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Anti-Semitism in Venezuela in Wake of the Gaza Flotilla RULE Anti-Semitism on

Posted: June 16, 2010

Chavez Conspiracies: A Gateway to Anti-Semitism
Government Statements on the Gaza Flotilla
Anti-Semitism on
Anti-Semitism in the Media is a Venezuelan non-profit media outlet created in May 2002 that claims to be run by volunteers.  Its objective is to disseminate information from the viewpoint of sympathizers of President Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Aporrea is Spanish for "beating, pummeling or pounding." The word conveys the "beating on" mainstream media's attacks on the Chavez regime.  There is a disturbing interdependence between Aporrea and the Chavez regime, despite the editorial staff's desire to cast the Web site as an alternative media source independent of the government.

For instance, Aporrea was co-founded by current Consul General of Venezuela in San Francisco, Martin Sanchez, who also served as the Consul of Chicago a few years ago. In an Aporrea interview, Sanchez acknowledges that his role as the webmaster of Aporrea was one of the factors that contributed to his appointment as a Venezuelan diplomat in the U.S. 

Records show that Sanchez was Aporrea's webmaster from inception until February 19, 2009, when the Web site's registration was transferred to Domains by Proxy, a third-party anonymous registration service located in Arizona, presumably after Mr. Sanchez was exposed as Aporrea's webmaster.  Mr. Sanchez claims to have ceased being the webmaster of Aporrea in 2005 when he joined the Venezuelan diplomatic corps but simply forgot to change the official registration until early 2009.  The identity of the current webmaster of the site could not be ascertained.

In addition to the nexus between Sanchez and Aporrea, Gonzalo Gomez its other co-founder unsuccessfully ran in the primaries of the PSUV (the government's party). Gomez was aspiring to represent the government's party in the upcoming 2010 National Assembly elections.

Aporrea's blatant anti-Semitic content as well as the use of anti-Semitism cloaked in anti-Zionist terms is troubling. Not only does Chavez's anti-Zionist hate speech percolate into articles written by Aporrea pundits with ease but also pundits take cues from the president's inflammatory rhetoric to concoct outrageous anti-Semitic claims reminiscent of the fabricated Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Although Web sites similar to Aporrea may exist in other countries, they are usually considered fringe forums. In Venezuela, however, Aporrea's editorial line follows that of its government where anti-U.S., anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic sentiments are featured.

The following are excerpts of the anti-Semitic articles published in Aporrea since the Gaza flotilla incident:

Between Santos and the Zionists are seen
By: Mariadela Linares
June 7, 2010

".... The [U.N.] is led by two countries: [one is] the Jews [Israel] who have the economic and military power and the other [the U.S.] have a veto option, capable of opposing the decision that the rest of the countries take. We have always believed that the masters of the world are the United States. Today we think that perception is wrong: those who seek and bear the great universal power are the Jews…

"... The United States is the instrument [of Israel]. In America, nothing happens without the backing of Zionism. They control the film industry, trade, banks and the Pentagon. All other countries sitting at the UN are nothing more than a party of idiots who do not even have the courage to act. Is the European Union able to say they did not know what the Israelis? ..."

Liberty Flotilla
By: Jose Juan Requena
June 6, 2010
"... We, the dreamers, revolutionaries of the world and Bolivarian Venezuelans, cannot let Israel, a warrior country from is beginnings... to continue along its path of war and death, as did once the Jewish Sanhedrin in Jesus' "sentencing to its death while being innocent and just"…

"... This is why [Israelis] kill innocent children and burn with shrapnel while leaving them armless, this is why they kill defenseless pregnant women, the Zionists want to kill all Palestinians ... Israel and international Zionism slowly with money are trying to dominate the world and its nations…

"... The Zionist rulers of Israel learned of Caiaphas, "the murderer of Christ", [they] learned from Hitler and his extermination camps, [they] have learned to kill to kill innocents...

Israel vs. Venezuela: No surprise that Venezuela supports the Palestinian-Arab cause, it is the worthy thing to do
By: Basem Tajeldine
June 6, 2010
"... It is no coincidence that Israel was behind the coup in Venezuela in 2002, and the MOSSAD is still planning the assassination of our president [Chavez]. Well, Zionism is the ideology most vile, racist and criminal ideology of the bourgeoisie, a transnational power. Transmuted Nazism is the same that now takes by assault the Jewish religion and sees in Venezuela one of its greatest threats...

"... It is not surprising the silence of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie to the crimes perpetrated by their Zionist masters…Yes commander, damn a thousand times the genocidal Zionist entity and Israel and its accomplices in the world!"

U.S. military aid and the European Union to Israel
By: Juan Linares
June 5, 2010

"... Barack Obama, Nobel Prize of War, is the dark face of the empire at the service of Israel. It is difficult to accept that the U.S. president was not aware of the Israeli army attack on the Liberty Flotilla, even Somali pirates have a code of respect for the lives of hostages ... Obama knew the plan…

"... When Israel indiscriminately kills Palestinian women, children and elderly [the crime] is perpetrated by the United States. The U.S. government is co-opted by Zionism, and hypocritically acts against Palestine through the Israeli apparatus. When Israel kills, injures over 45 people of the Liberty Flotilla from several countries the U.S. is the perpetrator and the author of the massacre and of the act of piracy...

"... If you want to know what and who is behind the Israeli State, look for answers in money and weapons that are given to them as aid... Israel is not a great power is only delegated power [of the U.S.]. If  it [Israel] did not receive consistent financial, military and political support from the U.S., it would not have sufficient basis to sustain it arrogance…

"… But it would be very comfortable to blame the entire disaster to Washington and the powerful American Jewish lobby... It's time to act. The U.N. should be bound by the world's nations to punish the Israeli government, it is necessary to impose the culture of life, peace and solidarity over the Israeli culture of death. No more speeches, [time for] trade and diplomatic boycott against the Israeli assassin beast…".

Voices of the world united in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza
By: Bolivarian Circles of Germany and Holland
June 5, 2010

"We, members of different political and social organizations fighting for the defense of peace, considering:

"... That in the [Flotilla] attack activists and militants have been massacred and wounded...

"... That this massacre ratifies that the Zionist government of Israel commits continued acts of State terrorism against the Palestinian people...

"... That the Zionist State of Israel has subjugated the people of Palestine for over 60 years to the most brutal of all holocausts. Where the victims are especially women and children in order to end the Palestinian seeds, exterminate the wombs where life originates, and finally extinguish future generations through ethnic cleansing...

"... That this modern holocaust and extermination is a crime against humanity and whose causes are not religious interests, or "fighting terrorism", but is savage capitalism, domination, on expansion and economic control of energy resources, control of the most powerful on the poor ...
"... That a better world cannot be built while there are groups and governments that tend to promote violence in name of "defending their own interests and economic markets" with the intention of taking over the energy resources of the Palestinian Territory and perpetuate the imperialism and military hegemony of Israel...

"... We call for a boycott in the distribution and consumption of goods and services of companies with Israeli capital...

"... We call for strengthening the groups and movements of solidarity with the Palestinian cause, coordinating actions at global and continental level, pressuring governments, groups, political and economic powers that maintain political and commercial relations with the Zionist state of Israel ... ".

Public statement of the slaughter perpetrated by the Zionists against humanity
By: Arab-Palestinian Community in the State of Aragua
June 5, 2010

" ... The Zionist entity in Palestine which forms a country whose record of crimes against humanity has been continuous and steady since 1948. [This Zionist entity] is molding an sickly behavior to form an outlaw, pirated, criminal and murderer "State" whose only means of action it recognizes is the law of the jungle...

"... We believe in peace and we are confident and convinced that it was time to stop a racist, terrorist regime that has practiced ethnic cleansing against the indigenous people of Palestine for the last six decades...

"... The Israeli government has become the clear number one enemy of humanity and it's time to stop it, breaking relations with it, as did the revolutionary government of Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias. Do not buy their goods with bar code begins with 729 ... ".

Bolivarian Government should prohibit Israeli shipping company ZIM to touch a Venezuelan port
By: Correo del Orinoco, Statements by Eduardo Saman
June 5, 2010

"…The Bolivarian government should prohibit the Israeli shipping company ZIM touch Venezuelan port in the first place, it belongs to the genocidal state of Israel and second, because that company has been involved in sabotaging the operations of the Venezuelan marine terminals," said the former Minister of People's Power for Business, Eduardo Saman ... ".

The owners of the system - The hidden power: Where the impunity of Israel is born
By: Manuel Freytas, IAR News
June 4, 2010
"…The great international complicity with the periodic Israeli massacres doesn't happen for fear of Israel, but for fear of what the Jewish State represents. Israel is the most emblematic symbol of the territorial home of the Zionist capital that controls the world without borders from the boards of banks to transnational corporations. Israel is basically the national representation of a Zionist world power; it is the owner of the State of Israel as well as the U.S. and controls the planet from central banks, major media networks and military nuclear arsenals…

"A) The hidden power

"…But when it comes to Israel, we speak (by extension) of the most significant reference of a globalized capitalist system that controls governments, countries, productive economic systems, central banks, financial centers, nuclear arsenals and military-industrial complex.

"…The Zionist lobby that supports and legitimizes the existence of Israel is not a State in the distant Middle East, but a system of global economic power (capitalist system) of banks and corporations with Jews dominating the majority of stocks and management decisions… The directors and shareholders of the first thirty mega transnational corporations and banks (the largest in the world) that are listed on the Dow Jones Index on Wall Street are mostly Jewish…

"…Mega-corporations of capitalism without borders as Wal-Mart Stores, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Pfizer Inc, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Home Depot, Honeywell, IBM, Intel Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, American International Group, American Express, AT & T, Boeing Co (arms), Caterpillar, Citigroup, Coca Cola, Dupont, Exxon Mobil (oil), General Electric, McDonalds, Merck & Co, Procter & Gamble, United Technologies, Verizon, are controlled and/or managed by capital and people of Jewish origin…

"…These corporations represent the cream of the crop of large transnational Jewish Zionists consortiums who through the lobby pursued by U.S. and European embassies, dictate and influence the world politics and the behavior of governments, armies, or public and private global institutions…

"…The three major U.S. television networks (CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox), the three major newspapers (The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post) are controlled and managed by Jewish lobby groups, notably in New York ... The three most influential magazines (Newsweek, Time and The New Yorker), and a consortia hegemonic Internet as Time-Warner (merged with America-on-line) or Yahoo, are controlled by Jewish capital...

"…Colossi of Hollywood and entertainment such as The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, among others, are part of this interactive network of Zionist imperialist capital…

"B) The imperial lobby

"…The pro-Israeli Zionist lobby, the network of hidden power that controls White House, the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve does not pray in the synagogues, but in the Cathedral of Wall Street... As a definition, the pro-Israeli lobby is a giant economic and political pressure machine that operates simultaneously on all levels of institutional power in the U.S.: The White House, Congress, Pentagon, State Department, CIA and agencies of the intelligence community are among the most important…

"…Through the political use of their financial power, its strategic position in decision-making centers, the financial groups of the [Zionist] lobby exert influence on the internal and external policies of the U.S.... in addition to its dominant role in financing of political parties, presidential candidates and congressmen...

"C) The myth of anti-Semitism

"…This phenomenon of Jewish "global capitalist power", not Israel, is what is feared by presidents, politicians, journalists, and intellectuals who meticulously avoided condemning the periodic Israeli military genocide in Gaza ...

"…It is not Israel, a Zionist state again, but the "Greater Israel", the home of world Jewry (who stole lands of Palestinians)…is the source of fear in companies, universities, international organizations and foundations that are funded by Zionists. If they are declared "anti-Semitic" by these [Zionist] funders they will remain jobless, without vacations or pensions…."

Do not stop the "Rachel Corrie" fleet in Gaza
By: Jorge Eduardo Sotomonte Gamarra
June 4, 2010

"…Sublime is the decision [of the Flotilla] not to give in to the criminal power of [Israel], the Anglo-Saxon creation in the Middle East, a wicked sequel of the allied victory, that sixty years after the fall of Nazi extends its thirst for blood on the incredible [Palestinian] people…

".... [Israel is] a small country for the great global financial capital controlled by the Jewish mafia….driven by the global human reaction to war, decided to rely on the Jewish bourgeoisie to exacerbate its genocidal extremes ... ".

The United Nations associated with Zionism with Racism
By: Adal Hernández
June 3, 2010

"... The origins of Israeli Zionism is based on the doctrine of purity of blood, in the establishment of Israeli imperialism over all religious pretexts through which they find cynical support ... The international community has been complicit, from the very origins of Zionism as racist and colonialist movement. It's the same historical complicity of international organizations who shrug the systematic genocide committed by Israeli Zionism... "

Federation of Venezuelan-Arab Organizations (FEARAB) condemns slaughter of peace activists executed by Israeli Government
June 2, 2010

"…The board of directors of FEARAB-Venezuela condemns the criminal action against the pirate and the Freedom Flotilla in international waters by Israeli genocidal army, leaving at least 10 human rights activists killed and over 30 injured....This action makes it clear once again, the neo-Nazi nature of international Zionism…."

MURDERERS! Zionist ideology (the State of Israel), modern version of Nazi-fascism
By: Juanjo Sanz Vigo
June 1, 2010

".... The complicity, political, and military support of the international community against the Palestinian people ("Gaza Ghetto") explains why they let this band of wild, modern Nazis, bigots, xenophobes and racists who represented the Zionists from within and outside of Israel...

"... Since the occupation of Palestine in the 1948 Nakba, with the support of the great powers…the "Holocaust Industry" is very well orchestrated and planned by the Zionists to do their part in the Western collective consciousness whenever any general slaughter is perpetrated...."

Hillary's Lament
By: Atilio A. Boron
June 1, 2010

"... The United States continues to endorse the conduct of its Middle East thug, distorting all the information, hiding the fact that in Gaza there are almost two million people living in an open sky concentration camp ... What is happening in Gaza is a slow genocide, relentless, methodical, cruel...

"... The danger is in Tel Aviv and not Tehran, but the many Jewish lobbies that buy or rent members of U.S. Congress and high level officials in the U.S. government prevent even having an open a discussion on these issues ...".

Zionism is proud of its nerve
By: John Martorano, member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). 
June 1, 2010

"…Once again, the rabid Zionist dog sinks his fangs, to the silence of the large transnational media corporations and the international media...

"…About a dozen dead and over sixty injured. The genocidal and criminal attack Israel is about to blow up gun powder around the world ... They are very serious and troubling facts and the least we should do in Venezuela is to finally break diplomatic trade and all kinds of relations with the Government of Israel, which incidentally is also conspiring against us….

"…Who can stop the genocide and barbarism that Israel, with the support of the U.S. are committing against Palestine and the rest of the world's peoples?...

"Until when? Will have to wait for divine justice?

"Socialist Nation or Death!"

Israel: a chosen people to kill?
By: Obny Castillo P
June 1, 2010

"... Israelites are the people chosen by the Lord, the God of Israel, as His people. They will be "protected and blessed" despite that the people of Israel crucified (murdered) their son and did not accept Him as the Son of God, as the Messiah ...

"... Years have passed since the crucifixion of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and the people of Israel have been persecuted, tortured, exiled, expropriated, raped and murdered. The people of Israel have perhaps suffered divine punishment, as I see it, but those days are gone, Hitler and his genocidal holocaust have ended... today they [Israel] are the persecutors, torturers and murderers. Israel today is the twenty-first century IV Reich. Its military power and ultra advanced technology has been spilled against a defenseless and innocent people of Palestine ...

"... Israel is a real nuclear threat to the Middle East and the world, for them there are no boundaries and no scruples. The Mossad as the armed invader of Israel and through them they carry out these lightning rod operations as they did against the Freedom Flotilla and among its objectives is Venezuela and the "head" of Hugo Chavez. The Mossad has, I am sure, men and women who are ingrained in Venezuela to lead an espionage and destabilization operation against the Venezuelan government along with the DAS, Colombian Paramilitaries and the CIA...

"Palestine Lives! Socialist Fatherland or death! We will prevail!"

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