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Anti-Israel Groups on Facebook

A Forum for Anti-Semitism and an Important Tool for the Movement

Posted: August 12, 2009

As anti-Semitism flourishes on a variety of social networking sites, Facebook, in particular, has become a convenient platform for users seeking to link their anti-Semitic views to discussions of Israel.


Much of the anti-Semitic commentary found on the discussion boards of anti-Israel Facebook groups echoes the hateful messages displayed at nationwide anti-Israel demonstrations, including signs and chants that condemn Jewish power and compare Israelis to Nazis.


While it is not surprising that anti-Semitic content is posted on Facebook groups with titles like "[expletive] Israel" and "May Allah Destroy Israel," numerous other groups that claim to be dedicated to criticizing Israeli policy (and even explicitly condemn anti-Semitism in the official description of the group) still feature discussion boards that are rife with anti-Semitic postings. 


For example, a Facebook group titled "I Hate Israel," with more than a thousand members, claims "we don't hate Jews or the citizens of Israel." The group's wall, however, includes several offensive posts from 2009, including "[expletive] the Jews," "Hail Hitler!" and "Btw most of the jews seems to be brainwashed and not have any morals!"


All Facebook groups have administrators (usually the individual or individuals that initially created the group) who are responsible for maintaining the group's page and moderating the discussion boards. It is the administrator's prerogative to remove offensive content from their pages and many fail to do so.


The following is a brief sampling of anti-Semitic content on the pages of anti-Israel Facebook groups:


  • "How can the jews be anti-zionist if the zionism is among other things a "process" of establishing a jewish state…So either we have liars here or the jews don't want claim Israel as their state."

-- International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, August 9, 2009


  • "A Zionist Jew: 'Thou shalt kill a non Jew', 'Thou shalt steal from a non Jew.' An anti Zionism (a Jew): 'Thou shalt not kill...until the appointed time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Same [expletive] different [expletive]! Zionism did not come from nowhere. It finds its roots in Judaism. Judaism teaches that Jews are the chosen race. Zionists are acting accordingly. Read their Torah and their Talmud. Guys, we know you are bunch of liars and deceivers. Only fools would believe your manipulative statements. Wolves in sheep clothing, that's what you are."

-- International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, August 6, 2009


  • "Zionist Jews have taken such a beautiful religion and the name of a race, which have contributed so much, and initiated another holocaust…"

-- US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, July 29, 2009


  • "Israel was created unjustly and it has done, and is continuing to do, what the Nazis did to their ancestors in WW2."

-- US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, July 29, 2009


  • "If you were conditioned from birth that you were racially, culturally, and religiously superior and the only ones with a biblical right to inherit Jerusalem, if you were taught that you were simply the victim throughout the attrocities of history and learned nothing from them then perhaps you too would respond …with audacity, arrogance, and a marked disdain for non-jewish human life."

-- Viva Palestina, April 1, 2009


  • "Any human that can find fault in the resisters of the occupation is clearly under the spell of the Jewish Media Machine which… also controls government and can impede free speech but not stop it."

-- Viva Palestina, April 1, 2009


  • "…There were alot of jews attacking the palestinian rally…They are such hate mongers, liars, and bullshitters."

-- Students for Justice in Palestine - Purdue University, January 27, 2009


  • "I don't know much about the Philistines, but I have a bone to pick with the Jews, I mean, the State of Israel."

-- Students for Justice in Palestine - University of Pittsburgh, August 26, 2006


Facebook has become a prime organizing tool for anti-Israel groups in the U.S., enabling users to effectively promote upcoming events and announce new initiatives. For instance, hours after Israel began military operations in Gaza in December 2008, several "emergency" rallies were organized through Facbeook by anti-Israel groups, which were able to instantly reach their members with event details.


Some anti-Israel Facebook groups have thousands of members from countries around the world, helping establish a global movement of like-minded sympathizers. And anti-Israel activists have even begun to mimic efforts organized by individuals in other parts of the world. For example, after a UK-based campaign called Viva Palestina successfully sent a convoy to Gaza, activists in the United States decided to coordinate an American version of the convoy that was largely coordinated on Facebook. More than ten regional Facebook groups were set up to launch fundraising efforts, send event announcements and discuss plans for the convoy, which went to Gaza in July.


Currently, anti-Israel activists around the world are organizing a "March on Gaza" campaign that seeks to attract thousands of activists around the world to march along the Gaza border in a show of defiance against Israel. The campaign, which is scheduled to take place in January 2010, has already set up 18 Facebook groups for different regions around the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East to enable activists to communicate, fundraise and organize events in preparation for the march. The initiative, which began in late June, already has more than 7,500 combined members on its Facebook groups.

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