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Ted Pike is waging a campaign against what he claims is Anti-Defamation League-sponsored hate crimes legislation. Links to articles, radio shows, and videos, reflective of his opposition to the legislation, dominate his National Prayer Network (NPN) Website. In his May 2007 “Current Action Plan,” posted to the NPN Website, Pike urges people to call the White House and his list of “persuadable Senate Members” and read pre-scripted messages to the government officials, urging them to vote against the passage of hate crimes legislation. Pike also insists that people “must flood Senators and their legislative aides with the truth” by printing and mailing pamphlets that Pike has produced to the hundreds of elected officials on his posted list of names and addresses.

To voice his opposition to what he describes as the “evil Jewish leadership” of the Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith, which he claims is the “architect of ‘anti-hate’ laws worldwide,” Pike boasts that he has appeared on over 200 talk shows. From January-May 2007, Pike gave six interviews on "The Political Cesspool," a Tennessee-based radio program on which neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and white supremacists make regular appearances. Pike is a frequent guest on the show, having appeared nine times from 2005-2006.

On December 22, 2006, Pike was a guest on “Current Issues,” a weekly cable television show hosted by Palestinian-American Hesham Tillawi, which has become a regular platform for Holocaust deniers and white supremacists. During the show, Pike explained that “hypocrisy is fundamental to rabbinic Judaism or international Zionism, ADL, World Zionist Congress; they’re all hypocritical, you see.”

Since 2005, Pike has appeared 13 times on the Internet radio show run by Daryl Bradford Smith, an American living in France who claims that “Zionists are the masterminds of the September 11 attack.” During a November 17, 2006, interview with Smith, Pike stated that along with himself, notorious Holocaust deniers David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and Germar Rudolph have a right to “exercise their G-d-given inquiry and curiosity about certain taboo topics.”

In the same time frame, Pike made several appearances on the “Jeff Rense Program” and former Michigan militia figure John Stadtmiller’s “National Intel Report” - both conspiracy-oriented Internet radio shows that often feature anti-Semites and extremists.

In addition to expressing his anti-Semitic invective in interviews, Pike writes articles and posts them to the National Prayer Network Website, which anti-Semites and white supremacists often repost to their own Websites. In his articles, Pike speaks out against anti-hate legislation, belaboring his attacks against what he describes as “evil Jewish leadership.”

Several times a week, Pike e-mails select articles, as “Alerts,” to a listserv that he maintains, often urging recipients to contact elected officials to protest the passage of anti-hate laws. In a December 2006 alert, Pike explained that “Jewish activists who strain to take away freedom by hate laws…are to be viewed as social menaces of the first order, to be publicly identified by race and religion as the worst enemies of Christian civilization.”

Pike currently also serves on the Western Regional Bureau of American Free Press (AFP), an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper that prints articles written by Holocaust deniers, racists, and conspiracy theorists and promotes groups, events, books, videos, and individuals espousing such ideologies and theories.

Pike is working on a new book entitled Spiritual Rest from the War Within, which he explains “will show you exactly where the church has gone wrong and can go right again, in order to regain authentic Christianity's purity, consolation, and power.”

Ted Pike/National Prayer Network
Recent Activity
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