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Volksfront’s white supremacist ideology promotes hatred of Jews, blacks and other minorities and appears to have inspired members to action; several have committed crimes, including assaults, against Jews and blacks. In April 2007, Jacob Laskey, a Volksfront member, received an 11-year sentence for throwing rocks engraved with swastikas at a Eugene, Oregon, synagogue during services in 2002. This was not the first time a Volksfront member attacked a synagogue. Chris Lord, who was linked to Volksfront, served four and a half years in prison for shooting at a synagogue in Eugene, Oregon, with an assault rifle in 1994. That same year, Randal Krager, the leader of Volksfront, pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree intimidation for phoning three Jewish people and threatening to slit their throats and burn their homes. Volksfront members and associates have been convicted of attacks against other minorities, as well.

Unlike some other white supremacist groups, Volksfront is ideologically and theologically flexible, allowing its followers considerable leeway in their beliefs as long as they share a commitment to white supremacy and a “folkish” lifestyle. Volksfront is therefore able to attract members from movements such as Creativity and Christian Identity. In fact, Volksfront leader Randal Krager, an Odinist, married Abbie Chelf, a Christian Identity adherent. Most Volksfront members, however, are Odinists, a Norse pagan religion with many racist adherents. Volksfront’s official symbol reflects its Odinist roots. It is made up of the neo-pagan Life Rune (algiz), symbolizing life and protection, in white, which is encircled in black on a red background. The acronym of Volksfront (VF) is bisected by the rune.

As part of its ideological vision, one of Volksfront’s stated goals is to establish a semi-autonomous “whites-only” living space in the Pacific Northwest, which it calls the “Northwest Territorial Imperative,” a term coined by Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler. Volksfront claims to have already purchased a large parcel of land in Oregon for this purpose. Later, in an April 2007 post on the Volksfront Internet forum, Krager announced that the group had purchased an additional 2.5-acre parcel in Southern Oregon. In the same post, he claimed that the group was planning to purchase land in the Midwest, as well. The group also claims to own property in northern Washington State.

According to its Web site, Volksfront plans to construct a “European-American” community center on the land, which it intends to use as a national headquarters with an incorporated school, library, museum and recreation center; it also intends to use the land for homestead-style housing and agriculture.

To advance its Northwest Territorial Imperative, Volksfront has sought to recruit as many white Americans as it can. Once recruitment numbers swell to a certain level, the group hopes to relocate its members to the land, where they plan to aggressively participate in the local elections process. The long-term goal is to stock the local government with Volksfront members, who according to Krager would eventually pass laws requiring forced “repatriation” of minorities. Krager adds that under a Volksfront-run government, “drug dealers and sex offenders will be put to death” and “abortions will be outlawed.”
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