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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Anti-Semitic article appears in Palestinian Newspaper

Posted: July 2, 2003

The Palestinian daily, Al-Hayat al-Jadida, published on June 24, 2003 an article by Ahmad Dahbour entitled: "Jew against Jew". The writer falsely claims that throughout history Jews victimized other Jews in order to serve their interests and applies this to the current situation in Israel. The following are excerpts from the article:

"The phenomenon of Jew against Jew began in Europe during the Middle Ages and continued until the end of the four first decades of the 20th century... Jew started to be against Jew because of racist reasons as: Ashkenazim against Sephardim, ideological (reasons) as religious against secular, or party (reasons): Ben Gurion against Begin. This enmity reached such a level that Ben Gurion ordered to blow up a ship carrying hundreds of Jews since he saw it as a supreme interest. But if we go back to what was before that, the period of persecution and suffering by the Nazis, we would have read shivering stories about the involvement of Zionist leaders in 'victimizing' many Jews in order to kill two birds with one stone: to get rid of those who disagreed with them, on one hand, and to push all of the Jews to immigrate to Palestine, on the other...I want to conclude from the above mentioned that the readiness of the Jew, especially Zionist, to victimize another Jew in order to fulfill a goal that he considers a supreme goal is a tradition that has been used and known throughout history. This is the frame in which we can put what Sharon's government does nowadays...The interest of the extreme right in the Zionist project is that the Palestinians stay in war, so Jews will be killed, in order it to be a reason for the killing of many Palestinians. This time, Jew against Jew is because he wants the other to be a channel to many massacres to fulfill many interests. Whose interests?...."
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