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Bradley Smith: In His Own Words
  • “I don't want to spend time with adults anymore. I want to go to students. They are superficial. They are empty vessels to be filled.”
    Oral presentation, August 5, 1987

  • “Promoting [Break His] Bones is promoting revisionism because there is no light between the two.”
    Smith's Report, April 2004, no. 104, p. 6

  • “There were no gas chambers. The Jews were not the victims of a genocidal plot.”
    Outlaw History Newsletter, no. 18

  • “Jewish greed, Jewish monomaniacal self-regard, joined with the self-defeating and degenerate acquiescence of both by non-Jews throughout the American political system, media, and academic worlds, ensure that the taboo against questioning any of this murderous nonsense is enforced.”
    Smith's blog, January 2009

  • “[Israel is] despised by almost every people that comes into contact with it.”
    Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist p. 47

  • “Why Christians or anyone else put up with this vulgar man [Simon Wiesenthal], his idiotic pronouncements and his lying accusations is beyond me.”
    Prima Facie no. 4, January 1985

  • “It wasn't long ago when I was ten thousand dollars in debt and sinking. There was no way I could find to make a living writing about the gas chamber hoax [.] In desperation I mailed out a solicitation begging for money, promising I would use part of it to get college speaking dates to talk about Holocaust revisionism. Within a month I'd gotten enough money to pay off my debts.”
    Break His Bones: The Private Life of a Holocaust Revisionist, San Ysidro, CA. p. 204

  • “What I wanted to do was I wanted to set forth three or four ideas that students might be interested in, that might cause them to think about things or to have questions about things. And I wanted to make it as simple as possible, and to set it up in a way that could not really be debated.”
    Sacramento IHR/NA conference, 04/24/2004

  • “Holocaust fanatics are justified in fearing that revisionist arguments will add fuel to Arab fanaticism [.] If they allow the truth about the gas-chamber stories to emerge freely into the light of day, one result will be that Arab fanatics will kill Jews, using the Holocaust ‘Hoax’ as morally justifying it....”
    Outlaw History Newsletter, no. 2

  • “The entire Israeli enterprise is based on a mountain of fraud and greed.”
    Outlaw History Newsletter, no. 18

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