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      Anti-Government Archive

Anti-Government Extremists Arrested Following Nevada Raid 03/10/09

Weapons Arsenal Found in Washington Storage Units 01/28/09

Sovereign Citizens Involved in Immigration Fraud 10/10/08

Anti-Government Extremists Sentenced in Federal Court in Maine 08/06/08

Tax Protester Sentenced in Pennsylvania 07/15/08

Oklahoma Court Affirms Death Sentence for Anti-Government Extremist 02/20/08

Militia Man Sentenced in Wyoming 11/12/07

Sovereign Citizen Convicted of "Paper Terrorism" in Oregon 08/10/07

Federal Government Blocks New York Tax Protest Group 08/10/07

Wyoming Militia Man Convicted of Federal Firearms Charges 08/10/07

Militia Leader Indicted on Weapons Charges in Alabama 08/02/07

Wisconsin tax protesters found guilty of filing bogus liens 07/27/07

Alabama militia raid uncovers massive cache of munitions, 6 indicted 05/04/07

Two anti-government extremists arrested on weapons charges in Florida 04/25/07

Wyoming extremist charged with weapons violations 04/23/07

Tax Protest Group Barred from Tax Scheme 01/02/07

Arkansas Militiaman Arrested on Gun Charges 11/20/06

Tax Protester Charged with Conspiracy 10/17/06

Apparent Sovereign Citizen Takes Own Life Following Standoff 06/09/06

Fugitive Brothers Captured in New Mexico 03/10/06

Man Sentenced to 160 Years for Plot to Bomb Chicago Courthouse 01/23/06

Father and Son Convicted on Bank Robbery, Murder Charges for Anti-Government Plot 09/27/05

Florida Extremist Executed in Alabama for Killing Police Officer 08/10/05

A Decade After Oklahoma City Bombing, Domestic Terrorism Threat Still Looms 04/06/05

Michigan Militia Member Sentenced 03/30/05

Pennsylvania Militia Broadcaster Pleads Guilty to Gun Charges 02/04/05

Anti-Government Extremist Convicted in Plot to Kill Federal Officials 02/02/05

Weapons Cache Seized from Extremist's Home 11/04/04

Tennessee Man Arrested on Chemical Weapons Charges 11/01/04

Michigan Militia Members Charged in Weapons Case 06/30/04

Extremist Sentenced For Possessing Chemical Weapon 05/10/04

Leader of Anti-Government Sect Sentenced to 135 Years 04/28/04

National Guardsman Suspected of Trying to Aid Al Qaeda 02/13/04

Anti-Immigration Extremist Arrested in Arizona 12/02/03

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