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Volksfront holds a number of events annually, including weekend-long white power concerts two or three times a year. The group also holds “white unity” gatherings and memorial parties in remembrance of white supremacists who have been murdered around the world.

One of the more heavily promoted Volksfront-sponsored events in early 2007 was its Victory Achievement Conference, held in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 24. The purported aim of the conference was to promote unity and activism among members of the white supremacist movement, regardless of group affiliation, politics, or religious beliefs. Over 80 white supremacists attended the event, including racist skinheads from the Hammerskins, and members of White Revolution, Aryan Nations, and Women for Aryan Unity.

Two months earlier, in December 2006, nearly 70 people attended a memorial party in Portland, Oregon, for Eric Banks, a racist skinhead killed by anti-racist skinheads in 1993. In May 2006, Volksfront organized a similar event in Washington State, a fundraising memorial attended by about 50 people for Canadian Steven Patrick Long, who was beaten to death in April 2006 in Ottawa, Canada. According to statements on Volksfront’s Web site, the money generated from the event will go towards erecting a memorial stone on Volksfront-owned land in northern Washington sometime in the spring of 2007.

On February 4, 2006, several members of Volksfront traveled to Arlington, Texas, and helped organize a hate rock concert hosted by the Confederate Hammerskins. White power bands including Red, White & Black, White Wash, Blood in the Face, and the Bully Boys all performed before dozens of racist skinheads. Another Confederate Hammerskin event, the annual “St. Patty’s Day Show,” took place in Ocala, Florida, on March 17, 2006, and was attended by Volksfront leader Randal Krager. He reportedly went to Florida to see his future wife Abbie Chelf, a woman closely tied to the Christian Guard, a Lakeland, Florida, Christian Identity group, as well as to the Confederate Hammerskins.

On October 31, 2005, Volksfront staged a “Rock Against Islam” party in celebration of its 11th anniversary. Approximately 50 people attended, including members of the Northwest Hammerskins. White power bands Frontline and Intimidation One performed. According to Volksfront, the event helped raise seven hundred dollars for “prisoners of war” (white supremacists in prison) and the Afrikaner Charity, which Volksfront established reportedly to aid white farmers in South Africa who are allegedly being targeted for discrimination. Attendees at the event also received Volksfront literature, white power rock CDs and the latest issue of Blood & Honour magazine, published by the British racist skinhead group of the same name with which Volksfront is affiliated.

Several Volksfront members, including Randal Krager, attended Hammerfest 2005, the annual marquis event of the Hammerskins, in Draketown, Georgia, in October 2005. Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance also attended and delivered a keynote address. The event featured performances by several white power bands, including Prussian Blue, a white power singing duo made up of teenage twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede.

Shortly after Hammerfest 2005, Krager announced his intention to bring his “crew” to an October 22, 2005, Logan, Ohio, meeting of some of the most prominent racist skinhead organizations in the country. The Logan meeting, hosted by the Ohio State Skinheads, was an attempt by rival racist skinhead groups to settle differences, which were inflamed in early 2005, when Volksfront announced that it was also serving as the American Division of the international racist skinhead group Blood & Honour and also as part of Council 38 (“38” stands for Crossed Hammers) of the Hammerskin Nation. (This caused friction because another group, known as Blood & Honour USA, based in Ohio and Texas, already claimed to be the U.S. chapter of Blood & Honour). Reports about the Logan meeting, posted on the Internet by attendees, indicated that Krager’s group ultimately did not attend. Groups in attendance formed Council 28 (“28” standing for Blood & Honour) and ultimately many of them joined a new racist skinhead group, the Vinlanders Social Club, which has emerged as a serious rival to Volksfront and their Hammerskin allies. The Vinlanders, with Council 28 serving as sort of an executive inner circle, are an umbrella organization for state crews of racist skinheads spanning the southwestern, eastern and midwestern United States.

The rivalry between Volksfront/Hammerskin Nation and the Vinlanders remains high. An Internet exchange at the racist online forum Stormfront indicated that a prominent Vinlander even cut off the ear of a Volksfront member in St. Louis.

One of Volksfront’s most successful events has been its annual white power musical festival known as Aryan Fest. On August 19, 2005, the group held its second annual Aryan Fest in Cascade Locks, Oregon. Approximately 150 people attended Aryan Fest 2005, where anti-Semitic attorney Edgar Steele delivered a keynote speech. White power bands Avalon (United Kingdom), Frontline (California), Criminal Culture (Portland), Red, White & Black (Florida), Platoon 14 (Florida) and Blood in the Face (Florida) performed.

Volksfront’s first Aryan Fest, held in Phoenix, Arizona, in January 2004, attracted 200 extremists from across the country and helped establish Volksfront’s presence in the Southwest. White supremacist leaders Billy Roper, Tom Metzger, and Richard Butler delivered speeches at the event, which was co-sponsored by Women for Aryan Unity. Music acts included Max Resist, Rebel Hell, Wolf’s Hook, American Standard, Cradle Song, and Patriot’s Call.
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