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Volksfront is closely associated with the Hammerskins, Aryan Nations, Golden State Skinheads, American Front, Women for Aryan Unity, and Free Your Mind Productions. In addition, white supremacist leaders such as the now-deceased Richard Butler of Aryan Nations, Billy Roper of White Revolution, Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance, and attorney Edgar Steele have attended Volksfront gatherings.

In fall 2005, Krager announced that four groups were unifying under an umbrella organization called Blood and Honour American Division: Volksfront, the Hammerskins, Women for Aryan Unity, and the Florida-based Christian Guard.

In 2005, Volksfront also absorbed a racist skinhead group, Northern California Aryan Volk (NCAV), to create a northern California chapter, closely aligned with Sacramento-area groups Golden State Skinheads, American Front, and Hangtown Bootboys. In February and March 2005, Volksfront, the Golden State Skinheads, and American Front protested the establishment of a “Hate Free Zone” by the city of Placerville, California. Approximately 24 racist skinheads staged demonstrations on three consecutive weekends in opposition to homosexuality and multiculturalism -- the racists held placards reading “homosexuality is a crime against nature,” and “love your race,” while synchronizing Nazi-style one-armed salutes.

In March 2007, another racist skinhead group, the Midwest-based Retaliator Skinhead Nation, disbanded and joined Volksfront.

Volksfront has also extended its reach internationally, with chapters located in Germany, Spain, Australia, Portugal, and Canada. In particular, the Volksfront-Canada chapter, based in Trail, British Columbia, and led by Todd Conroy, is extremely active and often hosts events that Volksfront members throughout the Pacific Northwest attend. In addition to frequent meetings and social activities, Volksfront-Canada recently held a fundraiser on February 3, 2007, for Canadian white supremacist, Glenn Bahr, in Vancouver, BC. Bahr was found guilty by a Canadian Human Rights Commission tribunal in December 2006 for distributing hate propaganda on the Internet through his group’s Web site, called Western Canada For Us. Volksfront-Canada also co-sponsored the May 2006 fundraiser in Washington State for murdered Canadian white supremacist Steven Patrick Long.

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