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National Socialist Movement's Activities in Early 2007

Posted: March 26, 2007

Despite experiencing a number of organizational problems in 2006, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) took on two significant initiatives and sponsored two events in early 2007.

The most visible of the NSM's projects is fielding John Taylor Bowles, leader of NSM's South Carolina chapter as the group's 2008 Presidential candidate. Although Bowles announced his Presidential candidacy in October 2006, it was not until mainstream political candidates started to announce their run that the NSM candidate received mainstream media coverage. In late January 2007, Bowles made a campaign swing through several Mid-western states, including Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Several mainstream news sources covered Bowles's campaign "blitz." The Norfolk Daily News in Nebraska, ran an article on January 23, 2007, that detailed Bowles's campaign tour. Valley City, North Dakota's Valley City Times Record ran an article on January 24, 2007, detailing Bowles's views about several issues including immigration, Israel, and the Holocaust.

In early December the NSM announced that it created an expanded and enhanced version of an earlier game, "Zog's Nightmare." To play the game, individuals have to make their way through a series of levels within a city populated by "inferior" races, where the player is being hunted by a police agency that has been taken over by Jews. The purpose of the game, according to the NSM is "to liquidate all the non-white invaders and purify the NSM Party headquarters." Now called "Zog's Nightmare II," the revised game is due for release in time for the NSM's national meeting, April 21 & 22 in Laurens, South Carolina.

Another bid to grab attention was the NSM's January 27 book burning held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the group has its headquarters. Due to the severe cold, the event was brief and sparsely attended. Two months later, on March 10, 2007, the Missouri unit of the NSM, led by Steven Boswell, held a rally in Columbia, Missouri. Ten NSM members clad in Nazi uniforms adorned with swastikas and 14 supporters attended the event. NSM members from Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, South Carolina, Illinois and Minnesota participated in the rally. There were approximately 350 spectators/protesters. Police arrested seven protestors on suspicion of offenses that included disturbing the peace by fighting, trespassing and assault of a police officer.

The NSM also experienced a number of problems in the first few months of 2007, due to criminal activity of group members. After the Maryland-based World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan disbanded in November 2006, its leader Gordon Young took his followers into the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Young became the NSM's Maryland state leader. In January 2007, Young was arrested on seven criminal counts, including two counts each of second-degree assault and sex abuse of a minor, and the NSM disassociated itself from him. That same month, David Drake, an Arizona NSM member, was found guilty of manslaughter in the stabbing death of a young Hispanic male. In February 2007, David Gletty, leader of the NSM's Central Florida Unit, based in Orlando, testified in federal court, leading to the arrest of two members from another neo-Nazi organization on conspiring to commit robbery. According to reports, Gletty is a paid FBI informant.

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