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Over the years, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) has displayed a growing ability to attract media coverage of the organization's activities. The group’s open display of Nazi symbols and salutes attract counter-demonstrators, who often show up in droves. The sometimes violent confrontation between the two groups often receives media attention.

The NSM turns to other tactics, as well, including running candidates for office; getting involved in adopt-a-highway programs; distributing CDs and operating a white power music company and a whites-only social networking site.

Jeff Hall, the Southwest states regional director of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) and head of its California chapter, ran for a seat on the board of the Western Riverside Municipal Water District in 2010. He managed to garner 27.79% of the vote (6,738 votes). The day after the election, the NSM gloated on its Web site about the percentage of votes that Hall won.

In September 2009, the NSM announced their “Fall Project,” a plan to distribute white-power CDs nationwide. The NSM offered fellow white supremacists the ability to buy the CDs in bulk at a low cost and to distribute them at football games, outside concerts and college campuses and at the mall to young people.

The plan to distribute white power CD was done in conjunction with NSM88 Records, the group's retail Website. In addition to neo-Nazi, NSM and white supremacist clothing, jewelry and other paraphernalia, NSM88 Records has a catalog with over 700 CDs and 80 video titles.

In 2008, the group also began a new tactic, which was to participate in adopt-a-highway programs in Springfield, Illinois and in Denver, Colorado. The adopt-a-highway program allows various civic groups to participate in cleaning stretches of highway. This is part of the NSM’s effort to present itself as a group interested in civic duties.

In spring 2007, the NSM purchased the New Saxon social-networking Website, which promotes itself as “an online community for Whites by Whites.” Though not as feature friendly as mainstream sites, it remains popular with white supremacists and provides a way for the NSM to recruit new members.

In December 2006, the NSM announced that it had created an expanded and enhanced version of an earlier game, “ZOG's Nightmare.” [ZOG stands for Zionist Occupied Government, which refers to the belief that the Jews occupy and control the government, as well as the media.] To play the game, individuals have to make their way through a series of levels within a city populated by “inferior” races, where the player is being hunted by a police agency that has been taken over by Jews. The purpose of the game, according to the NSM, is “to liquidate all the non-white invaders and purify the NSM Party headquarters.” A new updated version, “ZOG's Nightmare II,” was released at the NSM's April 2007 national meeting in Laurens, South Carolina.

YouTube has also been a useful propaganda vehicle for the NSM and its members. The NSM posts rally footage and NSM members produce and post their own propaganda.

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