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Hate Crimes Training

Building on ADL's expertise in monitoring and exposing the activities of organized hate groups and in crafting legal and legislative responses to hate crime, ADL has developed a hate crimes training program for law enforcement professionals.

ADL training seminars offer instruction on the special nature of hate crime, the legal and constitutional framework in which federal and state hate crime statues operate, and how to perform investigative and enforcement duties in a way that reassures the victims and helps alleviate community tensions and fear.

Depending on the degree of knowledge and prior experience of the law enforcement agency, these programs can last anywhere from two hours to a full day or day and a half - and can be certified by the appropriate state law enforcement standards and training agency (POST).

Program elements include:

Understanding the importance of hate crimes training
Organized hate groups - signs and symbols
Perpetrator profiles
Elements of a hate crime
Criteria for determining a hate crime
The impact of hate crimes on the community
Initial response procedures
Addressing the special needs of hate crime victims
Interviewing procedures
Reporting procedures
Community relations resources
Investigative strategies
Common investigative and procedural mistakes
Scenarios and role-playing

Please contact us to request ADL training or to learn more about our programs for local, state, and federal law enforcement.

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