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Anti-Semitism: Jews Under Attack

Speech by Abraham H. Foxman
National Director, Anti-Defamation League
London Conference On Combating Anti-Semitism
London, UK -- February 19, 2009

Posted: February 19, 2009

This is the most important conference on anti-Semitism we have ever convened more important than the meetings in Vienna, Berlin. Brussels, Bucharest, Warsaw and Jerusalem because of the times.  This is a critical time; the worst time since that terrible time of the 1930s.

What we have is a pandemic.  The floodgates have been opened.  There are no holds barred. Nothing is sacred. Anti-Semitism is everywhere in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Buenos airs, Caracas, Chicago, Copenhagen, Florence, Ft. Lauderdale, London, Montevideo, Paris, Sydney, Tehran.  It is in every city, east and west, north and south, free and democratic, semi-free and totalitarian.

If I were to now list the anti-Semitic incidents we would be here all week.

From this meeting I urge you to say to your countries we need to find new ways to counter anti-Semitism. Education has been promised but not yet delivered. Monitoring must lead to implementation.  Enough! Enough!  Not again and never again! Not in our lifetime!

In all my 44 years at the Anti-Defamation League -- monitoring exposing and combating anti-Semitism -- I have never been so worried about the safety and well-being of world Jewry as I am today.

Yes, the floodgates have been opened. An open season has been declared on world Jewry. 

A new legitimacy - there is no country in the world from Austria to Zimbabwe, including even Iceland - that is not experiencing this recurring returning virulent virus of anti-Semitism.

There is not even a pretense that this is a political issue that Israel is wrong, evil, satanic, a violator of international human rights and international law.  It has become a given.

And now the only issue is how responsible are the Turkish, French, Argentinean, Spanish, South African, British or other Diaspora Jews.

It is today a clear and present risk.

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ADL Plays Significant Role in London Conference on Anti-Semitism (02/17/09)

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