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Anti-Semitic Article Appears in Venezuela

Posted: February 17, 2012

Following is a translation of an article that appeared on the website of Venezuelan National Radio on Feb. 13, 2012. The article accuses Venezuelan candidate Henrique Capriles García of being part of the Jewish cabal and repeats many classic anti-Semitic themes. It is part of a pattern of government-sponsored anti-Semitism in Venezuela.

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The enemy is Zionism: A cliff as an underlying promise
By Adal Hernandez
Feb. 13th, 2012
Published on Venezuelan National Radio's Website

Capriles Radonski, is son of Henrique Capriles García, descendant of a family of Sephardic Jews of Curaçao, and Monica Cristina Radonski Bochenek, a Russian-Polish Jew. Both families linked to the corporate oligarchy of the country, which includes media such as the Capriles Network, industries and entertainment corporations as Cinex, services and real estate firms.

Capriles Radonski participated in several courses in Europe and, of course, in the imperialist United States, more specifically at Columbia University in New York. He worked for some time in the private sector in firms such as Nevett & Mezquita lawyers and Hoet, Pelaez, Castillo & Duque. Both firms linked to the interests of the Zionist bourgeoisie.

He was part of the fascist and paramilitary sect called "Tradición, Familia y Propiedad (Tradition, Family and Property)", where perverse religious rites were practiced and selective crimes were planned to attack everything that did not represent the national Aryan race and the high Venezuelan bourgeoisie. This organization was directed by Alejandro Peña Esclusa, confessed agent of the CIA.

In 1998, he is elected Member of Parliament for COPEI, Christian social party, the product of a religious fascist organization linked to the Spanish phalange called Opus Dei, which came to Venezuela to establish roots at the beginning of the 50s during the 20th century.

Capriles Radonski participated actively in the bourgeois coup of 2002, against the Bolivarian revolution, in which along with his police [from the city of] Baruta, lashed the people of the revolution in a fascist attack, that, although short-lived, showed what the bourgeoisie is capable of doing to defend its interests.  On April 12th 2002, together with a group of enraged thugs, he led the assault on the Embassy of Cuba, breaking all international laws and endangering the lives of the people who were in sovereign Cuban space. In December 2006, the Zionist was acquitted by an appeals court.

To understand the interests that the candidate of the Venezuelan and transnational oligarchy, Capriles Radonski stands for, it is important to know what Zionism, the Israeli ideology that he deceitfully represents, is.

Zionism hides behind a religious and nationalist speech that attempts to make invisible its colonialist nature and purely political pretensions of deeply hegemonic and racial superiority. Zionism is born to set in motion the plans of imperialism in the Arab world, to strategically place a base of operations in the area. It is, without doubt, the ideology of terror, the most rotten feelings representing humanity; Patriotic impulses based on greed, which complies with the logic that "all nationalism without homeland is, by necessity, a reason to conquer". And so it has been. They have assassinated millions of Palestinians and have built a concentration camp in the XXI century, which they bomb and overcrowd. The Gaza strip is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, with an area of 360 square kilometers, it is home to almost a million and a half Palestinians which Israeli Zionism subjects to poverty, persecution, terror, neglect and isolation.

Zionism is the owner of most of the financial institutions in the world, controls nearly 80 percent of the world economy and the communications industry almost in its entirety, in addition to holding key decision making positions within the U.S. State Department and European powers.

Capriles Radonski recently met with the Confederation of Asociaciones Israelitas de Venezuela (CAIV) [Jewish Community], where they spoke among other things, about the Venezuelan relations with Iran, the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the State of Israel and the alleged anti-Semitism of the Bolivarian revolution. CAIV has no shame whatsoever in assuming Zionism as its ideology, in an article published on its web page, in a section devoted to Zionism, where it states the following:

"Zionism identifies us, unites us, and it is our responsibility to contribute, to the extent of our possibilities, to strengthen it.  So the Zionist ideology is not only the biggest political manifestation of modern Judaism in full force and effect, but also a valid means to tackle the existential problems of the Jewish people today".

The rational and open fight against poverty, racism and anti-Semitism, makes no sense if it is not directed against Zionism and capitalism, which represent 90 per cent of the poverty in the world, the imperial wars, death and misery of millions of people, and the growing threat of extinction of all species on the planet and the planet itself.

This is our enemy, the Zionism represented today by Capriles Radonski, which has nothing to do with a national and independent offer. In October there will be two clear proposals for Venezuela:   the Bolivarian revolution which claims the Latin American unity and the interests of the people and the international Zionism, which threatens the destruction of the planet we inhabit.


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Venezuelan Presidential Candidate Subjected To Anti-Semitic Attacks
(press release, 2/17/12)

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