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 White Supremacist Radio Host Urges Bombings, Assassinations
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Updated: March 22, 2005
Update: Hal Turner

White supremacist Hal Turner named three federal court judges with connections to the Matt Hale case as public officials who “need to be reined in.” Turner also posted the judges’ full names and addresses on his Web site, and read their names during a March 5, 2005, appearance on the Fox News program “Geraldo.”

Turner, of North Bergen, New Jersey, has a history of explicitly encouraging extreme violence against Jews, other minorities and government officials. Turner shut down his shortwave radio show down in early 2004, allegedly for lack of funds, and has confined his activities since then to posting violent and racist political and societal commentary on his Web site, which he updates frequently. Some of his more recent statements include:

  • On February 28, 2005, Turner advocated assaulting and killing African-Americans on March 15 to commemorate his birthday: “I think a full day of violence against blacks . . . would be a really nice thing . . . complete with lynchings, church burnings, drive-by shootings and bombings to put these subhuman animals back in their place.”

  • On January 3, 2005, Turner posted the presidential inauguration parade route on his Web site, saying “it seems to me there can be no protection against a ‘Turner Diaries’ type of mortar attack or a Hezbollah-type rocket attack launched from outside the security zone. Rest assured, if the fed’s [sic] get wiped out, I’ll be cheering the TV set!”

In addition to his activities in the United States, Tuner recently returned from a trip to Brazil to help generate support for his efforts and those of other white supremacist organizations.

Posted: November 7, 2002

White supremacist radio talk show host Hal Turner, known for incendiary anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric, has caused concern in recent weeks by explicitly encouraging extreme violence against Jews, other minorities, and government officials. Among other measures, Turner has advocated bombings and assassinations.

Turner hosts the "Hal Turner Show" (apparently from his home in North Bergen, New Jersey, although he has a New York City mailing address). The show is broadcast on weekday evenings by shortwave radio station WBCQ out of Monticello, Maine, and reaches most of the country. It is also simulcast on the Internet.

Turner's language and message are often extreme, and in recent months Turner has repeatedly urged acts of violence and terrorism. On September 25, for example, Turner suggested to his audience that "it is time to start killing Jews in the United States, cut their throat as they walk down the street, drive by and blast them with a shotgun…throw Molotov cocktails through their jewelry store windows and then Israel can ask us to stop."

Hal Turner 

Turner encouraged his audience to "BOMB their synagogues, BOMB their businesses, let's BOMB their homes, that's what I SAY because maybe when these filthy Jew, mother f--- start dying en masse here in the United States, they will pay attention over in Israel."

Jews are not the only target of Turner's exhortations toward violence.

On October 22, Turner told listeners that "if the INS can't do its job, and round up these illegal aliens, then in my opinion, we people who are here legally, should maybe think about drive-by shootings with machine guns in front of every Mexican Consulate and kill every single one of these invaders."

On October 28, when a caller alleged that a federal judge stopped expenditure for a new courthouse because the town was not diverse enough, Turner opined, "I hope somebody assassinates that Federal Judge."

On Halloween, after hearing that "international observers" were coming to monitor the upcoming election in Florida, Turner called on the people of Florida to go to the polls armed and demand that the observers leave - or kill them on the spot if they refuse.

Although Turner claims no formal affiliation with any white supremacist group, his "Hal Turner Radio Network" broadcasts Aryan Nations programs and provides air time to other white supremacist guests such as Matt Hale, leader of the World Church of the Creator. Turner also sponsors other race-baiting programs, among them Michigan white supremacist James Wickstrom's "Yahweh's Truth."

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