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Anti-Israel Protests Unleash Global Anti-Semitism

Posted: January 9, 2009

Israel's military operation to defend itself against Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza and root out Hamas terrorism has unleashed a firestorm of anti-Semitism and Nazi imagery at demonstrations and rallies held around the world.

In many demonstrations -- scores held in cities from London to Lahore and Paris to Panama City since the Israeli operation began on December 27 -- anti-Semitism and outrageous comparisons to the Holocaust are interspersed with legitimate expressions of criticism of Israel.

Placards held at many global demonstrations have compared Israeli leaders to Nazis, accused Israel of carrying out a "Holocaust" against Palestinians, and equated the Jewish Star of David with the Nazi swastika.  In some Muslim and European nations, the demonstrations have included chants of "death to Israel" or expressions of support for suicide terrorism against Israeli or Jewish civilians.

In some parts of Europe and Latin America and in the Arab world the protests have spilled over into acts of civil disobedience, threats and intimidation, and violence. In Europe and Latin America, some rallies have directly coincided with acts of anti-Jewish vandalism and of Jewish institutions and synagogues and threats to local Jewish leaders.

The following is a select chronology of some of the many anti-Israel rallies that have taken place around the world in the days since Israel's Operation Cast Lead was initiated:

January 12, 2009

Pakistan -- Protestors at several rallies held in Lahore torched Israeli flags and accused the U.S. of not doing enough to stop the bloodshed in Gaza. At the main demonstration, hundreds of protestors shouted anti-Israel and anti-U.S. slogans.

January 11, 2009

Spain -- In Madrid, a large protest against Israel was held in Madrid. Demonstrators waved anti-Israel banners and signs comparing Israel with Nazi Germany.  One of the organizers of the "Madrid with Palestine" protest was the party in government, Partido Socialista de España (PSOE).   While the PSOE opposed the use of the word "genocide" in the official proclamation on the march, they did apparently know about, and sanction, the use of the term "genocide" in the banner at the head of the march.

January 9, 2009

Norway -- Approximately 1,000 pro-Palestinian protesters attacked a pro-Israel rally of about 500 people in Oslo, resulting in six injuries and 31 arrests.

January 7, 2009

Thailand -- Muslim students in Bangkok shouted anti-Israel slogs and protested with banners comparing Israel to Nazis.

January 6, 2009

Argentina -- Demonstrations and a march to the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires included banners with the Israeli flag defaced with swastikas.

January 5, 2009

Austria -- Demonstrators waved flags and held posters to protest Israel at a rally in Vienna.

India -- Members of Students Federation of India and Democratic Youth Federation of India shouted anti-Israel slogans during a protest outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.

Iran – Foreign seminary students shouted anti-Israel and anti-U.S. slogans and held signs reading "Down with the U.S." during an anti-Israel rally in front of the United Nations office in Tehran.

Lebanon -- Protesters shouted slogans against the U.S. during a protest against the Israeli ground attack on the Gaza Strip near the US embassy in the northern suburb of Aukar, Lebanon. Some 500 university students hurled sticks at police and tried to break through the barbed wire fence outside the heavily fortified embassy.

Pakistan -- Medical students chanted slogans against Israel during a rally in Multan.

Philippines -- Filipino Muslim protestors shouted slogans during a protest near the Israeli embassy in the Makati financial district of Manila.  About two dozen protesters marched near the Israel embassy to condemn violence in Gaza.

Serbia -- Several hundred people rallied in Belgrade to protest the Israeli military strikes.

South Korea -- Pro-Palestinian protesters held banners and shouted anti-Israel slogans in front of the Israel Embassy in Seoul.

Syria – Syrian protesters in several cities chanted anti-Israel and anti-America slogans and burned effigies of Israeli leaders. More than 5,000 people converged in Damascus for one of the largest anti-Israel demonstrations in that country.

Thailand -- Demonstrators shouted slogans during a protest outside the Israeli embassy.  About 200 activists took part in the protest against Israel's military action on Gaza.

January 4, 2008
Algeria -- Protesters shouted anti-Israeli slogans and burned an Israeli flag in Algiers.

Canada -- Thousands of protesters marched on the Israeli consulate in Montreal and called on the Canadian government to apply pressure on Israel to stop its military offensive.

Indonesia -- Members of the Islamic group Hizbut Tahrir took part in a protest in Jakarta.  More than 10,000 Muslims marched through Indonesia's capital.

Italy -- More than 10,000 people demonstrated in Milan.  The protesters, mostly young Arabs and Muslim families, gathered in Porta Venezia, waving placards, banners and flags and bearing slogans such as "Bush, Barak, assassins" and "Free Palestine."

Jordan -- Jordanians shouted anti-Israeli slogans and burned an Israeli flag during a protest in Amman. Watched by riot police, at least 60,000 people headed later to Amman sports stadium for the largest rally in decades by the opposition Muslim Brotherhood. Its leader told a cheering crowd Palestinians should intensify an uprising against Israel.

Lebanon -- Members of the Lebanese Islamist group "al-Gama'a al Islamiya" marched in a protest to U.N. headquarters in Beirut.

Spain -- Demonstrators wave a Palestinian flag and anti-Israel banners during a protests in Madrid and Barcelona against the Israeli attacks.

Turkey -- Demonstrators shouted slogans during an anti-Israel protest in Istanbul.  Organizers claimed as many as 700,000 people had turned out for the protest.

January 3, 2009

Belgium -- In Leuven about 300 people protested the Israeli attacks and called for a boycott of Israel. The protesters also called for Belgium and the EU to condemn Israel and to immediately stop all European-Israeli cooperation, as well as institute sanctions against Israel.

France --  A pro-Palestinian umbrella group, including France's Communist Party, led more than 21,000 demonstrators in a march and rally.  Police blocked the demonstrators from reaching their planned final destination, the Israeli Embassy.  French riot police clashed with roughly 400 to 500 youth wearing Palestinian flags and kaffiyehs, who threw chairs and other objects at police barricades. Police responded with tear gas bombs.

The Netherlands – In an anti-Israel demonstration in Amsterdam, a large crowd marched in protest of the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Norway -- In Oslo about 200 protesters, including Norwegian-Palestinians shouting "intifada" and "allah akbar" threw eggs, stones and fire-crackers at the police outside the Israeli embassy.

South Africa -- A crowd of people protested outside the U.S. consulate in Johannesburg.

Turkey -- Demonstrators shouted anti-Israel and anti-U.S. slogans during a protest in Ankara.

U.K. -- Anti-Israel demonstrators flooded London's Trafalgar Square. About 12,000 people marched in a demonstration that began peacefully but ended in a string of arrests.

January 2, 2009

Australia – In Sydney and other cities, thousands of Australians demonstrated against Israel's attacks.

Czech Republic -- Demonstrators held a rally in front of the Israeli Embassy in Prague.

Switzerland -- Protesters burned an Israel flag in front of the Israeli embassy in Bern.

January 1, 2009

Afghanistan -- In the Afghan capital of Kabul, about 3,000 people gathered outside a prominent mosque.  Men in the crowd threw stones and shoes at an effigy of U.S. President George W. Bush.

Bangladesh – Protestors gathered for a demonstration against Israel in Dhaka.

Belgium -- Several thousand protesters gathered at the Martyrs' Square in Brussels to demonstrate against the Israeli attacks in Gaza.

Brazil -- In Sao Paulo almost 200 people led by local Muslim leaders gathered outside the Sao Paulo Art Museum to protest the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Several demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and banners reading "End the Genocide in Gaza."

Kenya -- Muslim demonstrators shouted anti-Israel slogans at a protest in Mombasa.

Panama -- Palestinians demonstrated in front of the Israeli embassy in Panama City to protest against Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Tunisia -- People with Tunisian and Palestinian flags shouted anti-Israeli slogans during a demonstration in Tunis.

December 30, 2008

Panama -- Demonstrators held banners equating Israel with Nazis at a protest outside of the Israeli embassy in Panama City.

Peru -- Anti-Israel demonstrations with banners comparing the Israeli government to Nazis were held outside of the Israeli embassy in Peru.

December 29, 2008

Sweden -- Hundreds of demonstrators marched through the Swedish capital to protest against Israeli air attacks on the Gaza Strip, setting an Israeli flag alight and chanting "Israel, murderer."  Police said around 500 protestors gathered in Sergels Torg, one of Stockholm's main squares, before marching to the Israeli embassy. The demonstrators, mainly Muslim immigrants to Sweden, waved banners and shouted "Close the embassy," "Gaza solidarity," and "Israel, murderer," and set fire to an Israeli flag painted with a swastika.

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