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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends October - November 2004

Posted: February 9, 2005

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 Israel and America

·         "… The regions of the Arab homeland and the Islamic world … are victims of the reckless American policies that are subjected to the violent tendencies heralded by the conservative right wing which is becoming Zionistic and which rules the decision junctions in the United States of America …".

Rakan al-Majali, "America Employs its Extreme Discourse and the Discourse of its Imagined Enemies to Justify its Hostile Policy", ar-Riyad, November 27 2004.


·         "… If Bush's desire is serious and convincing, he must not be the dictator of conditions and the spokesman of Israel … President Bush may have some desire for finding peace in the area, but this might be toppled by Sharon's 'no's', which no one in the American administration dares to deviate from …".

Ar-Riyad editorial, "The Paralyzed Democracies November 14 2004.

·         "… Perhaps the human history has never passed through a stage of collusion in eliminating the rights of a nation, as did happen with the Palestinians. Europe has in practice ignored them, and the American decisions were devoted exclusively to enabling the Jewish control over them …".

Turki 'Abdullah as-Sadiri (editor in chief), "Arafat and the Arab Problem Which Turned into a Palestinian Problem", ar-Riyad, November 14 2004.

·         "… The Israelis are stronger, and they run the most important decision centers in America … Let us not forget that the Israeli lobby in the American decision centers is in possession of a series of political and financial scandalous files, concerning the American president and his working team. Hence this lobby is capable of using these files in any moment in order to bring down the president. This cannot be ignored, since there will be pressure over the Palestinians …".

Ghazi al-'Aridi, "What (will happen ) After Bush, concerning the Arabs and Iranians?", ar-Riyad, November 7 2004.

·         "If we believe, at least in the Arab and Islamic world, that the Republican and Democratic parties are two sides of the same coin, just like the Labor and "Likud" parties in the Israeli entity, then the winning or losing of George Bush or John Kerry will not help us at all. For the 'president' does not draw the American policy, rather he executes steady and known policies dominated by the top American interests – as is said – and the lobbies that dominate the economy. Perhaps the biggest and strongest of these lobbies is the Zionist lobby, which the rational ones in The Unites States of America cannot defeat … this old and broadly spread lobby is active in passing its ideas and demands and even imposing them on the American policy …".

Salim al-Ghamidi, "Bush and the New Administration", ar-Riyad, November 7 2004.


"…The role of the Israeli religious forces, hidden in their settlements … has become the real propellant of the political pressure forces and the Zionist lobby in the United States of America. In other words, the liberalism of the historical Zionist lobby has become nowadays based on a conservative religious alliance, connected to a great degree to the Torah and Gospel values. They have become the political forces and the Zionist pressure instruments in America, working for the approximation of viewpoints and the unity of the political tendency with the extreme forces in Israel.

On this basis and these factors, political concepts were born between the Republican Party and the Israeli extreme forces, concerning the joint political and military action in the Middle East. The advice of the "Likud" extremists and the religious forces, engrossed in their dark historical concepts, has become the propellant behind the country of enlightenment, democracy, liberty and justice. The advice of conservative, extremist and racist forces in Israel has become the propellant behind the American military striking machine. The politicians of the White House, the Defense and Justice Departments and the American intelligence have become elements of the Israeli disciplinary punishment of enemies and countries in the Arab and Islamic world …

The degree of resemblance of the political and military tactic between Israel in Palestine and America in Iraq, brings us to the conclusion that there is a joint operations room, a strong exchange of expertise and a big Israeli presence in Iraq. This causes the concept of the American occupation in Iraq to be nothing but an episode in a series of episodes, belonging to the Zionist violence through the American hand, against anything that is Islamic, Muslim or Arab, in terms of culture and history. The Arabs and Muslims today stand at the crossroad: to remain on a level of unity and life, or to slip under the hammer of the Zionist hegemony through the American military machine …".

Salih an-Namla, "The American and Israeli Extreme Right Wing and the Policy Management in the Middle East", ar-Riyad, November 3 2004.


The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act

·         "… We live in a disarrayed area in which there is a lethal cancer – Israel. In back of it there is a tyrannical power, in which the Jews have taken over the legislative and executive authorities that eventually began issuing unfounded laws, such as the law that was recently confirmed by the American congress regarding the surveillance and punishment of anti-Semites, and other previous laws or laws to come. This is the method of the Zionists in creating pretexts for controlling the fates and people of the world …".

Hamid al-Lahidan, "The Strategic Storing of a Few Kinds of commodities", ar-Riyad, November 19 2004.

·          "… It is certain that the Jews themselves are the ones who propagated and circulated this term (Semitism) and hid behind it, so the connection will not be made obvious and clear between Judaism and the crimes that the Jews were accused of committing in the European Christian society … This dispute turned into a conflict, the fire of which was lit after the uncovering of the document known as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". In these protocols a detailed picture is drawn of the Jewish conspiracy, which aims at controlling the world, after the conspiracy to destruct and destroy the building of the international Christian society succeeds with its special methods. Despite the campaign of doubting the truth of these protocols and the extent of their authenticity, the list of accusations that were directed at the Jewish groups in the European countries, since the end of the nineteenth century up to the brake out of the Second World War – this list confirmed these accusations and supported the authenticity of the document's content…Hence the (Nazi) government issued a number of legislations and laws in order to become free of the Jewish control …

The aim of the new American (global anti-Semitism) law is to reconstruct the Middle East and all its problems, the first of which is the Israeli state, on a railroad. The first of its locomotives began moving with the American occupation of Iraq … Do we really realize to what degree the Zionist project has reached on the global level? …".

Rakan al-Majali, "Semitism, the New Semitism and the New American Law", ar-Riyad, November 6 2004.

·         "America rules the world, after it stood alone on earth with its exaggerated force, due to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 because of an international conspiracy led by Washington …

What is strange concerning the American position, which rules the whole world in order to subjugate it directly to Washington's command, is its acceptance with free will of its own subjugation to Israel, to such a degree that the American president George Bush issued a law which demands finding ways for surveillance of all countries concerning their anti-Semitism in voice and in action … This initiative did not originate from America independently, but actually as an action and support of the Jewish-Zionist democratic senator Lantos … George Bush intended to issue this law … on his way to Florida, the second biggest Jewish stronghold after New-York, in order to employ this decision in the interest of his election campaign …The American president George Bush has failed out of ignorance to see that Semitism … includes Jews and Arabs alike …

Because Israel is one of the world's countries and is overtly working at annihilating the Palestinian people – who are Semites, and the new American law forbids hostility against them – it is obligatory according to the rules of this law to inflict a deterring and harsh punishment against Israel, for its hostility towards the Semitic Arabs".

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: The Law for Protecting Semitism", ar-Riyad, November 4 2004.



Arafat's Death – Was He Poisoned?

·         "… A contrived matter has occurred secretly … Hasn't Sharon placed Arafat in the agenda of his liquidations of the leaders of the Palestinian struggle? … Whoever returns to the Israeli arch-murderer's statements on the eve of the killing of Hamas leaders … will find a defined and clear statement by Sharon, according to which Yaser Arafat's liquidation is his next object …".

            Muhammad Rida Nasrallah, "Was Arafat 
            Poisoned to Death?", ar-Riyad,
November 23 



·         "… The Jewish Rabbis remembered that the marks of the American hatchet are still on Afghanistan's head. The Americans had an alliance with Afghanistan against the occupation of the Soviet Union, and they brought Afghanistan down after its independence. This is what scares them concerning the future of Israel, which has an alliance with America against the Palestinian people: it is possible that America will conspire against Israel after they gain control over the Middle East area, in its present size or in its big size. This is the reality, which pushed the High Council of Rabbis in Tel Aviv against the reelecting of president George Bush, out of precaution of his taking vengeance on Israel …

America is entangled in two kinds of terror: in Iraq, where America itself commits the terror, and in Palestine, where Israel commits it in lieu of America…

America continues today its terrorist hostility, the object of which is to annihilate the Iraqi people. This was uncovered in its ugliest form in Faluja …".

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: Faluja is an American Crime", ar-Riyad, November 25 2004.


·         Israel sensed this American danger for the world if George Bush rules for a second term. So the High Council of Rabbis in Tel Aviv demanded a few months ago not to elect George Bush for a second term, frightened that he would take vengeance on Israel, which has misled him – directly or indirectly through the Pentagon – regarding the truth about what is happening in Iraq, where he became entangled militarily. President George Bush hurried, in exchange to this Israeli position towards him, to issue a law for the protection of Semitism and the surveillance of those who attack it, on the international level. This caused Tel Aviv to withdraw from its position and to instruct the Zionist Lobby pressure groups to stand by President George Bush, in the last presidential elections. This was one of the main reasons for his success and his winning of a second term …".

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: The Dictatorship of the White House", ar-Riyad, November 11 2004.




·         "… The Arab countries have urgent missions ahead of them – to activate their educational, scientific and research programs … especially in order to restrain the greediness of global Zionism, which has created itself a launching base in the area – Israel – and has provided it with all the loopholes and keys of technology …".

Hamid al-Lahidan, "Human Knowledge – Between Accumulation and Implementation", ar-Riyad, November 26 2004.

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