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In His Own Words

During an interview with the New Black Panther Party online radio station (March 23, 2011):
    “We have a common enemy: the white man. And the white man’s system, his way of doing things, his way of operating. That’s what we mean by ‘the white man.’ His military, his planes, his aircraft carriers, his bombs, his missiles, his imperialism, his colonialism, his Zionism. That’s the real enemy, what we call the white man.”

During an interview with the New Black Panther Party online radio station (March 14, 2011):
    “It’s good to expose the manipulation… the abuses of the Zionists and the Jews, how they have manipulated our community and [sic] sucking our resources. It’s good to expose that, as it has been done in the book, Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Two. But after that, what you gonna do about it? They still have their hands in our economy. They still are making money off of us. What ever happened to the spirit of ‘shut ‘em down’? Why don’t we shut some people down? Why don’t we shut some tennis shoe companies down, shut some diamond stores down, why don’t we start to impact the economy of our oppressor?”

During an interview with the Web Site (July 7, 2010):
    [Glenn] Beck has had me on before, I’ve been on Sean Hannity about 20 times, he’s under orders not to have me on, Bill O’Reilly’s under orders. This is all a conspiracy. I would say a Zionist conspiracy, but you would say "He’s too conspiratorial."

During an interview with the Russia Today (June 27, 2010):
    I pay no attention to the mainstream media because I know who controls the mainstream media. It is the same media that distorts the reality of what’s going on in Gaza. And we know that the people in Gaza are correct and that Israel is dead wrong. But you won’t get that opinion here in America.

After being denied entry to Canada (May 15, 2007):
    Canada is on Malik Shabazz alert. B'nai B’rith has won this one, and I'm starting to see the power of the Jewish lobby in Canada, full force. I thought Canada was free.

During a protest against the 400-year celebration of the settlement of Jamestown, VA (May 12, 2007):
    When the white man came here, you should have left him to die.

On The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel (March 10, 2006):
    If you start with the negative images that have been created of blacks, many of them were perpetrated by those who say they are Jews.

    The Jews have taken the entire state of Israel, West Bank, and Gaza, all of that is stolen territory. And they are the reason that someone else would blow themselves up. It is not the Palestinians' fault. It is the fault of the Zionists.

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (February 17, 2005):
    Let’s go to the Talmud and see what the Talmud says about black people. And let’s see how the Jewish rabbis… set the stage for the African holocaust by putting forth the doctrine and the writing that black people are cursed.

    How can you be a Jew and say you a Zionist? How can you be a Jew and participate in the taking of another people’s land?

    Zionism is terrorism.

During a demonstration in Washington, DC against an interfaith vigil protesting ethnic cleansing in Sudan (July 7, 2004):
    God condemns you...Nobody on the face of the earth wants to agree with you or unite with you...The Zionist has no right to open his mouth anywhere on the planet.

    Zionist liars [are] robbing the gold mines in Africa [and have] the blood of Palestinians on your hands

Addressing the protesters at the Million Youth March in Brooklyn, New York (September 6, 2003):

    We got youth all over the world. You got youth in Palestine, Palestine you know originally belonged to Black people. That land has been occupied by the Zionist devils. Now you got people 14, 15, 16 years old giving up their lives to free their people.

At a press conference in Morristown, New Jersey (July 3, 2003):

    If 3,000 people perished in the World Trade Center attacks and the Jewish population is 10 percent, you show me records of 300 Jewish people dying in the World Trade Center…We’re daring anyone to dispute its truth. They got their people out.

During a protest in front of the B’nai B’rith building in Washington, D.C. (April 20, 2002), Shabazz led chants of:

    "death to Israel," "the white man is the devil," and "Jihad." Shabazz also said, "Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!"

At the National Press Club in Washington, DC (October 31, 2001):

    Zionism is racism, Zionism is terrorism, Zionism is colonialism, Zionism is Imperialism, and support for Zionism is the root of why so many were killed on September 11.

    We have to make it plain that Zionists control America, lock stock and barrel, the European Jews have America under control, lock, stock, and barrel, the media, foreign policy.

Outside of former President Bill Clinton's Harlem office on (April 13, 2001):

    We will not allow some cracker named Bill Clinton to set the stage and the pace to drive black people out of Harlem.

At a news conference in Bowie, Maryland (April 2001):

    If any racist, straw-chewin' tobacco-chewin' racist redneck lays their hand on any black man or woman in this county, crush that devil that is trying to do you harm and to do you evil in the name of God and in accordance with your legal rights.

Regarding the Million Youth March (September 1999):

    Whoever occupies City Hall-even after Giuliani-will oppose us every year, because they have to appeal to certain political forces, particularly the Zionists.

Addressing the protesters at the Million Youth March in Harlem, New York (September 5, 1998):

    I don't care what the Jews say. You [crowd] are the only people that have been in bondage for over 400 years. You are the true chosen people of God, and it is not the so-called Jew.

Appearing on NY1 (September 2, 1998):

    What we have against Jews and others is [sic] simple facts of history: that the Jews have been involved in the African holocaust and that the Zionists are causing problems, you know, for people of color around the world … The State of Israel. The Zionist entity there. It's a problem. It's a problem for our brothers and sisters in that particular area and it's causing problems all over the earth.

    Your own holy book [the Talmud] is a racist book.

On The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel (August 11, 1998):

    Are you going to deny that the Jewish people have been substantially and significantly involved in the African holocaust? They have and you can't deny that.

At a "Day of Atonement" rally in Austin, referring to the one white reporter in the audience (October 1997):

    He is a scribe, a Jewish writer. The number one enemies of Christ were scribes. If they were responsible for killing Christ, what chance does little ol' me have? What make [sic] the European Jewish people so arrogant that [sic] what they have done to our people they don't have to apologize for?

Introducing Khallid Muhammad, Shabazz said:

    We want to bring on the former national spokesman for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan… We want to bring on a man who gives the white man nightmares. We want to bring on a man who makes the Jews pee in their pants at night… My big brother, Dr. Khallid Muhammad!

As the organizer of the "Black Holocaust Nationhood Conference" in Washington, DC (October 14-15, 1995):

    The Caucasians and the Government are arrogant, telling us how to suffer. America should be glad that every black man is not on a killing spree for all the suffering they have done.

At Howard University (September 1994):

    We will never bow down to the white, Jewish, Zionist onslaught.

At Howard University (April 1994):

    I say to all Jewish people and all white people…stop pushing your Holocaust down my throat, when the black holocaust is the worst holocaust humanity has ever seen.

As a warm-up speaker for Khalid Abdul Muhammad at Howard University (February 1994):

    Shabazz: Who is it that caught and killed Nat Turner?
    Audience: Jews!
    Shabazz: Who is that controls the Federal Reserve?
    Audience: Jews! (faintly)
    Shabazz: What? You're not scared, are you?
    Audience: Jews! Jews!
    Shabazz: Who is it that controls the media and Hollywood?
    Audience: Jews! Jews!
    Shabazz: Who is it that has our entertainers…and our athletes in a vise grip?
    Audience: Jews!

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