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Iran Promotes Holocaust Denial

Posted: February 14, 2006

The following are excerpts from interviews with notorious Western Holocaust deniers published by the Mehr News Agency of Iran:


·         "The alleged slaughter of millions of Jews by the Germans, during World War II, did not happen….The extermination allegation is properly termed a hoax, that is to say, a deliberately contrived falsehood. It was not at its source an honest misunderstanding or accidental falsehood….The hoax had a Zionist provenance and motivation…the elevation to allegations [sic] repeated by the American and other governments, and major institutions, was due to Zionist circles within those countries, who acted with Zionist motivations."

-- Arthur Butz, January 25, 2006


  • "The 'Holocaust' is a religious cult masquerading as history. It is a means for Judaizing the West. …

    The governments of
    Europe follow a Masonic paradigm wherein Judaism is the supreme ideology and the source of spirituality. To allow freedom of inquiry into the authentic nature of the "Holocaust" and of rabbinic Judaism itself, would destroy the basis of the Masonic vision of the European Union, which basically entails a kind of revival of the Tower of Babel in Brussels
    . …

    Muslims and Arabs have allowed the power of the cinema to be monopolized by the Zionists.

-- Michael A. Hoffman II, January 24, 2006


  • "Auschwitz was a transit camp."

-- Fredrick Toben, December 28, 2005


  • I agree with the Iranian president that it is wrong to make the Palestinians pay, with the loss of their country, for guilt Europeans may feel about their treatment of the Jews. I also agree that the story of the "holocaust" has been used to induce false guilt in Europeans and North Americans. This story has allowed the Jews to acquire many billions of dollars in reparations from Germany and other countries. It has also made many people in Europe and North America ready to overlook Israeli atrocities and brutality. …"The holocaust" has become a religion. It's a religion created by the Jews for non-Jews. Like many religions, it's a means of controlling the believers. …

    The holocaust is a selfish story serving the political and economic interests of the Zionists.
    Hollywood, extensively controlled by Zionists, pumps out endless propaganda films about the holocaust…. The holocaust religion serves the purpose of controlling people. It buys Israel substantial immunity from criticism. It allows special treatment of Jews in most Western countries. It allows Jews to have disproportionate control of the media and the economy in Western countries, while all the while portraying themselves as a persecuted minority."

-- Paul Fromm, December 24, 2005


  • "But Holocaust remembrance is not, as its supporters claim, a noble effort motivated by sincere concern for humanity. It is, rather, a one-sided campaign designed to further Zionist interests. …

    The Holocaust remembrance campaign reflects an arrogant view of Jews as a special and superior people… Non-Jewish victims of genocide, oppression and war simply do not merit the same consideration as do the Holocaust's Jewish victims. …

    The Holocaust remembrance campaign deserves scorn, not support, because it is an insincere and one-sided effort that serves Israeli interests and bolsters Jewish-Zionist power."

-- Mark Weber, December 11, 2005



  • "[C]itizens of all those Western countries, swamped with Jewish propaganda as they are, believe the 'Holocaust' lie and, as long as they believe it, will feel bound to support the Jews and to supply the Jewish State and the Jewish Army with ever more money and arms. The more those in the West believe in the 'Holocaust', the more Muslims they will kill and cause to be killed in Palestine, in Afghanistan, in Iraq or elsewhere….

    Islamic countries need to destroy the Jews' and Zionists' veritable 'atomic weapon', that is, the appalling and gigantic imposture of the 'Holocaust' that up to now has been poisoning the Western world and is henceforth imposed on us by the UN in the entire world. In your public demonstrations and talks, repeat after the revisionists: 'The 'Holocaust' is a lie'. Have the courage to proclaim this salutary truth."

-- Robert Faurisson, November 9, 2005

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Iranian News Agency is Megaphone for Notorious Holocaust Deniers


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