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U.S. Anti-Israel Activity  
Sabiqun and Anti-Semitism on Campus RULE Imam Amir Abdul Malik Ali

Posted: September 11, 2009

Imam Abdul Alim Musa
Imam Amir Abdul Malik Ali

Imam Amir Abdul Malik Ali runs Masjid Al Islam in Oakland, California, a mosque affiliated with the anti-Semitic Sabiqun movement, which seeks to establish Islamic rule in the U.S.

Malik Ali, who has made anti-Semitic speeches around the country for several years, is often invited to speak to Muslim student groups in California. During his campus appearances, Malik Ali has described the U.S. government, the economy and the media as being part of a corrupt global super-structure that is controlled by "Zionist Jews" and used against Muslims. He has praised Hezbollah, Hamas and the Iranian regime, extolled martyrdom and blamed Israel for the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Some of his most inflammatory speeches have been given at anti-Israel events organized by the Muslim Student Union (MSU) at the University of California, Irvine, where he has encouraged students to see their campus activism as part of a larger struggle against Israel, as well as against what he calls the "American empire."

Below is a sample of Imam Amir Abdul Malik Ali's inflammatory and anti-Semitic statements:

January 29, 2011: Malik Ali delivered as anti-American conspiratorial speech at a large rally in San Francisco that was sponsored by ANSWER Coalition in support of the Egyptian revolution. During his speech Malik Ali argued that the revolution in Egypt challenges the U.S. "because Uncle Sam doesn't believe in democracy. You can't be an empire and believe in democracy too." He further claimed that the American government is concerned that the unrest in Egypt could spread to the U.S., stating: "The young people in Egypt have set an example for us….that's why this government wants you distracted, you young people. That's why they want you at the mall, that's why they want you high…because when young people join a movement, the show is over."


January 16, 2011: Malik Ali gave the concluding presentation at the 3-day annual conference of the Muslim Student Association – West, a coalition of West Coast Muslim student groups. The conference was held at the University of CaliforniaLos Angeles. In his presentation Malik Ali claimed that the 2009 attempt to blow up a passenger airline over Detroit and the 2010 failed Times Square car bombing, were "fake…hogwash," orchestrated by "social engineers" to protect corporate interests and "as a rationale to deny the people of their civil liberties." At the end of the presentation Malik Ali led the students in what he introduced simply as "the pledge of allegiance." The full text of which is as follows: 


"Allah is my Lord; Islam is my life; the Qur'an is my guide; the Sunna is my practice; Jihad is my spirit; Righteousness is my character; paradise is my goal; I enjoin what is right; I forbid what is wrong; I will fight against oppression; and I will die to establish Islam."

January 15, 2011: Malik Ali gave the central presentation at the MSA West conference, which had the same title as the conference: "Taking Back Our Narrative." In his presentation he argued that "on 9/11 our narrative was hijacked," explaining that powerful interests in America are trying to silence Muslims and portray Islam in a negative light. He compared current U.S. policies to Nazi Germany and cited Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels as "one of their role models," describing an extensive conspiracy to suppress information. Never explaining who is behind this conspiracy, he said: "It is their narrative that's rooted in falsehood…in a false concept of superiority." He said that Muslims' role is to "go out for jihad," which he described as "speaking truth to power."

May 13, 2010: In a speech titled "Death to Apartheid" during MSU's "Israeli Apartheid Week" at UC Irvine, Malik Ali compared Jews to Nazis, expressed support for terrorist groups, accused supporters of Israel of "using" the Holocaust as an excuse to oppress Palestinians and called for the destruction of the "apartheid state of Israel." At the beginning of his speech, Malik Ali called it a time of "celebration" for critics of Israel because people "are no longer being afraid of being called anti-Semitic."


When asked during the Q&A session if he specifically supports Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, Malik Ali answered "yes" each time. During his speech, he had repeatedly alleged that Israelis are the oppressors and Palestinians are the victims. After being asked why he calls for not dialoguing with Zionists, Malik Ali compared Jews to Nazis and stated that just like Jews wouldn't have sat down for "tea and crumpets" with Nazis, Jews, who are "the new Nazis," don't deserve dialogue.  


Malik Ali also praised students at UCI who had disrupted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren during a speaking appearance on campus on February 8, 2010. Malik Ali noted that Oren "forfeited your right to free speech because you believe in ethnic cleansing, you believe in putting people in concentration camps that we call Gaza."

May 14, 2009: Malik Ali gave two speeches at UC Irvine, as part of an MSU lecture series titled, "Israel: The Politics of Genocide." During a speech titled "Silence is Consent," which he delivered at a lecture hall on campus, Malik Ali stated that "Zionists" are "the new Nazis" and "the party of Satan." He said that "Zionism must be destroyed. Every aspect of them." He explained how Zionists display the characteristics of Satan: "They operate behind closed doors in silence, they are whisperers. Satan gives suggestions and withdraws." He also claimed that if President Obama attempted to make serious policy changes he should "be ready to die because the Pentagon, the C.I.A. and the Zionists will be upset with him." 

Earlier in the day Malik Ali delivered a speech titled "To Exist is to Resist" at an outdoor amphitheater in the center of the UC Irvine campus. His dedicated most of his presentation to discussing a recent hate crimes legislation that had passed the U.S. House of Representatives, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, known also as the Matthew Shepard Act. Malik Ali claimed that the legislation was in fact a conspiracy to consolidate Zionist control over the American people, insisting that it criminalized criticism of Israel and challenging the historicity of the Holocaust. Malik Ali claimed that "the Zionist Jewish community" wanted to stifle freedom of speech in order to "destroy your will to resist; not just in Palestine, they are trying to destroy the people's will to resist everywhere." He called for "civil disobedience as it relates to the Zionists."

During his speech, Malik Ali made frequent references to the Holocaust, calling supporters of Israel "the new Nazis." He also talked about the "disproportionate numbers of Jews, Zionist Jews, in the media, in finance and foreign policy." He expressed support for Hamas, stating: "Hamas works in the interest of the Palestinian people, not in the interest of the Zionists."

May 15, 2008: Malik Ali gave two speeches during a week-long MSU event at UC Irvine titled "Never Again? Palestinian Holocaust." During one presentation, which was titled "Silence is Consent; Stop the Palestinian Holocaust," Malik Ali claimed that "America has declared war on Islam." He called Al Qaeda "a controlled fire," and claimed that September 11 was manufactured to discredit "the mainstream Islamic resistance." Malik Ali's speech was interrupted with calls of 'God is great' in Arabic when he predicted that "the 21st century will be the century of Islam. And, [Uncle] Sam and the Zionists know it and they are afraid." In his presentation "Death to Apartheid; A Farewell to Zionism" Malik Ali described Hamas and Hezbollah as part of "the Islamic revival," which will cause "the death of Zionism" and the collapse of the "American empire." During his presentations Malik Ali also praised the Islamic Republic of Iran.

May 17, 2007:
Malik Ali gave two speeches during a three-day MSU event at UC Irvine titled, "Israel: apartheid resurrected."

From the first speech, "Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, and The Holy Land"

"Hamas are freedom fighters, not terrorists…. The Zionist Jews, the Israelis, these are oppressors….the Palestinians are paying for the crimes of the Germans. Let the Germans pay…. And so now, Alhamdulillah [Praise God] we know that their time is coming to an end….The Zionist Jew has only one fear… the ultimate fear of the Zionists are the Muslims. They never defeated us in history…. Even though we got the FBI coming down on us [Muslims], even though we got the media coming down on us, even though we have the government coming down on us, everyone… in terms of who are running the system; we are still not afraid of them… You are dealing with people who fight in the name of Allah, against your imperialism, against your colonialism, against your occupation, and against your racism. And we will not stop until we are either victorious or we are martyred."

From the second speech, "The UC Intifada: How You Can Help Palestine"

"They [Zionist Jews] do things to make people think that it's Muslims when it is actually them behind the scenes [that is] how they do this in Palestine, how they did this with the World Trade Center, both of them: in 1993 and in 2001…

"Massive civil disobedience wouldn't be a bad idea. But it has to reach a critical mass. The system has to be shut down. That's how bad it is. That's how bad things have gotten….

"You know what Hezbollah are? The party of God. Do you know who the Hezbollah are? They are people with a higher moral character. Who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the one God….

"[Iranian president Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad is a nice guy. He's an honorable person… and what is being called for the annihilation of, is the apartheid system of Zionism…. Any unjust system has the right to be dismantled and destroyed. Any empire has the right to be dismantled and destroyed… apartheid ain't cool, apartheid ain't honorable. And so when he [Ahmadinejad] is talking like that, he's talking about an oppressive system… that's like, for example, when we say that America needs to fall as an empire, that doesn't mean that America, all of America, needs to be destroyed… and so with respect to the apartheid state… That's not the right system. So that's what Ahmadinejad is talking about… And so, yes, it has to be dealt with."

October 5, 2006: Malik Ali spoke at UC Irvine about the war between Israel and Hezbollah during that summer. He accused "the Western Zionist controlled media" of covering up the truth about what happened in the war. He praised Hezbollah and argued that every time Muslims fight Israel in the name of Islam they are victorious. Responding to a question from the audience about peace between Israel and the Arab states, Malik Ali said: "If history is any indication, there'll be peace when you're gone and we are in control again."

May 18, 2006: During an MSU event at UC Irvine, "Holocaust in the Holy Land," Malik Ali gave a speech in which praised Hamas and Hezbollah. He added: "The truth of the matter is your days are numbered. We will fight you until we are either martyred or we are victorious…It's about time that they [Israelis] live in fear." Malik Ali claimed that Israel's defeat was imminent because unlike the Muslims, Israeli soldiers do not embrace death. During his speech, which was titled "Israel: The Fourth Reich," he also claimed that the media in the U.S. is controlled by Jews, repeating several times: "Rupert Murdoch is a Zionist Jew!"

March 11, 2006: Malik Ali spoke at the University of California, Santa Cruz as part of "Palestine Awareness Week" organized by the local Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine. In his speech, he said:

"There are some good Jews and some bad Jews; we're talking about the bad ones, the ones who refer to themselves as Zionists, the ones who are not really following the teachings of Moses… they've come up with a racist ideology… that is rooted in white supremacy, in imperialism and colonialism… The axis of evil: you're talking Britain, you're talking the United States and you're talking the apartheid state of Israel." 

February 26, 2004: Malik Ali gave a speech at UC Irvine, which was titled "America Under Siege: The Zionist Hidden Agenda," during which he said that Zionism was a mixture of "chosen people-ness and white supremacy." He claimed that Zionists had "Congress, the media and the FBI in their back pocket," and blamed Israel for September 11: "The Israelis knew about and were in-control of 9-11," which he claimed "was staged to give an excuse to wage war against Muslims around the world."

December 14, 2001: Following the release of a videotape documenting Osama bin Laden celebrating the September 11 attack, Malik Ali told the San Francisco Chronicle that he found the tape inspirational, and that it expressed "the importance of our commitment to Allah." During the same interview, Malik Ali also claimed that "this tape is not evidence. The U.S. government is justifying the killing of innocent people in Afghanistan, and the intention to kill Osama bin Laden, based on flimsy evidence…What speaks to me as a Muslim about it is to see Muslims around the world who are willing to stand up to the oppressive, imperialist system of the United States."

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