Brother

Dennis Mahon's identical twin brother Daniel also espouses a white supremacist ideology and has publicly supported Dennis. Like his brother, Daniel has maintained a low level of activity since 2000. However, Daniel was always the less active of the two.

In May 1999, American Airlines fired Daniel Mahon who, court documents reported, violated written work rules that “prohibited threatening and intimidating behavior toward other employees and conduct detrimental to other employees and American Airlines.” Mahon was under investigation by the company for his activities related to his participation in a “Caucasian Employee Resource Group.”

At an employee diversity fair that year, Daniel Mahon distributed a pamphlet he created, which, according to court documents, allegedly contained white supremacist rhetoric. As a result of the pamphlet distribution, the company suspended the Resource Group's privileges for six months. At a meeting to discuss the incident, Mahon wore a T-shirt depicting the cover of The Turner Diaries, a novel considered a blueprint for white revolution in the United States. The back of his shirt read, “What will you do if they come and take your guns? Warning: The FBI has labeled this the most dangerous book in America.”

In a March 2001 issue of his online Aryan Update newsletter, Tom Metzger commented on the situation and wrote that the “Mahon family is under assault.” Metzger argued that Daniel was not as active as his brother Dennis, that “at most [Daniel] was a conservative type.”

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