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      White Supremacy Archive

Tennessee White Supremacist Fugitive Added to Wanted List 11/11/09

Life Sentence for New Mexico White Supremacist 10/28/09

Texas White Supremacist Sentenced for Stabbing While on Parole for Murder 10/28/09

Oregon Racist Prison Gang Member Guilty of Murder 10/26/09

California Racist Skinhead Sentenced for Manslaughter 10/26/09

California White Supremacist Gang Member Convicted of Murder 10/16/09

Federal Sentences for Iowa Hate Crime Attack 09/29/09

New York White Supremacist Arrested for Attacking Hispanic Teen 09/24/09

California Racist Skinhead Guilty of Hate Crime Battery 09/24/09

Baltimore White Supremacist Arrested for Hate Crime Assault 08/31/09

Oregon Racist Prison Gang Founder Guilty of Firearms Offense 08/17/09

White Supremacist Arrested for Virginia Synagogue Vandalism 08/13/09

Massachusetts White Supremacist Arrested for Bank Robbery 07/23/09

California White Supremacist Sentenced for Attempted Manslaughter 07/20/09

Nevada Racist Prison Gang Members Convicted 07/14/09

California White Supremacist Charged with Murder 07/13/09

Pennsylvania White Supremacist Charged with Double Homicide 07/13/09

White Supremacist Brothers Arrested in Mail Bomb Incident 06/26/09

Racist Skinheads Sentenced for Hate Crime in California 06/25/09

California Racist Skinhead Given Lengthy Sentence 06/25/09

Oregon Racist Prison Gang Member Convicted of Rape 06/19/09

White Supremacist Shooter Targets D.C. Holocaust Museum 06/11/09

The Re-Emerging Threat of Right-Wing Violence 06/10/09

New Jersey White Supremacist Arrested 06/04/09

White Supremacist Fugitive Arrested in New York 06/04/09

Vermont White Supremacist Convicted of Aggravated Assault against Police Officer 06/04/09

Texas Aryan Brotherhood Member Arrested in Identity Theft Case 05/18/09

Aryan Brotherhood Member Sentenced in California 05/13/09

San Diego Racist Skinhead Sentenced to Life in Prison 05/12/09

Nazi Low Rider Convicted in California 05/12/09

White Supremacist David Duke Arrested in Prague on Charges of Denying the Holocaust 04/29/09

Richard Poplawski: The Making of a Lone Wolf 04/08/09

White Supremacist Kills Three Officers in Pittsburgh 04/06/09

Neo-Nazis Plan "Family Friendly" Events to Celebrate Hitler's Birthday 04/03/09

Texas Aryan Circle Member Sentenced for Assault 03/30/09

Self Avowed White Supremacist Teens Admit to Killing Dog in New Jersey 03/27/09

White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Murder in San Diego 03/27/09

Operation Red Swastika Nabs Omaha White Supremacists 03/23/09

Alleged Racist Skinheads Arrested During Northern California Gang Sweep 03/12/09

Buffalo White Supremacist Guilty of Burning Cross 03/12/09

White Supremacist Convicted in Louisiana Police Shooting 02/25/09

New Jersey Racist Skinhead Guilty of Murder 02/02/09

California Racist Skinheads Arrested for Attempted Murder 01/28/09

White Supremacist Shooting Spree Leaves Bloody Trail in Massachusetts 01/22/09

Extremist Related Killings Down in 2008 01/21/09

Neo-Nazi Leader Encourages Followers to Apply to FBI 01/21/09

Wisconsin Neo-Nazi Guilty of Battery 12/19/08

Four Racist Skinheads Arrested for Hate Crimes in Phoenix 12/17/08

Louisiana Klansmen Arrested for Murder 11/13/08

Possible White Supremacist Hate Crime Attack in Arizona 10/31/08

Racist Skinheads Planned Killing Spree and Obama Assassination 10/28/08

California White Supremacists Sentenced for Hate Crime Assault 10/27/08

Virginia Neo-Nazi Faces Federal Charges 10/23/08

Texas Aryan Circle Member Given Life Sentence for Murder 10/23/08

Texas Aryan Brotherhood Affiliates Arrested in Identity Theft Ring 10/10/08

Texas Aryan Circle Members Arrested in Car Theft Ring 10/03/08

Possible Hate Crime Assault by Arizona White Supremacists 10/03/08

Racist Skinheads Sentenced for Homeless Attack in Indiana 10/02/08

California White Supremacist Pleads Guilty 09/10/08

White Supremacists Guilty of Killing Homeless Man in Nevada 09/08/08

Texas White Supremacist Sentenced To 99 Years for Murder 09/08/08

Death Sentence Upheld for California White Supremacist 09/05/08

PEN1 Members Charged With Hate Crime in Orange County, California 08/18/08

Aryan Brotherhood Member Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter 08/18/08

Members of Camarillo, California Racist Skinhead Group Arrested 08/13/08

Minnesota Tax Protesters Arrested for Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice 07/24/08

California Racist Skinhead Arrested for Alleged Online Threats 07/23/08

Oversleeping Leads to Texas Aryan Brotherhood Arrest 07/11/08

Racist Skinhead Pleads Guilty to Double Murder in Florida 07/11/08

Colorado Racist Prison Gang Leader Sentenced to 112 Years 07/10/08

White Supremacist Gang Member Sentenced to Death in California 07/10/08

Former Pennsylvania Police Officer Sentenced for Explosives 06/23/08

Aryan Brotherhood Inmate Charged with Murder 06/17/08

Texas White Supremacist Sentenced to Life in Prison 06/13/08

Arizona Racist Skinheads Sentenced for Attempted Murder 06/13/08

Racist Skinhead Convicted of Conspiracy in Philadelphia 06/13/08

Colorado White Supremacist Threatens Judge at Sentencing 06/12/08

Death Penalty Recommended for Killer of CHP Officer 05/28/08

Racist Skinheads Sentenced in California 04/23/08

Nazi Low Riders Arrested in California 04/23/08

Neo-Nazi Leader Sentenced for Child Pornography in Virginia 04/23/08

White Supremacist Gang Leader Charged with Assault in California 04/23/08

Anti-Semitic and Racist Graffiti, Fliers, Banner Plague Luzerne County, Pennsylvania 04/15/08

Oregon Murder Attempt Linked to Racist Prison Gang 04/03/08

Racist Skinhead Convicted of Assault in California 04/01/08

Firearms Conviction in Louisiana Police Killings 03/26/08

White Supremacists Guilty of Murder in California 03/25/08

Tennessee White Supremacists Arrested for Mosque Firebombing 02/28/08

California White Supremacist Sentenced for Hate Assaults 02/22/08

White Supremacist Commits Murder/Suicide in New York 02/21/08

Illinois Neo-Nazi Arrested for Vandalizing Jewish Cemetery 02/21/08

Police Seek Fugitive California Racist Skinhead 01/30/08

California Racist Skinhead Charged with Attempted Murder 01/03/08

California White Supremacist Arrested 12/26/07

White Supremacists Arrested for California Assault 12/26/07

California Racist Skinheads Convicted of Attempted Murder 12/26/07

California White Supremacist Sentenced for Hate Crime 12/20/07

Utah White Supremacist Sentenced for Federal Hate Crimes 12/20/07

Colorado Racist Prison Gang Leader Sentenced to 108 Years 12/20/07

White Supremacist Cop Killer Receives Life Sentence in Texas 12/04/07

Oklahoma White Supremacist Charged in Murders 12/04/07

Texas Aryan Brotherhood Member Confesses to Murder 12/04/07

Five Racist Skinheads Arrested for Assault in Georgia 12/04/07

White Supremacist Found Guilty of Murder in California 11/15/07

White Supremacist and Wife Arrested on Federal Pipe Bomb Charges in Florida 11/14/07

Alleged Texas Aryan Brotherhood Members Indicted for Murder 11/12/07

Texas Aryan Brotherhood Member Receives Two Life Sentences 10/16/07

California White Supremacist Gang Member Sentenced to Life in Prison 10/16/07

Two California Aryan Brotherhood Members Sentenced to Life 09/18/07

Massachusetts White Supremacists Charged with Murder of Homeless Men 09/07/07

White Supremacist Sentenced for Bank Robberies 09/06/07

Self-Avowed White Supremacist Arrested for Vandalism in Long Island 09/05/07

Florida Sergeant Killed by White Supremacist 08/22/07

Neo-Nazis Sentenced for Hate Crime Beatings in Utah 08/16/07

Two Officers Killed by White Supremacist in Louisiana Shootout 08/14/07

North Carolina White Supremacists Plead Guilty 08/02/07

Federal Investigation Results in Arrest of Alleged White Supremacist Gang Members 07/27/07

Aryan Brotherhood Member Sentenced in Illinois 07/27/07

Possible white supremacist sentenced for Tucson assault 07/27/07

Alleged Members of Racist Prison Gang Indicted in Nevada 07/17/07

White Supremacist Gang Members Convicted of Murder in California 07/11/07

Christian Identity Financier Sentenced for Firearms Charges in New Mexico 07/05/07

White Supremacist Soldier Arrested at Fort Bragg 07/02/07

Utah Murder Adds to Aryan Brotherhood's Bloody Toll 06/26/07

Aryan Brotherhood's Bloody Record 06/26/07

White Supremacists Sentenced for Phoenix Murder 05/29/07

Former Aryan Nations Leader Arrested on Drug Charges in Arizona 05/22/07

Racist skinhead pleads guilty to murder of homeless men in Florida 05/03/07

Five more charges for former National Vanguard leader in Virginia 05/02/07

North Carolina White Supremacist Sentenced for Murdering Mother 04/25/07

Pair plead guilty to burning cross at home of African priest in California 04/25/07

Neo-Nazis arrested at Bush speech in Ohio 04/23/07

Three neo-Nazis found guilty of hate-crime beatings in Utah 04/23/07

Four white supremacists indicted for murder in Texas 04/23/07

White supremacists arrested for beating a homeless man in Indiana 04/23/07

Two white supremacists plead guilty to beating death in Phoenix 04/23/07

Washington white supremacists sentenced for murder of homeless man 04/17/07

Self-proclaimed white supremacist gang member arrested for hate crime assault in California 04/12/07

White Supremacist Sentenced in Oregon 04/06/07

Two Men Charged with Cross Burning in California 04/06/07

White supremacist charged with attempted murder in Oregon 03/29/07

Two racist skinheads arrested for murder in California 03/29/07

White Supremacist Convicted of First Degree Murder in Arkansas 03/09/07

Police Arrest Four North Carolina White Supremacists Involved in Murder Plot 03/06/07

Confederate Hammerskins Arrested in Florida on Drug Charges 02/26/07

Pennsylvania Racist Skinhead Arrested for 1998 Tampa Murders 02/26/07

Former KKK Imperial Wizard Arrested for Statutory Rape in Maryland 01/12/07

Two Aryan Brotherhood Leaders Convicted in Los Angeles 01/11/07

National Vanguard Members Arrested in Boston 01/10/07

Neo-Nazi Leader Arrested on Child Pornography Charges 01/08/07

Tennessee White Supremacist Sentenced to 30 Years on Chemical Weapons Charges 01/03/07

Massive Sweep of Racist Gang Members in California 12/20/06

Racist Skinhead Sentenced in Texas 12/15/06

Four Skinheads Charged with Hate Crime in Los Angeles 12/15/06

Texas White Supremacist Receives Life Sentence 12/01/06

Racist Skinhead Receives Death Penalty in California 12/01/06

American Nazi Indicted in Florida 11/17/06

Racist skinhead receives 38-year sentence in Colorado 10/17/06

Aryan Brotherhood Member Sentenced In Texas 10/16/06

Texas Aryan Brotherhood Members Charged with Capital Murder 09/29/06

White Supremacist Sentenced for Sexual Assault in Michigan 09/25/06

Former Aryan Nations Member Convicted in Seattle 09/22/06

Aryan Brotherhood Leaders Sentenced in California 09/22/06

New Jersey White Supremacists Sentenced on Gun Charges 09/12/06

California Racist Skinhead Convicted of Murder 09/12/06

Michigan White Supremacist Convicted of Sexual Assault 08/29/06

Oregon White Supremacist Brothers Plead Guilty to Hate Crime 08/18/06

Off-Duty Virginia Police Officer Killed During Chase; Suspect has "White Power" Tattoo 08/18/06

California White Supremacist Arrested in Alleged Plot to Kill Officer 08/11/06

Two Charged With Hate Crime in Bay Area 08/03/06

Four Aryan Brotherhood Leaders Convicted in California 08/02/06

Racist Skinhead Sentenced in Oregon for Parole Violation 08/02/06

San Diego Jury Recommends Death Sentence for Racist Skinhead 07/27/06

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Members Face Murder Charges 06/20/06

Racist Skinhead Threatens Students at California High School 06/16/06

Neo-Nazis Indicted for Civil Rights Violations in Utah 06/09/06

Utah White Supremacist Sentenced in Racial Attack 05/31/06

White Supremacists Sentenced in Louisiana Bank Robbery Conspiracy 05/19/06

Racist Skinhead Arrested in Oregon for Parole Violation 05/19/06

White Supremacists Attack Hispanic Teen in Texas 05/02/06

California White Supremacist Sentenced for Beating Elderly Black Man 04/27/06

Oklahoma White Supremacist Sentenced in Officer Slaying 04/21/06

Aryan Brotherhood Members Indicted in Texas 04/17/06

Neo-Nazi Racist Skinheads Arrested in Connection to Florida Stabbings 04/14/06

Aryan Brotherhood Trial to Unfold in the Coming Weeks 03/13/06

White Supremacist Fugitive Captured in Florida 03/09/06

California White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Beating Elderly Black Man 03/08/06

Former Prison Guard Convicted of Aiding Nazi Low Riders 02/17/06

Massachusetts Gay Bar Attacker Kills Arkansas Officer, Dies Following Shootout 02/06/06

Victims of Racist Skinhead Attack Threatened 01/26/06

Utah White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Racial Beating 01/19/06

Ohio White Supremacist Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison 01/12/06

Seven Indicted in North Carolina Klan Bomb Plot 01/11/06

Neo-Nazis Rally in Toledo Again 12/13/05

Texas Officer Fatally Shot By Alleged Aryan Brotherhood Member 12/08/05

White Supremacist Murder Suspects Arrested Near Seattle 11/23/05

Nazi Low Riders Leader Pleads Guilty to Racketeering 11/23/05

White Supremacist Stabs African-American Co-Worker in Missouri 11/07/05

Stepson of Convicted White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter 11/07/05

New Arrest in Washington White Supremacist Weapons Case 10/24/05

Hal Turner and His Supporters Threaten Officials and Other Targets of Their Hate 10/03/05

Ohio Woman Pleads Guilty to Purchasing Weapons for Aryan Brotherhood 09/15/05

Neo-Nazi Linked to Alleged Katrina Relief Scam 09/08/05

Racist Skinheads Charged in Oregon Temple Attack 09/02/05

California White Supremacist Arrested for Assault 09/01/05

White Supremacist Sentenced in Oklahoma Synagogue Attack 08/31/05

Oregon Skinheads Arrested for Threatening African-Americans 08/18/05

White Supremacist Alleged Target of Murder Plot 08/05/05

White People's Party Attempts Political Activity 07/21/05

White Supremacist Stabs Inmate in Utah Court 07/15/05

White Supremacist Sentenced to Life for Oregon Murder 07/13/05

Suspect Arrested After Shooting at California Police Officer 06/29/05

White Supremacists Charged With Hate Crime in Illinois 06/29/05

Aryan Brotherhood Members Arrested in Northern Ohio 06/28/05

Klansman Arrested on Pipe Bomb Charges 06/27/05

Wisconsin White Supremacist Charged With Selling Pipe Bomb to Agent 06/27/05

New Jersey Skinhead Bomb Plot Uncovered 06/01/05

David Duke's European American Conference: Racists Gather in New Orleans 05/25/05

White supremacists charged in bank robbery conspiracy 05/13/05

Missouri white supremacist charged with sex crime 05/13/05

White Supremacists Protest Boston Holocaust Commemoration 05/11/05

California Skinhead Gang Leader Found Guilty of Murder 05/02/05

Disaffected Neo-Nazis Form New Group 05/02/05

White Supremacist Found Guilty in Oklahoma Synagogue Attack 04/27/05

Armed Vigilante Activities in Arizona 04/21/05

National Alliance Self-Destructs Amid Acrimony 04/20/05

Texas Man Linked to Racist Skinhead Group Sentenced to 19 Years 04/08/05

Weapons Raid in Southern Illinois Uncovers Hate Literature 04/08/05

Bronx White Supremacist Convicted 04/08/05

Vigilantes Gather in Arizona 04/07/05

Extremists Look to April Anniversaries 04/06/05

Missouri White Supremacist Arrested for Assault and Kidnapping 03/16/05

The Creativity Movement: Chronology of Crime 03/15/05

Investigation into Murder of Judge's Family 03/09/05

Family of Federal Judge Threatened by White Supremacist Slain 03/01/05

Pennsylvania Klan Leader Sentenced to 12 Years 02/28/05

National Alliance Suffers Internal Upheaval 02/24/05

California White Supremacist Charged With Hate Crime 02/23/05

Former Aryan Nations Leader Arrested in Seattle 02/18/05

Arizona Neo-Nazi Guilty in Murder of Gay Man 02/01/05

California Investigation Leads to Arrests of White Supremacists 01/26/05

Authorities Target Aryan Brotherhood in New Mexico 01/24/05

White Supremacist Kills Officer and Pregnant Woman in New Mexico 01/06/05

California Man Sentenced in Racially Motivated Shooting 12/30/04

Reno Man Who Made Anti-Semitic Threats Arrested 12/28/04

Los Angeles Vandalism Linked with Hate Group 12/21/04

Arizona White Supremacist Receives 19 Year Sentence 12/16/04

Mississippi Teenager Held on Weapons Charges 12/09/04

California White Supremacist Sentenced for Shooting at Officers 11/01/04

Skinhead Guilty of Attacking African-American Couple 10/26/04

Knoxville Man Arrested for Synagogue Bomb Plot 10/19/04

ADL on White Supremacist Leader 10/14/04

Man Sentenced for San Diego Synagogue Arson 10/14/04

Neo-Nazi Rally Met by Counter-protesters 10/05/04

Neo-Nazi Arrested for Violent E-mail Threats 09/28/04

Michigan Teenager Arrested for Plot to Attack High School 09/23/04

Arizona Neo-Nazi Shot During Arrest Attempt 09/23/04

Missouri White Supremacist Convicted of Stomping Murder 09/22/04

Neo-Nazi Icon, Richard Butler, Is Dead 09/09/04

Anti-Immigration Extremist Sentenced on Weapons Charge 08/26/04

Alleged Anthrax Hoaxer Operated White Supremacist Web Sites 08/25/04

Anti-Semitic Attack in France Inspired by U.S. Extremists 08/19/04

White supremacists sentenced in Missouri racial assault 08/17/04

ADL Alerts FBI to Aryan Nations Memo 08/12/04

White Supremacist Arrested in Pittsburgh Shooting 08/09/04

Life Sentences for Aryan Circle Gang Members 07/30/04

Connecticut White Supremacist Arrested for Armed Robbery 07/22/04

Christian Identity Events Attract Attention 07/19/04

White Supremacist Fugitive Captured in California 07/15/04

Extremist Groups Schedule Simultaneous Events 07/13/04

White Supremacist Found Guilty in Tacoma Murder 06/10/04

Aryan Nations Member Arrested After Standoff with Police 05/25/04

Neo-Nazi Assaults Officer After Guilty Verdict 05/14/04

White Supremacists Protest 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Ed 05/14/04

Final Guilty Pleas in Missouri Racial Attack 04/29/04

Racist Prison Gang Member Sentenced to Five Years for Identity Theft 04/29/04

Aryan Nations Member Arrested at Group's Headquarters 04/28/04

White Supremacist Leader Guilty of Soliciting Murder 04/27/04

White Supremacist Arrested in Oklahoma Synagogue Attack 04/26/04

Klan Member Pleads Guilty to Hate Crime in Missouri 04/26/04

Dead Body Found in White Supremacist's Truck 04/14/04

Connecticut White Wolves 04/02/04

Eight New Jersey Skinheads Charged in Bias Attacks 04/02/04

Mailbox Bomber Pleads Guilty to Bias Crimes 03/30/04

Racist Prison Gang Indicted on Drug and Organized Crime Charges 03/30/04

Anti-Immigration Extremist Arrested in Arizona 12/02/03

Female Aryan Brotherhood Fugitive Arrested 09/05/03

White Supremacy Archive 2001-2004

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