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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends December 2004

Posted: February 14, 2005


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Al-Ahram Weekly, December 9-15, 2004



The Global Anti-Semitism Act


·        "… I then explained the elements of similarity and compatibility between the two religions (Islam and Christianity), a big similarity that surpasses that which is between Christianity and Judaism. Despite this, the west has swallowed the bait of the Jewish Christian civilization that was propagated by Zionist forces for purely political reasons …

This law that aims at protecting Semitism while meaning Judaism, mixes between race, religious belief and Israel, which is a state, and gives itself authority outside its borders to punish anyone … This Christian west is responsible for protecting Judaism and is engrossed and occupied in putting an end to hatred towards it. This matter raises the question: is this the peak of hypocrisy, or a political fervent plea? Is this the search for money and its producers, or flattering and an attempt to get close to the media and those who operate it? … The law ignores what was proved – a valuable and honest film like Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion", does not have a chance to win a prize because the judging committees are all Jewish! …".

Dr. Layla Takla, "What Is Necessary Is Protection of All Religions", al-Ahram, December 28 2004.


America and Israel


·        Egypt's regional or maybe international situation is exposed to an organized Mongolian attack lead by the United States and global Zionism …".

Mahmud Shukry, "Jahiza has Disrupted Every Orator's Speech!", al-Ahram, December 27 2004.


·        "… The forces of the Anglo-American-Zionist occupation in Iraq … have placed on top of the government puppets …".

Dr. Muhammad al-'Abidi, "A National Conciliation or a Rescue of the Occupation and its Agents", al-Ahram al-Arabi, December 25 2004.


·        "… Why is there this unconditional support of Israel on behalf of the United States? … It was said in this matter that it is because of the influence of the Jewish lobby and its control of the political decision-making centers on all levels – local elections, congress elections, presidential elections. It was also said that Jewish interests control the media, and therefore have an influence over the formation of public opinion. There is talk about Jewish interests in the banks and the financial world … Recently there appeared a wave of explanations pointing out the appearance of conservative religious currents, be it the protestant communities or even Zionist Christianity … I do not doubt that all these explanations are true and present part of the truth …

Thus we find that the American citizen – regardless of the Jewish lobby and the control over money and media, and regardless of the new religious tendencies – this citizen finds in the Israeli experience that which reminds him of his forefathers' history …".

Dr. Hazim al-Babalawi, "Concerning the American Bias Towards Israel", December 19 2004.


·        "… The team in Bush's government that is in charge of drafting these projects and then implementing them is a doctrinal team, whose centrality of thinking is occupied by Israel. Israel is their source of authority in everything that is connected to the policies that are pursued in the Middle East as a whole. For example, this team – the neo-conservatives – is the one who was entrusted, after the Likud's victory in the Israeli elections of the year 1996, with preparing a plan to overthrow the Peace process …".

'Atif al-Ghamri, "The Arab World Under the Siege", al-Ahram, December 15 2004.


·        "This book ("Wars Against Europe") points to a dangerous axis of the Atlantic (European-American) relationship: how the United States uses – with severe acumen and slyness – the weapon of Islamic extremism in order to weaken Europe! … The book's author … states that America excels in using the weapon of Islamic extremism. His proof for this is that the most Extreme Islamic groups in the world grew and developed in the bosom of the American intelligence bodies … the real goals of the American foreign policy, which is usually depicted as haughty and contradictive, are aimed mostly at weakening the European-western culture … The book states that in light of this, the Arab and Islamic world are living a painful (and humiliating) historical moment, because of what they are exposed to – imperialistic aggressions connected to American-Zionist conspiracies …".

Dr. Sa'id al-Lawandi, "A New Book – The Islamic Extremism in Europe: an American Industry! The Islamic Extremists: Transcontinental American Missiles", al-Ahram, December 12 2004.


·        "…The functional distinction between the groups of European immigrants in defined areas (in the United States), where most of the Italians are concentrated … as are the Polish, the Irish and those coming from the circle of the German culture in other defined centers and districts, where they feel friendship and warmth in the new continent. In contrast to these defined national aggregations, the groups of Jewish immigrants coming from Europe spread all over the scene, from the east to the west … They spread through networks of banks, money, real-estate, insurance and entertainment first, and then press, publication, newspapers and audio and visual media … In the heart of all this is the key to ruling the financial markets …".

Dr. Anwar 'Abd al-Malik, "One Nation?", al-
December 7 2004.




·        "… What moved the French authorities against the series "ash-Shatat" (al-Manar's "The Diaspora"), it being a program that discusses history and is committed to it, and is a recording of what happened and not hatred to anyone nor incitement against anyone? Indeed, the Zionist circles stand behind canceling this agreement (between France and al-Manar TV) …".

Ahmad Bahjat, "Allegations of Freedom", al-
December 5 2004.




·        "… The amazing thing is that the Global Zionist movement (which has assumed representation of the Jews) does not abstain from repeating the Nazi experience and falling into the mud of hateful racism in the way the Israelis deal with the Palestinian people, under the umbrella of racist discourse that views the Arabs as some sort of animals, compared with the lord's sons from among God's chosen people, as is repeated by their Rabbis such as Obadiah Josef. In other words: those who have created a stir and have not allowed it to quiet down until now, because of the persecution and suppression that they suffered and that amounted to a holocaust – they themselves are the ones who are doing the same with the Palestinians … What Lord Balfour promised was a kind of a fabrication and a political deceit that gives homeland to race. The Jews in the Diaspora were extremely concerned for their race and for what they claimed to be purity of race. Their adhering to aggregations in ghettos and in Jewish neighborhoods in all the different countries in which they were – was their own choice and was not imposed on them in any way! And if the claim of race's supremacy found a shocking defeat in Germany, then there is no doubt that it will find the same fate in the Jewish state. And if the Nazis based their distorted epoch on the claim of national belonging to the Aryan race that is superior to other races, then the Zionists base their claims on the same foundation more or less … merely repeating the claim of the chosen people is a racist inclination, no doubt. Israel has thus become the only country in the world that made a homeland for race! …".

Usama Anwar 'Akasha, "The Homeland and the Race", al-Ahram, December 4 2004.


·        "… Then the (Koran) verses turn after this to point out the book of Moses, the Torah, which Allah the sublime has given the children of Israel as right guidance … Then the verses describe how the majority of them apostatized after this and killed their prophets and the righteous ones among them, as they do today in the land of Palestine and in other lands of the Muslims …".

            Dr. Zaghlul an-Najjar, "From the Secrets of 
            the Koran …", al-Ahram,
December 13 2004.
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