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Anti-Semitism in Venezuela in Wake of the Gaza Flotilla RULE Anti-Semitism in the Media

Posted: June 16, 2010

Chavez Conspiracies: A Gateway to Anti-Semitism
Government Statements on the Gaza Flotilla
Anti-Semitism on
Anti-Semitism in the Media

The Venezuelan government's bias vis-à-vis the Middle East conflict has once again opened the door to the use of age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes such as Zionist control of government, media and finances, claims of Jews as "Christ killers," calls to boycott companies allegedly owned by Jews, and the use of Nazi imagery to describe the Jewish State.

The following are excerpts of anti-Semitic statements in the government-linked media:

Print Media

Ultimas Noticias - Newspaper
Again the Dollar Erasing Palestine
June 7, 2010
By Beltran Haddad

"... Little by little the warmongering government Israel, with its group of Zionist hierarchy, is removing the existence of Palestine and turning Gaza into an extermination camp to establish the perverse "Final Solution" that once implemented the Nazis leaders against the Jewish people ...."

Nueva Prensa de Guayana - Newspaper
Jews, clump of the antichrist
June 6, 2010
By Pedro Mendez
"There are as many antichrists as sects that are founded on the economic protection of the greedy …. the Hebrews as the originating sect creators the worldwide prey of the riches of Mother Earth ... They are the same ones who slapped both of Christ's cheeks and then claimed that Jesus Christ put the other cheek ...

"... Why, instead of those naive acquittals don't we ask these "good Jews"… to disassociate themselves once and for all those massacring Palestine, the Motherland of Jesus Christ, who died fighting for the truth distorted by the Jews? ...

".... It hurts us that while the sons of David, murderer of Israel, are using terror and death in Palestine, in Iraq and Afghanistan with its mercenaries, who also tormented Honduras ...

"Fatherland, socialism or barbarism. We will prevail!"

Diario Vea - Newspaper
Zionism modern version of Nazi-fascism
June 4, 2010
By Omar Marcano

"... The so-called "Holocaust" was waged against Jews, Christians, Muslims, anti-fascists, communists, anarchists, gypsies, homosexuals… It was the Zionist banks and other monopolies over their totalitarian ideology that also led to the rise to power of Hitler giving millions of dollars that were matched into the Nazi coffers ... ".

Diario Vea - Newspaper
Israeli Nazism
June 4, 2010
By Marciano (an alias)
"... What the Israeli army just did should not surprise anyone. It is the constant attitude of the Nazified Jews.... The behavior of a fanatical Nazism.  Jewish zealots who double as Nazis are leading the State of Israel ... ".

Diario Vea - Newspaper
Ceremony of solidarity with Palestine in Plaza "El Venezolano"
June 3, 2010
By Eliana Rondon

A solidarity ceremony for Palestine will take place in the Plaza El Venezolano. Cultural promoter Yorlando Conde said, "…the Zionists have to take into account that the whole world repudiates and that the Jewish people should call attention to their government to stop terrorist crimes against the Palestinian people waged for 63 years ... ".

Diario Vea - Newspaper
Venezuela should not be a member of Israel in MERCOSUR
June 2, 2010
Statement by Hindu Anderi

"... I call upon the authorities responsible for international policy in Venezuela, to think about the entry of Venezuela in MERCOSUR, which has signed a treaty with Israel ... This would make the Bolivarian revolution a "partner" with international terrorist State of Israel. If Venezuela insist on membership in MERCOSUR, it should make it a condition to expel Israel from the agreement ... "

Israel gives in to the global condemnation peace, freeing 124 pacifists who are now required to sign their "crimes"
Bolivarian News Agency (ABN) - June 2, 2010

"... Regarding the Flotilla [passengers] commented that the Zionist soldiers opened fire even after passengers raised a white flag, and an Algerian woman identified as Sabrina, said that the Israelis used a one-year old child as hostage... They pointed a gun at the baby's head in front of his Turkish parents to force the ship's captain to prevent it from sailing to Gaza...".

Official Government TV and Radio

Vladimir Acosta, host of the Radio Program De Primera Mano (First Hand information)
Radio Nacional de Venezuela (state-owned National Radio - RNV)
June 14, 2010


"…Apropos of Israel, it is worth noting the charge of Mrs. Zionist [Shavit]… they accuse Venezuela of having ties with Islamic terrorists but they are the main terrorist in the world [Israel] and as the U.S….The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry through Maduro denounced this… any attack on a synagogue like last time or any Jewish institution; because the Mossad is an expert on this, no one here has attacked and has no intentions of attacking anyone because of their status as Israelis or Jews. Our problems are political problems and with the fascist, Nazi, criminal, colonialist, racist State of Israel and its murderous policy. Those who are complicit with this State have the moral responsibility… that is what happens in Israel, where you have to be Jewish in order to have rights…".

Alberto Nolia, host of the TV Program Los Papeles de Mandinga (The Papers of Mandinga)
Venezolana de Television (state-owned TV - VTV)
June 4, 2010

"…They are murderers and war criminals who are the Jewish Gestapo the SS. The Israeli Army integrates the trash, the predator in the world, more terrible criminals. They are like the Gestapo and they have as their leader Kaltenbrunner, because if you see Ehud Olmert's photos you will notice the physical similarity with Kaltenbrunner, the last SS of the Gestapo. They are similar physically, and morally and politically they are identical…

"…It is a joke when the U.S. talks of cooperation against terrorism and they dare to say that Venezuela does not cooperate, or they dare to say that in Venezuela there is no freedom. Do you believe that if these rogue Jews had acted with decency, if that State [Israel] had acted with decency and within the law they would be stealing and confiscating cameras and journalistic materials?..."

Mario Silva, host of the TV Program La Hojilla (The Razorblade)
Venezolana de Television (state-owned TV - VTV)
June 1, 2010

".... What the State of Israel did, the Zionist-Israeli-terrorist State, this is not only a crime against humanity... the Zionist –Israeli-fascist-terrorist-Nazi State, has become what they were promoting as propaganda, they became exactly that: Nazis ... "

Hindu Anderi, host of the Radio Program País Alternativo (Alternative Country)
Radio Nacional de Venezuela (state-owned National Radio - RNV)
May 31, 2010
"... What happened is that Israel has a lot of money, and dominates the international landscape…and when their money is touched we know what happens, the textile business, the Israel Telecommunication trains mercenaries and paramilitaries.

"Paramilitaries are in our country [Venezuela] and are trained by Israel. They go around the world chasing activists of the Palestinian cause. There are Palestinians such as cartoonists and activists who are being followed all over the world and are being assassinated; this is what Israel is doing...

".... Do not buy Kosher products, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Kimberly. We ask the world not to sell oil to Israel…".


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