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      Other Extremism Archive

Texas Abortion Clinic Bomber Admits to Other Mail Bombs 08/10/07

Extremism at Home: Recent Trends in Domestic Extremist Groups 03/06/07

Holocaust Denier Arrested for Attack on Elie Wiesel 02/27/07

Anti-Abortion Extremist Sentenced in Pennsylvania 01/02/07

Maryland Man Sentenced in Clinic Bomb Plot 01/02/07

Polygamist sect leader arrested in Nevada 09/01/06

Fatal Shooting at Seattle Jewish Federation 07/31/06

Seven Alleged “Homegrown Terrorists” Arrested in Apparent Plot 06/23/06

Four Suspected Ecoterrorists Indicted for Vail Ski Resort Fires 05/22/06

Radical Animal Rights Group Convicted of Inciting Violence and Stalking 03/09/06

Three Suspected Ecoterrorists Arrested in California Bomb Plot 01/18/06

Six Arrested in Northwest Ecoterror Investigation 12/12/05

ELF Claims Responsibility for Maryland Arson 11/23/05

Virginia Man Found Guilty of Plot to Kill President and Aiding Al Qaeda 11/22/05

Jewish Extremist Sentenced in California Bomb Plot 09/26/05

Nearly 3,200 Terrorist Incidents Counted by U.S. in 2004 07/12/05

Man Sentenced for Attempted Firebombing of West Texas Islamic Center 06/28/05

Florida Man Sentenced in Bomb Plot 07/12/04

Weapons and Nazi Propaganda Seized in New York 05/07/04

Suspected Ecoterrorist Arrested for Major California Arson 03/18/04

Florida Man Enters Guilty Plea in Terrorist Bomb Plot 02/18/04

Radical Environmentalist Group suspected in San Diego Arson 08/08/03

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