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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends October - November 2004

Posted: February 10, 2005


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Al-Ahram weekly
, October 28 -
November 3, 2004

Al-Ahram weekly, October 28 - November 3, 2004




U.S. Presidential Elections

·        "… Why – according to your opinion – was President George Bush reelected?

Doctor Hasan Bakr: '… The specific reasons are attributed to the cooperation between the republican right wing and the Christian-Zionistic right wing … and the Zionist lobby, concerning a unified agenda for the world's invasion and the propagation of the American peace, based on Christianity, capitalism and liberal democracy …'".

Mahmud Murad, "A Study Group: We, the United States and the Future", al-Ahram, November 28 2004.



·        "… Both candidates (Bush and Kerry) competed with each other in order to gain the votes of the American Jews … If Bush wins or Kerry wins, with regard to us – it does not matter at all. They are two sides of the same coin … They are both taking the Jewish lobby into extreme consideration …".

Abd al-Mu'ti Ahmad, "The Elephant or the donkey?", al-Ahram, November 1 2004.


Israel and America

·        "… The decisions of the American president … don't come as an expression of an impulse or a special desire, but are the result of a complicated political interaction directed by the known triplet: The weapons lobby, the oil lobby and the Jewish-Zionist lobby …".

Doctor as-Sayyid 'Alyuh, "An Arab Questioning: How Do We Deal with the American President?", al-Ahram, November 27 2004.


·        "… The American occupation army … has executed the orders of its supreme command in turning Faluja from a symbol of the Iraqi national resistance to a huge cemetery … Thus the destruction of Faluja reminds us of Polish Warsaw which was destroyed by the Nazis … and this is a matter which Sharon tried to repeat in Palestinian Jenin …

To the top of the leadership and command (in America) have risen conservative and even zealot movements … based on the belief of several churches, especially the Protestant ones, in ancient prophecies from the Torah, which unite between the Christian and Jewish goals, while it came to be known in terms of theory as the new Zionist Christianity … It is clearly a political and religious movement which serves Israel, the Zionist idea and the Jewish religious Torah state, which is hidden deeply in the depths of the neo-conservatives' (souls) …".

Salah ad-Din Hafiz, "The American Taliban: From Destroying Faluja to Changing Islam!", al-Ahram, November 24 2004.


·        "The American decision concerning the Middle East, be it on behalf of the Republican party or the Democratic party, cannot pass right through the vigorous transit circuit known by the name of AIPAC, which lies in the capital Washington. In it are incorporated all those who have the power to pass decisions, freeze them or fail them, be it the decisions coming out of Washington or the ones coming into Washington. Among This organization's biggest Zionist missions is the protection of Israel's security against any international or Arab decision. It has the power to freeze any American decision whatever its attribute may be, if it hurts – a bit or a lot – Israel's security … or the global Zionist movement…!".

Zakariya Nil, "Will President Bush Be Able after his Victory to Announce the Founding of the Independent Palestinian State?", al-Ahram, November 6 2004.


·        "… The American policy makers from among the neo-conservatives' group have adopted the Zionist project of the "Likud", participating with the "Likud" in drafting strategic projects concerning Israel's relationship with the area, and the broadening of Israel's influence to other places outside the area … Bush is governed by the ideological considerations of the neo-conservatives' group and their ancient organizational relationship with the "Likud" and its Zionist project …".

'Atif al-Ghamri, "The Arabs in the Balance of the American President", al-Ahram, November 3 2004.


The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act


·        "… The (Global Anti-Semitism) law as a whole contains measures that affect anyone – anyone – who tries to simply state his opinion concerning any matter that might be contradictory – even by chance – to the Zionist adherents, hidden inside Israel or inside the American administration … The oppression and the hated hostility befall us so much, at a time when the world's leaders and their men succeed now in establishing a law to protect the Zionists in an Arab land …

We are in the age of the Zionists, who have completely taken over the Evangelical mind and the human mind. They have begun in the name of the "Jews" to talk about and work at issuing laws against the others, the "Goyim" as they call their enemies, who are always sentenced to death …".

Mustafa Abd al-Ghani, "Semitism … Grab Your Head!", al-Ahram, November 29 2004.


·        "… Presenting the draft (for the global anti-Semitism) law before the American Congress during the election period, has assisted in accelerating its approval and its signature, in order to guarantee the Jewish votes …

The law limits the freedom of opinion and expression, as it sets a kind of permanent surveillance on all artistic and creative activities, and on all the statements and evaluations against Israel's policy, since it is the state of the Jews in the world. This is a law based on racism and discrimination, for it puts one group of humanity above the others …

The law is distinct for it does not condemn anyone who criticizes Judaism as a religion only, but has broadened the concept to include Zionism and any criticizing of Israel …

The law came as a result of a continuing Israeli and Jewish activity on the American and global levels …".

'Abir Yasin, "The anti-Semitism Law: The Dangers and the Ways to Confront it", al-Ahram, November 22 2004.


·        "… This (global anti-Semitism) law restricted Semitism by force only to the Jews … Why is there this American exaggeration in providing protection only for the Jews, and not for other races and religions … Any person or association that will treat the Jews and maybe Israel with a kind of criticism will be exposed to accountability by the number one power in the world …

Maybe the more important question here is who will call to account the Israeli racism and confront the defamation policies conducted by the Jewish groups, Zionist organizations, Jewish religious persons and also Israeli media, against all the others, that is: everybody who isn't Jewish? … Observing the statements of Jewish political and religious persons and observing the Israeli media reveal an engrossed situation of extremity and racism …".

'Imad Jadd, "Who Will Call to Account the Zionist Racism?", al-Ahram, November 17 2004.


·        "… (The global anti-Semitism Review Act) means forcing the State Department of the biggest imperialistic state to bring to trial anyone who allows himself to attack, criticize or reproach Zionism … This is the essential necessity, in order for the Jews to spread with insolence all over the world so they can do whatever they want, as long as the imperialistic ruler of the world stands with them and supports them, and even prescribes laws and statements for the protection of the human rights of the Jews alone. This, for the sake of the elections, under the pressure of the conservative right wing or under the influence of persons or research organizations that represent – most of them – the group of the neo-orientalists…

(The conservative right-wing) restricted the mission of the research centers – among other means – to opposing anyone who discloses his discomfort or anger towards this western position, which objects to any position that opposes the violent Zionist movement in the world …".

Mustafa Abd al-Ghani, "Coming Back From the Emirates", al-Ahram, November 15 2004.


·        "… The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, which was approved by the American president … on the eve of the presidential elections, was the latest episode in the series of gifts bestowed bountifully upon Sharon's government in order to insure the votes of his citizens …

The importance of this development is that it transfers the authority of surveillance and pursuit from the American civil organizations, on the forefront of which are the Anti Defamation League and MEMRI, to the official level: the State Department …

Were it a neutral party that prepared the bill, it wouldn't have restricted its concern solely to the Jews …".

Mahmud Sulayman, "The Anti Discrimination Organization and the Anti-Semitism Law", al-Ahram, November 10 2004.

·        "Defending democracy means attacking anti-Semitism and defeating the evildoers who show enmity to the Jews. This is how the American president George Bush Junior interpreted anti-Semitism … The only goal is to seek the sympathy of Israel and to please the Zionist lobby in America and Europe, after Semitism was restricted to the Jews only and not to the other Semitic people … There is no doubt that we are now facing a new hot confrontation, threatening us with many consequences and numerous sanctions …

The haste in which the Congress carried out this strange law, and the double haste in which the president approved it, were aimed at pleasing Israel, the Sharon gang, the Zionist lobby and the groups of American neo-conservatives …

The purpose of the American law is to put under surveillance the movements and propaganda of anti-Semitism, harassment of Jews and even the criticizing of Israel's policies …

Especially concerning Egypt and specifically its newspapers, arts and books, there are heaping files prepared by the organizations of the Zionist American lobby and by the groups allied with Israel, containing thousands of articles, pictures and statements categorized by these organizations as being anti-Semitic. We all know that every American mission that visited Egypt in recent years has presented these kinds of files – as a protest – to senior Egyptians …

There isn't anything more dangerous for these Arab dreams than the delusions of the Zionist American arrogance, which robs us of our security and liberty …".

Salah ad-Din Hafez, "The False Democracy and Anti-Semitism", al-Ahram, November 3 2004.


·        "Doctor Fuad (Zakariya) … believes there is a distinction between the European resistance to the Nazi occupier in the Second World War, and the brave Palestinian resistance to the new Nazis in the Israeli settling occupation …".

Majdi Yusuf, "The Eastern Despotism and the Western Despotism", al-Ahram, November 29 2004.


·        "… I will not prevent myself from the expectation that the success of the Arab League in completing its cultural actions in Frankfurt and other German cities this year … will be a recurring pattern in the western world capitals and countries outside Germany, especially those countries whose media is controlled by the Zionist forces. This is a hard mission …".

Jabir Usfur, "The Frankfurt Experience: Its Positive and Negative Aspects", al-Ahram, November 29 2004.

·        "… Those orientalists were not the only ones who used the Spouses of the Prophet (Muhammad) as a means to try and present him as a man who followed his sexual desires. There were also some Islamic writings that mixed truths with Israelite material,[1] which was interpolated surreptitiously by the Jews in the pages of Islam, in order to present the Prophet … in such a manner that will cause whoever reads what they have interpolated surreptitiously to ask himself: 'could this be the ethics and conduct of a prophet?' …".

           Salah Muntasir, "Evidence in Favor of Him, Not  
           Against Him", al-Ahram, November 4 2004.

[1] "Israelite material" – "Isra'iliyyat" in Arabic. In Muslim tradition, this term denotes the many Jewish and Christian traditions that were adopted by Islam in its early evolvement, via Jews and Christians. Already in the first few centuries of Islamic history there were those who objected to adopting these traditions. In modern Arab and Muslim anti-Semitic discourse, this subject is used to present the Jews as people who always strived to damage Islam from within.

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