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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends January - February 2005


Posted: March 25, 2005

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The 60th Anniversary of Auschwitz's Liberation


  • "…As is known, the Jewish media machine has managed to employ this incident (the Holocaust) in what serves its strategic interests, overstepping the scandalous exaggerations and contradictions that afflict its inflating view of the incident, as its narrative claims that the crematorium's victims reach six million… the basic goal of the Jews regarding their continuous inflation of the Holocaust is seen in receiving more profits and materialistic benefits, even if this is accomplished by forging history and counterfeiting documents! … Naturally, they (the victims) were not all Jews, on the contrary: the Jews may not have constituted a tenth of them… This is sufficient as yet another proof for the global Jewish influence; the Jewish lobby in France has succeeded already in 1990 to issue the Gayssot law, which punishes with prison anyone who doubts the Holocaust … It's a world full of peculiarities and contradictions, and there is no voice in it that surpasses the Jewish voice, even if it is the voice of science, intellect and research!"

Dr. Jasim al-Fahid, "… The Holocaust and the Golden Sacrifice," ar-Ray al-'Amm (Kuwait,) January 25, 2005

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