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Chavez's Venezuela: The Jewish Community Under Threat RULE Web Sites and Official Government Media

Posted: February 2, 2009

International Reaction: Chavez Embraced by Radical Islamists
The Flashpoint: Chavez Reacts
Chavez In His Own Words
Government Statements
Statements in the Venezuelan National Assembly
Anti-Israel Rallies and Anti-Semitic Expressions
Statements from NGO's and Political Parties
Web Sites and Official Government Media
Venezuelan Cyberspace – Online Reader Comments

Opinion articles appearing in official government and Web sites popular with Chavez followers echod the anti-Semitic canards of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," by spreading conspiracy theories and myths of Jewish financial influence, Jewish control of US foreign policy, Jewish responsibility for the death of Christ, Jews as double agents of the State Israel and openly calling for the boycott of Jewish owned businesses in Venezuela as well as multinational companies believed to be owned by Jews or doing business with Israel.

The following are selected examples from Web sites, radio and television programs and other media in Venezuela:

Title: JUANES: Why don't you sing for Palestine?
Author: Hindu Anderi
Name of Media Outlet: Radio Nacional De Venezuela (RNV)
Type of Media Outlet: Official government media outlet
Date: January 12, 2009

"The extermination and ethnic cleansing plan undertaken by Israel has no justification whatsoever. There is no possible reason to excuse the use of the phosphorus bomb, which affects mainly the children, whom represent the majority in Gaza, a space turned not so much into a Ghetto but into a massive extermination camp. …

"Tel Aviv, recipient of incalculable amounts of money originating in the Zionist companies, which handle the world capital, invests it in finishing off the people of Palestine.

"And we ask ourselves: Where are Juanes, Bosé, Montaner, Vives and so many other hypocrites who extol the peace of the tombs. Surely preparing a substantial and lucrative concert, sponsored by the Jewish Zionist lobby. In addition to taking care that the money, washed with the blood of the children of Palestine, continues feeding their bank accounts.
Juanes, your peace does have borders after all!"


Program: De Primera Mano (From First Hand)
Commentator: Vladimir Acosta
Name of Media Outlet: Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV)
Type of Media Outlet: Radio
Date: January 19, 2009

"It is evident that the arrogant fascist, Nazi, Israeli, assassins lost this war, that was not a war…I insist on what I have been insisting for a while. That Jews, whoever is Jewish because they have a Jewish mother, or they have Jewish family members, or are Jewish through religion, or for whatever reason; you can't continue to be neutral. Either you are Jewish and you stay quiet, or you support this assassin State [of Israel], or you are an accomplice of Zionism, or you are an accomplice of these war crimes, or you condemn and reject these war crimes. And if you are Jewish you are even more obligated to do it because the State of Israel pretends to represent all Jews and makes all Jews appear as defenders of this indefensible policy…."


Program: La Hojilla (The Razor Blade)
Commentator: Mario Silva
Name of Media Outlet: Venezolana de Television (VTV)
Type of Media Outlet: TV
Date: January 13, 2009

In this TV program, Mr. Silva referred to a student rally in opposition to Chavez's proposal for an amendment to increase the presidential term limits. "There are two students, one is Diego Aaron Scharifker, and the other David Smolansky Urosa … . Scharifker and Smolansky are last names of Hebrew origin, Jewish last names, you see the problems right now, not only with Palestine, there are sectors of power, I am not saying it is the whole Jewish community, but there are sectors of power of the Jewish community, sectors of power that are very disgusted with the position of the President of the Republic in his defense of the sovereignty of Palestine…….this man Scharifker, you will see him from now on, he will be very well known, because he will be utilizing all the media outlets…."


Title: Israel must be judged for ethnocide
TV Program: Despertó Venezuela (Venezuela Awakened)
Name of Media Outlet: Venezolana de Television (VTV)
Type of Media Outlet: Official government media outlet
Date: January 19, 2009

Hindu Adneri was interviewed in this program and stated of Israel's actions in Gaza:  "It was an attack against an ethnic group, a nation, and that's the intention of Israel, to finish off that entire people… If Cuba has suffered a blockade for more than 40 years, why can't we blockade Israel?"


Title: State Institutions will continue impelling actions against massacre in Gaza
Author/Media Outlet: Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (Bolivarian News Agency, ABN)
Type of Media Outlet: Newswire service
Date: January 15, 2009

The institutions of the Venezuelan State, as guarantors of the human rights of the citizens, will continue to promote cultural, social, recreational and educational actions in rejection of the aggression of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people and the unjustified massacre in the Gaza Strip.

Thus maintained on Thursday the Vice-minister of Integral Protection, Marycarmen Moreno, during the development of activities of cultural exchange between members of the Misión Niños y Niñas del Barrio (Boys and Girls of the Neighborhood Mission), and representatives of the Palestinian community in Venezuela, event that took place at the Museum Square in Caracas. …

The vice-minister said that this type of activities have, in essence, an educational nature and promote a true social awareness. "Solidarity is a stronghold so that our children know that nobody can remain silent before the injustice done anywhere in the world. (...) In spite of their short age, they understand and know that there is no good reason for killing a human being but, particularly, not a child", the public official said.

On the other hand, the president of the Idena, Litbell Diaz, stated: "This aggression cannot be called a conflict or a war because war is when two similar forces face each other and that is not the case. This is a genocide perpetrated by the Government of Israel and we, as an entity responsible of guaranteeing human rights, declare our rejection and are developing actions of solidarity with the Palestinian community."


Title: The Nazis of the Millennium
Author: Mariadela Linares
Name of Media Outlet:
Type of Media Outlet: News and opinion website
Date: January 4, 2009

"…Let's hit them where it hurts them the most: in their pockets. You don't have to kill anyone; you only need to stop buying from them. If citizens worldwide start a silent boycott against Jewish businesses, history will change. Let's do it!"


Title: Obama, Israel, Sarkozy, Uribe, Jewish Zionism, the Vatican
Author: Javier Monagas Maita
Name of Media Outlet:
Type of Media Outlet: News and opinion website
Date: January 6, 2009
"The case of Palestine is not, nor will be the last aberration of the Jewish- Zionist-North American-Israeli imperialism. …"

"There is nothing new in that aberrant Jewish-Zionist action. It is just an advertising boom that bounces in the communication spheres that take part in the strategy of propagandistic impact to justify themselves and familiarize everyone with the consequences that the world should suffer if it decides to break the bonds of domination with the greedy and selfish capitalist and their exploiter partners. And to see if their real objective, IRAN, falls in the trap."


Title: Will we be able to watch the Jews of San Bernardino* without feeling distrust?
Author: Angel V. Rivas
Name of Media Outlet:
Type of Media Outlet: News and opinion website
Date: January 8, 2009

"Will we be able to watch the Jews of San Bernardino without feeling distrust?
Let all the Jews that walk the world go to Israel." (Editors Note: San Bernardino is a prominent Jewish neighborhood in Caracas).
"The Jews will never change their ways even if they are in the farthest corner of the world. For reasons that we all know they think the most of themselves at all levels. Since 1947, protected by their American brothers and the clique of schizophrenic traders of the world that only have money and possessions on their minds, the Jews got where they are nowadays killing the true owners of that geography. They are religious fanatics, who however speak against the Muslims. A Jew is not what some imagine. They know
how to handle situations with psychological depth. They have been nomads since the invention of the world and, although other people have settled down where their human perception has indicated them, they speak of diasporas, of holocausts, of journeys in the deserts, just to cause pity and to appear before the world as beings persecuted by history."


Title: A summon to all the people - Gaza: Another genocide of the capitalist system
Author: Martin Guédez
Name of Media Outlet:
Type of Media Outlet: News and opinion website
Date: January 11, 2009

"Of these 450 great corporations that are the ones that decide the wars, 85% (380) are American, but… of those 380 American corporations at least 75% are controlled by Jew-Zionist capitals.

"So Israel is neither a mere "instrument" of the U.S.A. nor fights a religious battle, but Israel is literally the global capitalism and the U.S.A. little more than the seat of a capital in its final stage, at which it has no religion nor homeland.

"Today it is Gaza but tomorrow —with equal or similar justification— they will undertake their wars and genocides against anyone that represents an obstacle in the development of their hegemonic interests. Today it is Gaza and tomorrow it could be Venezuela. They won't lack reasons or excuses. They won't lack Venezuelans who will lend themselves to collaborate delighted with the slaughter of their own people."


Title: Oh! Palestine
Author: Richard Jesus Najul
Name of Media Outlet:
Type of Media Outlet: News and opinion website
Date: January 11, 2009

"… I have the sensation that as a result of World War II, having the Jews lived through that tremendous massacre and being the United States their "benefactor", the United States almost had the moral obligation of taking in the surviving Jewish population — even though the US might not have considered it acceptable because of the costs it would imply. That's the origin of the idea of placing them in what once was Jewish land. The U.S.A. and the allies solved a problem, but not out of humanitarian reasons. Nevertheless, the Jews saw this as a convenient solution. Afterwards the Jewish people have been used for the purposes of the United States, since they became its operational base in the Middle East, and the results are there for all to see. For that reason the US has not truly supported peace either. On the contrary, they have encouraged the hatred of the Arab nations towards Israel as a means to stay in the Middle East.


Title: How can we support Palestine against the artificial estate of Israel?
Author: Emilio Silva, docent at the public Bolivarian University of Venezuela
Name of Media Outlet:
Type of Media Outlet: News and opinion website
Date: January 20, 2009
Without being a Palestinian, when someone with sensibility (particularly someone revolutionary) learns about the atrocities of the Zionist Jews in a country that doesn't belong to them, but they took away from their real dwellers…A situation like the one suffered by the people of Palestine demands acts, activities and proposals of a profoundly radical type and leading to an awareness in order to move and mobilize the Venezuelan people.

_. A bombardment to the media: newspapers, radio, television and Internet about the terrorism perpetrated in Palestine by the Zionist Jews and their Euro-American allies since 1918 and till today. …

_. Denounce publicly, with name and surname, the members of Jewish power groups with a presence in Venezuela, indicating the businesses they own in order to boycott them. For instance, don't go anymore to the Sambil shopping mall in Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, etc... It belongs to the Zionist Salomón Cohen, who is getting still richer …

_. In that respect, bearing in mind that these capitalist people are better hurt through their pockets … it isn't a good idea to buy their products or visit their businesses, and  it isn't either going to those supermarkets, restaurants, etc that have ties with them or belong to them (as Locatel and Carabobo dairy products), or wherever are sold their Kosher foods…

_. To include in the boycott the transnational enterprises related to the Zionist regime of Israel. For example,  Citröen, Nestlé, McDonald's (o McShit), Adidas, Nike, Zara, Revlon, General Electric, Coca Cola, Walt Disney Pictures, IBM, etc.

_. To dispute the existence, in Venezuela, of educational institutions only-for-Jews, as if they were something apart from our population,  least if they can't accept the existence of a State inside the State.  …

_. To summon publicly every Jew found in the streets, squares, shopping malls, etc and force them to take position, screaming at them slogans in favor of Palestine and against the abortion-state of Israel.  It won't be an immature gesture of psychological aggression but a questioning act against the indifference, complicity, sympathy or support those people might feel towards the monster-state of Israel.

_. Nationalize the companies and confiscate the property of the Zionist Jews whom support the excesses of the Nazi-fascist state of Israel, and donate those properties to the Palestinian victims of the present-day holocaust. ..


Title: The Genocide
Author: Rafael Rodriguez Olmos
Name of Media Outlet: El Mundo
Type of Media Outlet: Privately owned newspaper
Date: January 9, 2009

"…Hardly two years ago, had a similar barbarism taken place when the Zionist Jews literally disintegrated Lebanon, under the accomplice eyes of Big Brother and the European countries. Only president Chávez had the dignity to pronounce against that disaster. Today, once again, it is Hugo Chavez the first in the world to speak categorically about the issue when ordering the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador…"


Title: The anti-Semitic barbarity
Author: Roberto Hernandez Montoya
Name of Media Outlet: Ultimas Noticias
Type of Media Outlet: Privately owned newspaper
Date: January 10, 2009

"Today holocaust means also 'great slaughter of human beings.' A collateral damage of the Nazi Holocaust is that you cannot say nowadays: "Once I saw a Jew with his hair in a mess, but he combed it in a minute!", because the Zionist machinery calls you anti-semite Nazi fundamentalist terrorist Chavez follower prepare to die. … The genocide in Gaza is one of the most disgusting forms of the anti-Semitic barbarity, ironically practiced by Semites."


Title: What is the balance of the Zionist-Israeli agresión in Gaza?
Author: Humberto Gómez García
Name of Media Outlet: La Hojilla Impresa (The Razor Blade print version)
Type of Media Outlet: Printed newspaper
Date: January 22, 2009

"…The cease fire is a positive outcome for the people; the efforts to mobilize should not stop, emphasize the economic boycott to Zionism, rid Venezuela of the Israeli capitals, nationalize their companies, put pressure on MERCOSUR to sever relations with Israel, accuse as war criminals the Israeli leaders in International Tribunals, pressure International organizations to force the Zionist government to pay the cost of reconstructing Gaza…"

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