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Chavez's Venezuela: The Jewish Community Under Threat RULE Statements in the Venezuelan National Assembly

Posted: February 2, 2009

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In a plenary session on January 6, 2009, the National Assembly unanimously approved a condemnation of the "irrational massacre of the Zionist government of Israel against the Palestinian people." 

The following are excerpts of minutes of the debate from the National Assembly:

The agreement, presented by Congressman Roy Daza in his capacity as president of the Foreign Policy Commission, resolved:

• "To condemn categorically the irrational massacre that the Israeli Government is committing against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, situation that violates all the International Human Rights Conventions and the most elementary rules of International Law for a pacific coexistence."

• "In view of the failure of the Security Council of the United Nations in condemning the Israeli invasion, as a result of the veto imposed by the Government of the United States of North America, it is essential that the international community takes steps to obtain the immediate withdrawal of the troops and the cessation of the bombings. We also raise the urgent need of revising the rules of the UN and its security organisms, due to their obvious failure."

• "To state the conviction of the members of this parliament that to end this permanent Holocaust of the Palestinian people it is necessary to put an end to the occupation of the Palestinian territories, revoke the siege of the Gaza Strip, dismantle the Israeli settlements in those territories and solve the issue of the Palestinian refugees, in order to be able to guarantee peace in that region."


• The president of the Foreign Policy Commission, Congressman Roy Daza, when expressing his repudiation of what he considers a massacre, a genocide against the Palestinian people, mentioned the number of deceased as a consequence of the conflict in the Gaza Strip. … He considers that we are witnessing the genocide of the Palestinian people, a massacre, for that reason he deems the world must express its condemnation on these facts. He requested a minute of silence for the children, women, men, and elderly.

• Congresswoman Marelis Perez Marcano (Monagas) expressed her deep sorrow for the attacks to the Palestinian people, describing the Israeli government as fascist and criminal, not being satisfied with murdering the population but applying selective methods to annihilate the political leaders of Hamas.

• Congresswoman Laura Valls (PPT: Patria para Todos – A Homeland for Everyone/Carabobo), recalled that the HAMAS movement won the elections and represents a majority in the Palestinian National Assembly. "Nevertheless, the powers that call themselves democratic refuse to have any relations with HAMAS."  She says this is not a war but a massacre, because there is no proportion between the most powerful army in the world, the Israeli, and an unprotected community such as the Palestinian.  The PPT proposes that the Palestine flag be fluttered during a month in this venue.

• Congressman Fahd El Gatrif assures that the State of Israel has declared the Gaza Strip a hostile organization, suspended 90 percent of the industrial activity, with unemployment of 50 percent, and prevented access to electricity, water, and medical services. "It is a territory of 360 kilometers, with a million and a half inhabitants, how can they be patient after undergoing the German Holocaust." He ended by mentioning the title of a book "Gaza Strip, world-wide shame".

• Congressman Carlos Escarrá (Aragua) …  [Israel's] expansionistic effort has driven it to try to extend its borders, but the occupied will never kneel down.  He said as well that the massacre is condemnable and its only objective is to gain control of the oilfields in the Middle East. One must denounce the international Zionist rightists that want to seize the world, counting on the unconditional support of the North American empire for the financing and weaponry used against the Palestinians. The Agreement must be a condemnation of the massacre and against Israeli expansionism, as well as a rejection of the rightist Zionism and the empire of the United States of North America, placed against the humble Palestinian people.

• Congresswoman Desiree Santos Amaral declared that all men and women of good will in the world must pronounce themselves on the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people and tell the world that it is enough of so many innocent deaths. She said a way should be found for the Venezuelan people to go out and protest against the Israeli Holocaust, participating in all the rallies, and to support to the Government of President Chavez in all the actions programmed against the attacks of the Zionists.

• Congressman Edgar Lucena (PCV/Táchira) informed that his political organization condemns the extermination to which are being subjected the Palestinians by the Zionist State of Israel. … He proposes that the National Assembly exhorts the people of Venezuela to stop buying products from the transnational companies that finance the State of Israel; that the National Assembly exhorts the National Executive to offer the necessary support to the international humanitarian mission of Venezuelan health workers. He also proposed that the National Executive suspends diplomatic, military, economic, commercial and cultural relations with the Zionist State of Israel; that the National Assembly designates a deputy commission to travel to the Gaza Strip and deliver the Agreement to the people of Palestine.

• Congresswoman Iris Varela (Táchira) indicated that the State of Israel was manufactured to disturb the peace of the Middle East, where the empire's only interest is to protect its economic resources by means of a warlike policy.

• Congresswoman Aurora Morales added that there is no stronger weapon than the humanity of the people. Next she wondered which sector caused the financial and banking crisis that will harm everybody and she herself answered that it was the Zionist lobby, which reinforces the State of Israel as spearhead to interfere everywhere in the world, "is a dirty hand used by the US."  She asserts that this lobby has an objective in the new Middle East: it won't permit an Iraq, an Iran, and the Gaza Strip, all of them governments who are against imperialism.


"We call on the people of Israel and on the Jewish people wherever they live and don't become the aggressor of the same acts you were victims during so many years in the Holocaust. We ask that they raise their voices against that genocidal country. What is occurring in Palestine is not a war. We have to be clear, this is a disproportionate aggression in which the Israeli Defense Forces attack Palestinians with chemical weapons prohibited by the international community."
-- President of the National Assembly, Cilia Flores, January 8, 2009


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