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Anti-Semitic Conference in Moscow

Posted: March 3, 2005

Anti-Semitic rhetoric was prominent in a recent conference held in Moscow, whose hosts and participants included known extremists and anti-Semites.

Attempts to prevent this conference were unsuccessful - though extremists from abroad, such as David Duke and Jurgen Graf, did not participate as originally intended.

The conference, "Genocide of the Russian Nation in the 20th-21st Centuries and the Judeo-Nazi Policy", held at the Russian Academy of Science on February 20th, focused on social problems in the Russian Federation including discussions on the expansion of Zionism and all other forms of racial discrimination.

Throughout the conference, speakers repeatedly blamed Jews for the degradation of the Russian Nation employing familiar accusations such as the responsibility of the Jews in spreading alcoholism.

Eduard Hodos, himself a Jew, author of a series of anti-Semitic books entitled The Jewish Syndrome and renowned for his revisionism and anti-Semitic activity, presented a lecture on "Jewish Fascism".

Oleg Karataev, Dean of the Law Department at the St. Petersburg Water Communications University, discussed various aspects of taking legal action against Jewish institutions how Jews may refute lawsuits, what lawsuits are viable and what the local and international consequences may be.

Among their other resolutions, the members of the conference agreed to petition the United Nations urging them to revert back to one of the most harmful and notorious U.N. anti-Israel resolutions equating Zionism with racism, passed in November 1975 (and repealed in December 1991). The U.N. resolution declared that "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination... [and] is a threat to world peace and security." This resolution was meant to deny Israel's political legitimacy by attacking its moral basis for existence.

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