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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Cartoons Depict "Jewish Control" of U.N. and U.S.

Posted: September 6, 2006

Editorial cartoonists in the Arab world have returned to rehashing and reinventing their tired conspiracy that portrays Israelis and Jews as controlling the United Nations and U.S. foreign policy.  Since the outbreak of open warfare between Israel and Hezbollah -- up through the U.N.-brokered cessation of hostilities on August 13 – a number of cartoons appearing in Arab newspapers have depicted Jews and Israel as directing the policies and decision-making of the U.S. and U.N. in response to the violence in Israel and Lebanon.

The following is a sampling of cartoons from various Arab newspapers illustrating this trend.

Al-Ghad, September 4, 2006 (Jordan)
An unseen puppeteer, marked with a Star of David on his arm, operates the puppet, a caricature of President George W. Bush, who is holding the "Security Council" and gesturing at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Al-Ahram Weekly, September 1, 2006 (Egypt)
A cannon marked with a Jewish Star of David fires the international community, together with UN Security Council Resolution "1701," out of its barrel.

Al-Watan, August 31, 2006 (Oman)
The stereotypical Jew laughs as
Lebanon appeals to the European Union and the United Nations (at far left, with empty pockets turned out).

Al-Watan, August 29, 2006 (Oman)

A stereotypical Jew points a handgun at Lebanon.  In Arabic: "Resolution 1701."

Ar-Raya, August 28, 2006 (Qatar)
A man, wearing a blue helmet emblazoned with a Jewish Star of David, is riding a donkey, labeled "U.N." He is riding to (in Arabic) "

, August 24, 2006 (Oman)

Printed above the door: "The Security Council"

Al-Ahram Weekly, August 17, 2006 (Egypt)

An Israeli soldier wearing a skeleton camouflage uniform is using U.N. Resolution 1701 as a platform to keep Lebanon at bay.

Akhbar Al-Khalij, August 15, 2006 (Bahrain)

In Arabic: "Resolution 1707"

Ad-Dustur, August 14, 2006 (Jordan)

Al-Watan, August 13, 2006 (Qatar)

On the sign: "Lebanon."

Al-Watan, August 12, 2006 (Qatar)

Al-Gumhuriyya, August 9, 2006 (Egypt)

The cartoon's headline is: "America helps Israel destroy Lebanon."

Al-Watan, August 8, 2006 (Saudi Arabia)

The American U.N. controlling arm is feeding the Lebanese apple to the Israeli/Jewish worm.

Al-Watan, August 7, 2006 (Qatar)

In Arabic: "They smell"

Al-Gumhuriyya, August 7, 2006 (Egypt)

The cartoon's headline: "Israeli massacres in Lebanon."

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is saying to Uncle Sam "Help me Uncle…this man wants to kill me." The ruins are "Lebanon."

Akhbar Al-Khalij, August 6, 2006 (Bahrain)

Ad-Dustur, August 5, 2006 (Jordan)

In Arabic: "A Code of Honor" on Olmert's chest.

Al-Watan, August 1, 2006 (Saudi Arabia)

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Arab Media Cartoons Depict "Jewish Control" Of U.N. and U.S. (8/28/06)

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