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Ted Pike/National Prayer Network - Tactics

Ted Pike makes use of a variety of mediums to spread his anti-Semitic message. He is waging a campaign against what he claims is “ADL sponsored” hate crimes legislation, and links to articles, radio shows, and videos, reflective of his opposition to the legislation, dominate his National Prayer Network (NPN) Website. In his May 2007 “Current Action Plan,” posted to the NPN Website, Pike urges people to call the White House and his list of “persuadable Senate Members” and read pre-scripted messages, urging them to vote against the passage of the hate crimes legislation. Pike also insists that people “must flood Senators and their legislative aides with the truth” by mailing pre-produced pamphlets to the hundreds of government officials on a provided list of addresses.

Several times weekly, Pike writes articles and posts them to the National Prayer Network Website, which anti-Semites and white supremacists often repost to their own Websites. In his articles, Pike speaks out against anti-hate legislation, belaboring his attacks against what he describes as the “evil Jewish leadership” of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and B’nai B’rith, organizations he feels are spearheading a movement to suppress freedom of speech, especially that of Christians.

In addition to authoring volumes of anti-Semitic articles, Pike has produced videos to disseminate his anti-Semitic views, particularly the idea that ADL and B’nai B’rith are engaged in a crusade to quash “Christian power.” In Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians (2000), Pike explains that model anti-hate legislation “favored by the ADL, is a fiendish scheme to destroy, from top to bottom, Christian power as an effective force in the world.” Other titles include Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance; Why the Mid-East Bleeds; and The Other Israel: The Whole Story of Zionist Conspiracy.

Seeking to engender a younger following, Pike reaches out to college students to translate his views into action.  On The National Prayer Network’s Website’s “Campus” section, Pike encourages students to form “Truthtellers” groups and write articles and letters detailing their “righteous indignation” for publication in campus newspapers. The first Truthteller group was formed in 1999 at Oregon’s Mt. Hood Community College, in an effort to combat what Pike describes as the “pro-gay faculty.” Instructing students in the art of forming these groups is Pike’s 2002 video entitled Shaking Campus Liberalism: How Christian Students Defied the Pro-Gay Faculty…and Won!

Acting as Pike’s arm into this young adult, college-age community is Pike’s niece, Harmony Grant. She maintains a blog, entitled “For His Name’s Sake,” on which she “strives to… generate resistance to humanist/Zionist ideas and legislation.” Grant’s articles, imitative of her uncle’s vicious anti-Semitism, are posted onto her blog and to the Website of the National Prayer Network, where she maintains a position as a staff writer and researcher. Just as extremists post Pike’s articles, Grant’s pieces are published on the Websites of white supremacist David Duke, conspiracy theorist Jeff Rense, the anti-Semitic Website Ziopedia, and in the Midnight Messenger, a newspaper edited by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Des Griffin.

Ted Pike/National Prayer Network
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