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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends December 2004

Posted: February 14, 2005

Saudi Arabia 

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and Israel


·        "… We have always said that the American extreme right wing found a perfect and unique opportunity in these events (of the 9.11.01), and indeed well exploited them for its interests, trying to wreck the American-Arab relations and especially the Saudi-American relations. Naturally, this was done through the help of the Zionist lobby, influential behind the curtains of the American policy … Most of the American leaders always try to look for Israel's and the Zionist lobby's friendship …".

Hani Wafa, "Voice of Reason!", ar-Riyad, 
            December 15 2004


·        Israel did not only come to the Promised Land of the Torah, but it also devised in the Promised Land a strategy for the coming future – our present age. It was not in vain that the American society embraced the Zionist movement and the Jewish concentration of capital, for there must be a strong connection between will and means …".

Turki Ibn Abdullah as-Sadiri (editor in chief), "The Danger Does Not Exclude Anyone", ar-Riyad, December 15 2004.


·        America attacked the Islamic religion by contriving to change the holy Koran, by publishing what it called "The True Furqan".[1] America said that this is 'the American Koran for the three religions'. This is a lie, by which Washington declares a war against Islam. This makes America fight Allah …

Israel will play a role complimentary to the American role, so Washington will be able to impose its control over the oil wells, by imposing Israel's control over the Middle East region with its exaggerated force. This force allows Israel to spread its influence on the region's countries, through the pressure groups of the Zionist lobbies, so these countries will lose the independence of their political and economical decisions …".

Rida Muhammad Lary, "America Hates Peace", 
            December 9 2004




·        "… A quick glance at (Rupert Murdoch's) media assets causes us to ask whether it was just a faηade of a global Zionist plan weaved with skill … These media assets brought Rupert Murdoch exceptional influence over the popular and global opinion centers, and made him one of the world's richest people. He is considered a model for the Jewish media, which penetrates every house in the local language and relevant culture, and truly realizes the twelfth protocol of the Elders of Zion that says: 'All our newspapers will carry various faces and appearances, and will be like a Vishnu idol in India: they will have a hundred arms and eyes, and each eye will be open over an aspect of public opinion. Yet in the end they will direct the peoples' minds to what we want'".

            Fahd al-Ahmadi, "Rupert Murdoch and the   
            Vishnu Idol", ar-Riyad,
December 26 2004.

[1] "Furqan" – literally: salvation or distinction (between good and bad). This is one of the names for the Koran.

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