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Chavez's Venezuela: The Jewish Community Under Threat RULE Venezuelan Cyberspace – Online Reader Comments

Posted: February 2, 2009

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Venezuelan Cyberspace – Online Reader Comments

Israel's operation in Gaza prompted a barrage of anti-Semitic comments on mainstream and government related Web sites.  The posts spread age-old myths about Jewish control of finances and economic interests and conspiracy theories about the Jewish lobby controlling the United States and its policies.  Holocaust references abounded -- comparing Israel's actions toward Palestinian civilians to those of the Nazis, or to send the message that "Hitler did not finish the job" in annihlating the Jewish people.

The comments included calls to boycott Jewish and Israeli businesses and openly questioned Israel's right to exist.

Title: If Hamas did not Exist
Name of Media Outlet: Venezolana de Television (VTV)
Type of Media Outlet: Official Venezuelan TV Station
Date article was published: January 3, 2009


by Franco David Flori on January 6, 2009
Holocaust 2009
Definitively we are living a new era of what could be called "holocaust", since we are witnessing the exterminating action of the people that think different from USA-Israel. What can be expected from the people that sold to the Romans, for gold coins, the one supposed to be their "savior"? Today we see the same strategies applied during World War II, to finish off a people because I want their lands, because they are a pain in the neck, helped by mercenaries such as the USA that in the middle of a world-wide crisis consider the trade of weapons as a business. It is time the countries of the world give them a bit of their own medicine.

by ALBERTO MEDINA on January 5, 2009
Israel is spiritual not literal it is obvious that the Bible very clearly says that the chosen people were the Jews, but that was a conjuncture, all those who worship Jehovah are espititual Israelis and the literal Jewish people are not worshippers of Jehova God, so don't think yourselves untouchable, because apart from the Jews other religions (look it up in history) also went to the Nazi ghettos, and by chance Israel nowadays applies the same that was applied to them in Germany, but more shamelessly and to achieve a piece of land. That is ethnic cleansing.


Title: Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador
Name of Media Outlet: Venezolana de Television (VTV)
Type of Media Outlet: Official Venezuelan TV Station
Date article was published: January 6, 2009

by EPACO on January 7, 2009

"ISRAEL does not exist, today there is only PALESTINE occupied by the fascist Zionism, a monstrosity similar to FASCIST NAZISM. …

"We have nothing against the Hebrew people. BUT WE ARE perennial FIGHTERS against the modern imperialist fascist Zionist ideology. Unfortunately, all Zionists are Jewish."

by Anonymous, January 7, 2009

"But I tell you a very effective secret that requires everyone's sacrifice and the measurement of our moral and ethical levels: the best and most effective way to neutralizing a Zionist Jew is through his wallet, so let's make a sacrifice and refuse to buy their products at least for a week. LET'S SAY NO TO: SAMBIL, COCA COLA, NESTLE. JOHNSON & JOHNSON, REVLON, NESCAFE, MAGGI, KITKAT, HUGGIES, LUX, BRAUN, LISTERINE, PRINGLES, DOVE, GILLETTE… Those are some of the trade marks produced by them. It is time to prove our double moral!

by Anonymous January 7, 2009 - 12:17

"Watch out! Besides committing terrorism against the Palestine humanity, the Zionists also commit world-wide financial terrorism from Wall Street. … The Zionist mentality, honoring its expansionist plan, obstinately and intentionally tries to make life impossible for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. It is well known that one of the reasons for Israel to oppose and refuse to allow that the legally chosen government of Hamas governs that region, is that the Zionists want to deny Hamas the ownership of the Mediterranean beaches and keep them to fulfill the ambition of the real estate Jewish investors. This Zionist terrorism is not only seen in Palestine, it is also visible in Wall Street, where they commit FINANCIAL TERRORISM."


Title: The people of Venezuela repudiate the Israeli government because of the holocaust in Gaza
Name of Media Outlet: Venezolana de Television (VTV)
Type of Media Outlet: Official Venezuelan TV Station
Date article was published: January 8, 2009


by Anonymous, on January 9, 2009
War in Gaza
I write to comment the following, something to remember: the earth always turns. In the future it will be cheaper for Israel if the world is destroyed as the prophecy says in 2012, since if that does not happen, and the united states withdraws its support as a result of the conflicts in the Balkans with Brazil and Argentina. That day the revenge of the Arab and European countries will be more brutal than the one carried out by the Nazis. Hopefully the Orthodox Jews will realize they are not God's favorites and that we all are equal. Reading papers and interpreting words left by the Egyptian oppression, applying them to the present time is not progress. Since the moment Jesus died till the Romans decided on Christianity, the world has stopped. We are in the past.


Title: Chávez denounces Israel as "a murdering and genocidal Government"
Name of Media Outlet: Noticias 24
Type of Media Outlet: Mainstream Venezuelan private news portal
Date article was published: January 6, 2009


SociaListo Listo said on January 5, 2009
Hurry up to expel the Israeli ambassador and let's expropriate Hebraica to turn that club into a model of a popular social club that includes the excluded. The Hebraica belongs to everyone… tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the door of Los Chorros. We are going to expropriate that club of genocidal Jews. Let's expropriate the Hebraica Club in los chorros and build there the headquarters of UNEFA (Polytechnic National University of the Venezuelan Army). Expel those Jews from Venezuela.

La Revolucionaria said on January 5, 2009
"What is happening with the Palestinian people is nothing more than an undercover retaliation of the Zionist empire against Chavez, that is to say, against Venezuela, because it dared to put a stop to the abuses and crimes of the "owners" of the Sambil in La Candelaria, whom as everyone knows are Jewish and members of the Mosad and we hit them where it hurts! Now they try to hurt Chavez murdering our weak friends because they know what awaits them in Venezuela. Cowards! … I call the Venezuelan people to act categorically against the Zionist mafia that operates in Venezuela. Expel them now!"

perrito said on January 5, 2009
I call on all young people of the PSUV [the official government party] to join their brothers of Hezbolla and Hamas to make up the Venezuelan brigade of suicidal martyrs and attack the Jewish districts of Petare, La Charneca, Catia and El Valle.

YAYO said on January 5, 2009
Enough of declarations. There is the need to apply a blockade to the Israelis, as simple as that. Do not buy products or anything made by the Jews, to such effect let's publish a list. We have to hit them where it hurts the most, in their wallet, after all, the Jews have no nationality. They are Jewish."
el magallanero said on January 5, 2009
That's how it is done Chavez! Keep firm against those Israeli genocidal Jewish Zionists you should expel them all from Venezuela.


Title: In pictures, Anti-Jewish paintings in Caracas
Name of Media Outlet: Noticias 24
Type of Media Outlet: Mainstream Venezuelan private news portal
Date article was published: January 15, 2009


Hamas said on January 15, 2009
"Hurray… Chavez ... Get out Jews, traitors who sold Christ…."

CojoJudiosPorSuCu said on January 15, 2009
"All those that do not support the Palestinians are sons of a bitch. The only ones that do not support them are the damn Jews that sold Christ. And if they are not Jewish they are bootlickers of the Jews that let their buttocks be held by gay Jews. As they all are … We will get you abortions and we are going to break the Star of David in your buttocks…"

hahahaha said on January 15, 2009
"how funny… but buddy, the Jews are too damned…"

Hurray the Führer said on January 15, 2009
"I would support their acts if not because I hate the Communists as much as I hate the Jews. Besides, they offend what truly represented Nazism when they use the swastika and compare it with the revolting Star of David. By the way, the true swastika had its arms pointing to the right, not the left, you ignorant Indians."

himmler said on January 15, 2009
"Damn Jews I wish Hitler had finished them off when he had the opportunity"

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