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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Cartoons in Arab Press Blame Jews, Israel for Lebanese Assassination

Posted: March 15, 2005

In the wake of the February 14, 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, some editorial cartoons and articles in the Arab press have suggested that Jews and Israel were responsible for the killing. They offer up hateful, stereotypical portrayals of Jews as scheming and plotting to destabilize Lebanon, while hiding the "evidence" of their involvement in the death of al-Hariri.

The following cartoons and article excerpts, which appeared in the days and weeks after the Hariri killing -- many in mainstream Arab newspapers with substantial circulation -- illustrate how some in the Arab media are attempting to use the assassination to spread anti-Semitic and anti-Israel conspiracy theories concerning the killing. These images and expressions have repeatedly surfaced, even as world attention has focused on the Syrian occupation of Lebanon as a major factor in destabilizing the region.

While anti-Semitism is an almost daily occurrence in the Arab and Muslim press, the new attempt to blame "the Jews" for al-Hariri's assassination illustrates how some in the Muslim and Arab media are more interested in fomenting hatred of Jews and Israel than in turning the spotlight on the internal problems caused by despotic Arab regimes.

As witnessed after the 9/11 attacks on America, many Arab newspapers and Web sites continue to use major news events as an excuse to engage in incitement against Jews and Israel with outlandish accusations and basely stereotypical images.



Tishrin, March 27, 2005 (Syria)
America, sitting on a box marked "globalization," is fishing for Lebanon. A stereotypical Jew awaits the catch.

Al-Watan, March 17 2005 (Oman)
The "West" is standing on the ladder held by the Jew, and is dropping "Lebanon" into  "(U.N.) Resolution 1559".

Akhbar al-Khalij, March 16 2005 (Bahrain)
The USA and the Jews/Israel are stabbing "Syria" with the "Lebanese opposition".

Akhbar al-Khalij, March 11 2005 (Bahrain)
The tree is "Lebanon".

Al-Ahram Weekly, March 10-16 2005 (Egypt)

Akhbar al-Khalij, March 8, 2005 (Bahrain)
On the ball: "Lebanon"

Al-Watan, February 27 2005 (Oman).
"Foreign intervention" is spreading the carpet for "Civil strife"; the tree is Lebanon's symbol.

Al-Watan, February 25 2005 (Oman).
On the coffin: "Al-Hariri"; on the right "The beneficiaries", and on the left "The losers - France, Lebanon and Syria".

Ar-Ray, February 24 2005 (Jordan).
"Investigation committees concerning the assassination of al-Hariri"

Al-Watan, February 23 2005 (Oman).
The tree is Lebanon's symbol.

Tishrin, February 23 2005 (Syria).
The UN and the "Foreign intervention" are causing "Lebanon" to fall into the grave dug by the Jew.

Tishrin, February 17 2005 (Syria).
The tree symbolizes Lebanon.

Al-Watan, February 15 2005 (Oman).
Inside the eye: "Lebanon", and inside the teardrop: "al-Hariri"


• "… With an unhurried inspection we will find that Israel is the biggest beneficiary from al-Hariri's assassination, regardless of whether the investigations prove Israel's involvement or not …" Husein Thabit, "Al-Hariri: Silence that Is Deeper than any Word", al-Ahram (Egypt), February 26, 2005

• "… In fact, a more likely suspect is Israel, as stated by Syrian Information Minister Mehdi Dakhlallah. For Israel, a war-torn Lebanon would provide fit ground for it to infiltrate to carry out covert operations in the Middle East. Israel would also benefit greatly from eliminating a man who re-built Beirut, Israel's traditional enemy, making it, in his own words, the "Singapore of the Middle East". By killing him, it would also help incriminate Damascus and give more reasons for the neo-cons in Washington to pursue their agenda against Syria …" Sami Mubayyid (A Syrian political analyst), "All Eyes on Damascus", al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt), February 17-23, 2005

• "… Yet we must not ignore the Jews, for they are the peak of treachery and the peak of dissention sowing between full brothers …" Salih al-Harithi (Readers' comments,) "Why, Are Not the Jews the Ones Who Did it? – Very Possible", ar-Riyad (Saudi Arabia), February 19, 2005

• "… Whoever reflects on the circumstances that surround al-Hariri's assassination and the consequences that might result from it, understands that excluding Israel is not possible, especially if we know that the return of civil war to Lebanon means that the return of the relationship between internal Lebanese elements and Israel is possible. Israel tried and is trying to revenge its honor, after it ran away from southern Lebanon …" Hani Badr ad-Din, "Lebanon Enters Iraq's Whirlpool," al-Ahram (Egypt), February 19, 2005

• "…It is now logical and legitimate to also inquire as to the extent of the Israeli secret services' involvement in this act, and the accusation of Damascus in the context of the continuing pressures and the mad campaign against Syria. The purpose is to bring back the atmosphere of civil war to Lebanon …" Mas'ud al-Hanawi, "Who Is the Killer?" al-Aharm (Egypt), February 17, 2005

• "… The choice of civil war in Lebanon is the better choice for Israel when talking about Lebanon. This raises many questions as to the Israeli role in this crime, which has accomplished many strategic goals that Israel strives to accomplish in Lebanon". Ahmad Ibrahim, "Israel Considers Getting rid of al-Hariri the Most Important Positive Incident this Year," al-Ittihad (UAE), February 16, 2005

• "… This is one part among many of a great continuing conspiracy, which began perhaps more than half a decade ago when Israel was implanted in the heart of the Arab homeland … The planners and implementers of the crimes and assassinations, the merchants of wars and igniters of fires believe that the time is suitable for carrying out a new part of their conspiracy, by spreading chaos in the Lebanese arena and stirring up civil strife … Israel cannot be exonerated from al-Hariri's blood … Israel is the one who benefits the most …" 'Isam Dari (Tishrin editorial), "Before the Evil Occurs," Tishrin (Syria), February 16, 2005

• "… We believe that this criminal act cannot be isolated from all the international pressures and the Israeli conspiracy against Lebanon and Syria … Israel, which was forced to leave Lebanon still endeavors to destruct what Lebanon accomplished and to bring it back to a situation of chaos and weakness, in which Israel sees a direct interest for itself that will enable Israel to continue occupying the Sheeba farms and robbing the water and resources of southern Lebanon …" Omar Jaftali (editorial), "A Criminal Act in Any Standard," Tishrin (Syria), February 15, 2005

• "… Yet I have not heard nor seen anyone who points to the hidden fingers and the prime beneficiary from this crime. I believe that the finesse of planning and performance can only be mastered by the Mosad of the Zionist entity …" Khalid Ibn Rashid al-Hajji (Readers' comments), "Look for the Beneficiary If You Want to Know Who Did it," ar-Riyad (Saudi Arabia), February 15 2005

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Arab Media Blames Jews and Israel for Involvement in Lebanese Assassination

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