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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends January - February 2005


Posted: March 25, 2005

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Al-Ahram, January 29, 2005

The cartoon's heading: "A war of blowing up tomorrow's election centers smites Iraq." On the sign: "To the elections." The Iraqi is saying: "Will you allow me, your honor, to send my vote by telephone?"





America and Israel


  • "…The fact that many of America's nuclear weapons scientists were Jewish and pro-Israel is no secret … Although much of the data surrounding Israel's first nuclear espionage against the US may never come to light, the trail of evidence is clear … Only Israel had the ability to penetrate the US nuclear laboratories to the degree necessary to get that data. The scientists of the Manhattan project were predominantly Jewish and pro-Israel. They made no secret of their friendships with Israeli nuclear scientists. Through its penetration of the American nuclear community, Israel has done more than build a nuclear device for so-called defensive purposes. It has turned the cradle of civilization into a nuclear and environmental disaster time bomb… This weapon would have been impossible without the nuclear codes provided by American-Jewish scientists …"

Munzir Sulayman, "Instruments of Doom,' al-Ahram Weekly, February 10-16, 2005



  • "… It is not unknown to President Bush and his administration's staff that a just and comprehensive solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict constitutes the main gate for introducing his missionary message, which carries the titles of democracy and reform. Also, It is not unknown to President Bush and his administration's staff that this matter is not easy, due to the organic intervention of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora in the heart and keys of the American policy. The experience of his father, Bush, is still apparent in his mind, and maybe this is one of the reasons for the signs of hesitation in taking steps that upset Israel …"

Mursi 'Ata'allah, "Nothing New in the Inauguration Speech," al-Ahram, January 20, 2005


  • Israel thinks and believes – and this is announced and published in the Israeli newspapers – that the current international situation was set in order for it to seem as if it is an offering from the sky to the Jewish people, so the dream of great Israel will be achieved. Thus, America is now practically the only steersman in charge of the world policy, and this – lucky for Israel – coincided with the Jewish influence inside America reaching a degree it never had before! … I believe that the religious background of the current American president, George Bush Junior, which is the background of the Christian Zionist right wing, does not maintain for Israel the title of America's spoiled child as was the situation in his predecessor's term, Clinton; but rather the matters jumped a positive jump, so that all of Israel's demands, needs and desires have become answered with not the smallest of difficulty! …"

Mursi 'Ata'allah, "Peace in the Way of Dividing Power and Wealth," al-Ahram, January 20, 2005


  • "… The magnitude and quality of the American support of Israel makes it certain without any doubt that America wants to turn Israel into a repelling instrument,  through which it can achieve the goal of strategic hegemony over the whole area of the Middle East … It may be said – and this is true – that the events of the 9.11.01 provided America with the excuses and pretexts that fit the goals and plans of the Zionist lobby, in order to cut the Arab strings of connection with America … We are facing the strangest relationship ever formed in history, between a world super power, existing no more than 300 years only, and a small country implanted by instruments of force only 56 years ago …"

Mursi 'Atta'allah, "The Motives of Biasness in the Duality of Interests," al-Ahram, January 13, 2005



  • "… Everybody knows that whoever challenges does not challenge only Israel or only America, but both together, for they are both a Zionist-American organization that knows how to realize its dreams. So Israel took over Palestine and America assists Israel on the one hand, and on the other hand America invades Iraq …"

Samir Mahmud as-Sayyid, "The Day the Sun of Freedom Will Shine," al-Ahram al-'Arabi, January 1, 2005


The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act


  • "Is there anyone who denies that the global Zionist movement practices today a gross robbery of many governments and nations?… It is possible to say concerning the phenomenon of the Zionist robbing of the European countries, that its features began to appear after the Second World War. The global Zionist movement has succeeded in creating out of the Nazi crematorium [1] prepared for the Jews in Germany, the Holocaust, a model, a lesson – even a legend! While the crematorium was an incident that actually happened, the Zionist narrative of it carried out an intentional historical forgery in two matters. The first matter concerns the inflation of the number of Holocaust victims and the false claim that it passed 5 million victims, although the realistic evaluations are much less than this, and although the number itself is not important for us, as civilized Arab people that condemn in principal what happened in the crematorium, for the annihilation of one million is no less important than the annihilation of several millions. Yet the second matter regarding the forgery of history is represented in the intentional hiding of the fact that the Holocaust victims were not all Jews …


It is known that the Jewish lobby in America practiced great influence on the American administration since Truman's administration and until President Bush's one … We are in no need to pursue the long history of the Jewish lobby's ability in America to efficiently influence the making of the American foreign policy towards the Middle East in general and in completely supporting the state of Israel especially. Yet it can be said that the global Zionist movement has never before penetrated into the nerves of the American political system as it has done with the administration of President Bush. This is because this conservative and reactionary president, delusional with extreme religious beliefs and fictitious legends, has completely surrendered – him and all his administration's staff from among the neo-conservatives – to the Jewish Zionist lobby. This is because these neo-conservatives are affiliated with an extreme Christian Zionist ideology… This is revealed with all clearness and clarity by the legislation of global anti-Semitism surveillance…


All this means that while the world concentrates on globalizing human problems, the global Zionist movement, backed by the United States of America, proceeds to make Jewish problems special, as if the Jews are a higher race than all mankind, and only they are worthy of protection! The global Zionist movement has succeeded in dragging behind it the stumbling American empire to invade Iraq, as a service for the Israeli policy in a lost battle. And here it is today, twisting its neck in order to adopt an isolationistic direction, contrary to history's movement and to the base of human progress …"

As-Sayyid Yasin, "The Zionist Robbery in the Campaign of anti-Semitism," al-Ahram, January 20, 2005


  • "… On Wednesday, 1.5.2005, the American State Department published its first and interesting report concerning the review and surveillance of anti-Semitism in the world … the clear language of the Zionist organizations and the American Jewish lobby appeared clearly and insolently in the drafting of the report, in its language and precepts and hence in its direct threats!… The hastiness in publishing the report concerning the review and fight against anti-Semitism has an essential purpose … to protect the Israeli crimes against humanity in the west bank and Gaza … The writers of the report belong to the Zionist American fanatics … It also was not strange that the most important organizations of the Zionist American lobby, such as AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League, hurriedly welcomed the brave American step to stop the wave of anti-Semitism! … The final goal is to shut up every voice that is critical or oppositional to the American policy and the hostile Israeli plans …"

Salah ad-Din Hafiz, "The Battles of Semitism and the Crematoriums of Freedom," al-Ahram, Janury 12, 2005


  • "… Many read this behavior (The American State Department's Report on anti-Semitism) as an official American bias towards the Jews, and not towards – or on the expense of – others. This is what casts strong shadows of doubt over the honesty of its motives. Yet the more important matter is that this represents a growth in the power of the extreme Zionist organizations in the United States, and an attempt to get the United States entangled in the use of different kinds of official, symbolic and physical violence against those 'accused' … there is no doubt that racism against Muslims is more cruel (than hatred of Jews). Here, the racist discrimination against the Palestinians holds a high rank on the list… The ugliest kinds of racist propaganda are being practiced against the Palestinians, coming especially from Israel and the Zionist movement… Concerning the definition that was adopted by the American State Department, this is the one drawn by the Jewish Encyclopedia, which believes that criticizing Israel is a form of anti-Semitism. In this way, this definition raises Israel to the degree of a holy state that cannot be criticized… The European Muslims themselves are the victims of discrimination in which participate with zeal Zionist writers. The Muslims in Europe do not own anything nearly influential on the media that resembles one percent of what the Jews enjoy …

Hence, the main moral responsibility for the spread of anti-Semitism falls on the United States itself, which has dealt uniquely with the Jews on the expense of others from among the victims of the Nazi Crematorium and the victims of racism in general … Hatred towards the Jews should be condemned, yet all other kinds of racism should be condemned, including Zionist racism."

Dr. Muhammad as-Sayid Sa'id, "A Report that lost its Integrity," al-Ahram, January 10, 2005


The 60th Anniversary of Auschwitz's Liberation


  • "… The Jews succumbed to the massacre with virtually no resistance, and have since exhibited a stronger ability to resist their enemies than any other community. Thus they transformed from extreme weakness to extreme shrewdness and power…

Jews are not entitled to take the persecution they went through as means and justification to deprive everyone else but themselves from their rights… especially the Palestinian people. Being subjected to crimes of persecution does not justify committing crimes of persecution against others …

What cannot be denied is that Auschwitz began to symbolize the Jewish problem more than the Nazis' crimes in general, although the Jewish prisoners constituted an important part, but one part only from among those who were tortured until their last breath in Auschwitz, not to mention the other Nazi annihilation camps. The process has transformed mainly into a Jewish problem, not a problem that touches on all mankind ... The establishment of the state of Israel in the year 1948 was the next step in focusing the lights on the Jewish tragedy – without similarly noticing the tragedy of others …

The ceremony in Auschwitz is a victory to Zionism's ability to mobilize worldwide, more than it is a victory of the human race over Nazism specifically."

Muhammad Sayyid Ahmad, "Auschwitz," al-Ahram, February 3, 2005


  • "In his address to the UN General Assembly's first special session to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi camps in Auschwitz on Monday (1.24.05), UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan rightly said that humanity has not learned from this Jewish tragedy. He referred to past 'evils' in Cambodia, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia and cited Sudan's Darfur as a recent case of genocide. It is at moments such as these that most Arab listeners would cringe at the diplomatic omission of the 57-year-old tragedy caused by Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine and its disastrous consequences. Or is this anti-Semitic thinking? According to the US State Department's first report on Global anti-Semitism – as mandated by the Global anti-Semitism Review Act passed by Congress in October 2004 – issued earlier this month, it could very well be … And in twisting a fact like Israeli occupation, isn't the State Department denying the tragedy of the Palestinian people which is no less morally wrong than denying the Holocaust? Or is this anti-Semitic thinking yet again? …"

Amira Howeidy, "Eroding International Law," al-Ahram Weekly, January 27, – February 2, 2005


  • "While Israel commits the ugliest racist crimes against the Palestinian people … it still continues to rob the world through exploiting the Nazi crematorium, the 60th anniversary of which was commemorated by the United Nations in a historical session yesterday (1.24.05) …

We demand that the formation of the international organization's protective umbrella will not be restricted to the Jews only, but that it will be stretched to all groups that are exposed to persecution or racist policies, primarily the Palestinian people who face all kinds of war crimes and annihilation …

If the Israeli Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom warned from what he called the danger of anti-Semitism's return, then we emphasize that this warning does not reflect a real problem, as much as it constitutes an Israeli method of robbing the world and achieving financial and moral support, in order to cover its crimes of racism in the conquered territories…Israel has succeeded through its misguiding propaganda to issue a law last year from the American president George Bush's administration, to observe what it considers to be phenomena of anti-Semitism around the world. This law constitutes a restriction of freedom in the world… It is unfortunate that the United Nations adopts the same Israeli discourse without noticing the suffering of the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation, which is no less horrific than what the Jews went through under the Nazi soldiers …It is certain that continuing to practice the double standard policy, be it by the American administration or the United Nations, will not eventually stop the recurrence of these kinds of crimes – as long as Israel continues to snatch these rights and deprive others of them, by the Holocaust massacre claim"

The editor in chief of al-Ahram al-Masa'i, "A Clear Israeli Robbery," January 25, 2005




  • "… Justifying Israel's existence as a compensation for the Crematorium is an act that washes and purifies the Palestinian Crematorium by the Tel Aviv gang. The Germans did it, so why do the Palestinians pay the bill? …"

Sayyid 'Ali, "Simply," al-Ahram al-'Arabi, February 5, 2005


  •  "…We can understand the view of (Claude) Lanzmann and his likes, regarding their attack against the film (Oliver Hirschbiegel's "Der Untergang", "The Downfall"). For the meaning of this is the destruction of the legends that they weaved concerning this Nazi savage – as if he was alive and is even threatening them too! – and thus finding new views about history and shifting the profits from their pockets to the pockets of others, after their imagination was aimed at exploiting profitably the idea of Nazi persecution of the world in general and the Jews specifically … The attack awaiting "The Downfall" reminds us of the attack on the Australian actor and director Mel Gibson, when "The Passion of the Christ" was played: any deviation from the Zionist version is considered a crime! We cannot ignore Nazism's fanaticism or its hostility against its neighboring countries, nor Hitler's tyranny or the downfall of Germany. Yet the inflation that occurred to this person and his assistants was fed to a great degree by fertile imagination … In the end, the story is connected to Europe and the Europeans and does not concern others. Yet in an attempt to win the world's sympathy, Hitler's image was exaggeratingly deformed …"

Riyam 'Azmi, "Hitler's Return!" al-Ahram al-'Arabi, January 29, 2005


  • "… 'Under the pretext of fighting terror, which is actually a legitimate resistance to a criminal and barbarian military occupation, Israel is committing Nazi-like crimes against our civilians,' said Mohamed Agha, a local PA official in Khan Younis ..."

Khaled 'Amayreh, "The Axioms of Resistance," al-Ahram Weekly, December 30, 2004 – January 5, 2005




  • "… Hence, the outcome of the results contradicts all the expectations that tempted the Iraqi people, especially since there is a terrorist racist organization that follows from close up and from far away all the calculations and aspirations that tempt the Iraqi people. These might open a door for this organization in order for it to strengthen the standing of its racist minority, be it from among the Iraqi Jews or the other infiltrators!… Hence the eye might not see the dimensions of the Zionist ambitious designs that may not be visible …"

Zakariya Nil, "History's Memory: The Dazzling Results of the Elections …" al-Ahram, February 5, 2005


  • "… This talk about danger calls for a direct or implicit allusion to the European, American and Zionist imperialistic plans … Whoever denies the conspiracies of division, of ethnical and sectarian play – does not know anything about the history of the western and Zionist colonialist policy and diplomacy …"

Dr. Muhammad as-Sayyid Sa'id, "A New Concept for the Arab Country," al-Ahram, January 31, 2005


  • "… (Ahmad as-Suyufi, the interviewer): 'They say that there is a Zionist presence that penetrated Iraqi establishments and entered many Iraqi areas, be it from the Mosad, through Israeli soldiers or by Zionist merchants. What is your evaluation of this?' (Harith ad-Dary, the official spokesman for the Forces that Resist the American Occupation): 'Yes, this is true. The Zionist presence is now evident in Iraq: in Baghdad alone there are 36 offices of the Mossad under different fa?ades, such as security protection companies and contracting offices… some of those detained in the occupation's prisons said that those who investigated them were Israelis and not American Jews. It may be added that there are large activities of purchasing lands and real estate at unbelievable prices beyond their real value… the majority of those who buy them are Jewish …"

Ahmad as-Suyufi, "Dr. Harith ad-Dari: … The Mosad Penetrated Baghdad in 36 Stations," al-Ahram al-'Arabi, January 29, 2005


  • "… All of them – be they official Israeli delegations, companies, business men or private men who own an Israeli passport – spread all over Africa, in an effort to exploit its treasures, especially diamonds. The civil war in Angola was an opportunity for some, mainly the Israelis, to conclude beneficial contracts and to achieve big financial gains by importing weapons to the fighting sides there …"

'Adil Shahbun, "Israel and the Search for Diamonds in Africa," al-Ahram, January 23, 2005


  • "…I bet that Osama Bin Laden is an Israeli agent, and the proof is that while he roars with Jihad sermons, he has not committed one operation inside Israel! …"

Ahmad Najib, readers' comments in Salah Muntasir's column "Just an Opinion", al-Ahram, January 15, 2005


  • "…The Turkish political and military circles have exposed their concern regarding what they considered as a suspicious Israeli activity in northern Iraq. They said that this includes a campaign to buy lands and a presence of the Mossad, in the context of corporation with the Kurdish-Iraqi factions. According to a Turkish ex-military senior, Israel's strategic interest is the founding of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq…

The Turkish foreign policy makers take into account a constant factor in the relationship with Israel – the extent of the influence of the Zionist lobby, Israel's supporter in the United States, on Washington's policies in general and concerning Ankara specifically. In light of Ankara's concern for its strategic relationship with Washington, it must endeavor not to upset this influential lobby, which may play influential and important roles concerning Turkey …"

'Abd al-Halim Ghazali, "… The Turkish-Israeli Relationship and Ankara's Role in the Peace Process," al-Ahram, January 11, 2005


  •  "…In the entrance to the Nes Zionia Center (The Israel Institute for Biological Research), there is a big picture of the famous Jewish doctor Moses Ben Maymon, who lived in the 12th century in Cairo. He wrote a famous book on lethal poisons and their treatment, in which he revealed how to get rid of political adversaries with poison that makes it hard do determine who the perpetrator is. This is the method, which other Jewish doctors excelled in …"

'Adil Hamuda, "Poison and Politics in Egypt," al-Ahram, January 8, 2005





  • "The strict Jews in Israel adhere to many harsh restrictions … The violence of these forces and their strictness … reaches the level of killing women and even torturing them when they discover that they have practiced unlawful sex and adultery. The Israeli newspapers have brought tens of stories on these crimes … On this basis, honor crimes in Israel constitute an important religious basic element, which wins its holiness and is supported by the great rabbis and men of religion. They even curse any person who fights this phenomenon and religiously accuse him of infidelity …"

Mu'tizz Ahmad, "Honor Crimes in Israel – a Religious Obligation," al-Ahram al-'Arabi, February 19, 2005


  • "When the ears of the Jews flared up by the words of the singer Sha'ban 'Abd ar-Rahim 'I hate Israel', they didn't find anyone better than Michael Jackson, the king of pop, to light up the delusional ones' zeal with the song 'I hate the Arabs.' Although this propaganda song has shown the extent of Jackson's loyalty to the Jewish Kabala – which seems to be a visa for the most famous artists of the world in order to stay at the peak for the longest time – nevertheless, the Jewish capital that controls most of the American media did not pay Jackson any attention, and didn't even throw him a life buoy to save him from diving into the scandal's drain of being accused of sexually molesting children…

(Jackson) is facing some of life's facts that he has ignored prior to his swinging – like the apes – to the rhythm of Arab hate… The blacks or the pigs[2] are not allowed even today and even if they all embrace Kabala to continue being on fame's peak forever."

Usama ad-Dalil, "The Pigs Do it, and Michael Jackson Too …" al-Ahram al-'Arabi, February 12, 2005


"… (Israel) began tearing up the Palestinian body into pieces. Until now Israel practices its savage methods against Arab Palestine which has become prey between the canine teeth of Sharon, who deserves the nickname Dracula, for he is sucking the blood of the Palestinian people in order to take over Palestine and annihilate its people … the power of the Jews is growing …"

Samir Mahmud as-Sayyid, "When Will the Day of Victory Come?" al-Ahram al-'Arabi, February 12, 2005


  • Mel Gibson's film 'The Passion of the Christ' disappeared, as it was not nominated (for the Oscar)… "Ben Hur," "The Ten Commandments," "Cleopatra" and other religious movies always competed and won through the prize's history, yet these films either did not deal with any Jewish aspects or dealt with them in a positive splendid light, in contrary to the situation with 'The Passion of the Christ'. Many of the voters here are Jewish, and their votes most definitely constitute a big part …"

Muhammad Rida, "Why Haven't Gibson's Christ and Moore's Bush Entered the Race?" al-Ahram al-'Arabi, February 5, 2005


  • "…Still until today, every year Harvard University is exposed to a Zionist defamation campaign, because it welcomed in the middle of this month in the year 1934 one of the German graduates of the university, Ernst Hanfstaengl … because he joined the German Nazi party and became close to Hitler himself …"

Muhammad as-Sammak, "Learned Ones or Spies?" al-Ahram, January 19, 2005


  • "… The third chapter of the Koran alludes to the Jews and to their wicked intentions, their conspiring against other nations, their slyness, deception and hatred of the truth and the people who carry it. This chapter contains a warning for the Muslims regarding the Jews and those who gather around them – polytheists, infidels and the misguided …"

Dr. Zaghlul an-Najjar, "From the Secrets of the Koran …" al-Ahram, February 14, 2005



·         Jesus, peace be upon him, collided with the literal Jewish interpretation of the holy law… His summoning agitated the Jewish priests. Every word of his raised the weapon of refusal against them and uncovered their behavior and revealed their hypocrisy. The Conquering Roman authorities kept away from the struggle at the beginning… but the conspiracies on behalf of the priests began to be contrived against Jesus the son of Mary …"

Ahmad Bahjat, "Holy Christmas," al-Ahram, January 7, 2005


[1] Crematorium (muhraqa in Arabic) is a term used by Arab writers in reference to the Holocaust.

[2] According to Muslim tradition, some Jews were punished by Allah and transformed into apes; thus, the Jews are sometimes referred to as apes while the Christians are sometimes referred to as pigs.

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