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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends January - February 2005

Saudi Arabia

Posted: March 25, 2005

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Ar-Riyad, January 23, 2005   

Arab News, January 12, 2005




America and Israel


  • "… It is no longer a secret that the religious delusions and the right wing Zionist-becoming conservative thinking that was established by (Levi) Straus the Jew, are what rule the policies of the current American administration …"

Rakan al-Majali, "The Religious and Intellectual Right Wing Background of Bush's Speech on the State of the Union," ar-Riyad, February 12, 2005


  • " … This (American) administration combines national fanaticism, Evangelical thinking and the belief in Americanizing the world … Like most of the thoughts in which the extreme Christian right wing believes in, you will find in the end of the rope a Jewish person …"

Fahd 'Amir al-Ahmadi, "Will Bush Light up the Armageddon Battle?" ar-Riyad, February 3, 2005


  • "… The American administration, ruled by the logic of the extreme religious right wing, was in need for a shock such as 9.11 in order to begin its global imperialistic project against this region, not because it wants to fight terror as it claims, but on the contrary – because it wants to bring about broader terror, through provocative policies … It claims that it wants reforms, while it endeavors with all means to destroy the area, to confuse it and to try and fragmentize it… the worst thing about these policies today is that they are implemented for the benefit of the Zionist project in the region…

The government of the United States of America is the one who fed this struggle (in Sudan), especially in recent years. America strived to increase the vehemence of the disputes; it preserved the rebel movement, encouraged it to raise the mode of violence and lit up the burning war…

Yet the biggest tragedy on the Arab and Muslim level is the insistence on behalf of the United States of America to employ all its abilities… for one goal – the subjugation of all its options and policies to the Zionist project, the object of which is to terminate the Palestinian problem. America wants to turn this region into a ghetto cake-pan and cut it up with its sharpened knifes according to the measures of the Israeli greediness. Likewise, all of America's political, military, economical and cultural choices are a weapon in the hand of the Zionists and the gang of the extreme Zionist-becoming conservative religious right wing that rules the White House today. The ruling group does not hide its thinking and position, it is more right wing than Sharon and more extreme than the fanatical Zionists …"

Rakan al-Majali, "Iraq and Sudan are 2 Different Models of the American Change!" ar-Riyad, January 15, 2005



  • "…There is no doubt that the Jews have benefited much from the First and Second World Wars. Towards the end of the First World War the Balfour promise was announced, and after the Second World War the establishment of the state of Israel was announced…

The new world order led by America has become an obedient instrument in the hands of Zionist extremism, closely united with the religious right wing fanaticism of the neo-conservatives, who rule America… This incident (the 9.11.01) was planned carefully, as the Zionists and the conservative right wing succeeded in dragging the government of the United States of America into becoming a hostile instrument, in redrawing the region and controlling it, according to the Israeli interests … Hence the United States of America became a side in Sharon's mad war against the defenseless Palestinian People… All this comes down to the political extremist American plan, merged with the racist Zionist plan …"

Rakan al-Majali, "The Promise of a Palestinian State, the Spring of the Zionist Dream and the Autumn of the Arab Hopes," ar-Riyad, January 8, 2005


The 60th Anniversary of Auschwitz's Liberation


  • "… In order for the leaders of Israel and Zionism to put an end to the attack on the state of Israel and the Zionist movement, they endeavored in both parts of the American congress to issue a bill demanding the American administration to follow and put surveillance on what they called acts of 'anti-Semitism'…

From among these activities (of the United States Institute of Peace) was the pressure put on the United Nations to lead a ceremony for the anniversary of the crematorium which was committed by the Nazis … the United Nations should have included other people that were burnt by the Nazis, such as the gypsies, the communists, the sexually abnormal and etc; yet Zionism wants all the cake only for itself … The Jewish activity moves along according to a defined strategy and superior studies …"

Dr. Fawzi al-Asmar, "The Jewish Activities and the Arab Weakness," ar-Riyad, February 14, 2005


  • "… The memory of the nuclear bombs' fall on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is not far from the history of this massacre (The Holocaust). The difference is that in the first many Jews among others were killed, and in the second Japanese … This happened more than 60 years ago, Gas or electrical crematoriums. People were dragged from their homes and tortured because of their beliefs or because they were against Nazism, whatever their religion was. The bigger crematorium and the bigger destruction was that America burnt 2 whole cities in Japan

We see what happened 60 years ago and do not see what is happening today… The UN wants to remind the world of the crematorium which has ended and which the Jews have exploited in whatever way: they have taken over what they don't deserve, and even put on the Swiss banks different pressures to take over the Jews' money, even if these Jews have actual inheritors … But what does the UN say about the hundreds of thousands of civilian Iraqis that were annihilated… will the UN be satisfied with the weapon of anti-Semitism as a weapon imposed against view and freedom, so crematoriums such as Hitler's will return?…"

Sharifa ash-Shamlan, "It Happened More than 60 Years Ago," ar-Riyad, February 13, 2005


  • "…It is clear that the General Secretary of the UN, Kofi Annan, intends to flatter the world's Jews so they will be pleased with him and thus convince Israel to forgive his attack on it by criticizing publicly Israel's hostile conduct against the Palestinian people and land, and so they will remove America's anger from him, after America threatened to remove him from his international respected position…

 (Kofi Annan) demanded that the coming generations be alert so that what happened to the Jews in the Nazi German crematorium will not happen again, without talking about the American crematorium happening today in Iraq, with the honor violations in the prisons, the killing of people in the streets and the attack on the Islamic religion all over earth. If this hostility doesn't really constitute an American 'Holocaust' against the Arabs and the Muslims, then why doesn't the General Secretary of the UN, Kofi Annan, offer us a name for it, and for the Zionist 'holocaust' too… against the Palestinian people and their mass murdering in the streets? Wasn't it more appropriate of Kofi Annan to point the blaming finger from his seat in the UN towards the American crazy crematorium in Iraq and the Zionist crematorium in Palestine?… Kofi Annan spoke about what happened in the past by the German dictatorship against men and homelands in the world, with the aim of subjugating the whole world to Nazi rule … he did not speak about what is happening today by the American dictatorship against men and homelands in the world, with the aim of subjugating the whole world to the crazy right wing rule in Washington…

The truth is that what happened in Nazi Germany was a punishment for the Jews and others for committing the great crime of treason against the homeland, while the homeland was at war. Concerning the Nazi crematorium… there is a lot of exaggeration according to the French philosopher Roger Garoudi, and a lot of excessiveness according to the British historian David Irving, in his statistical studies. These French and British views are supported by the favored position which the Jews enjoyed with the German chancellor Adolph Hitler, who used to 'see the sun and the moon' in the eyes of his Jewish lover, Eva Braun."

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: The United Nations Conducts a Ceremony For the Jews," ar-Riyad, February 3, 2005


  • "… Europe lives in a state of actual gradual bias towards Israel, despite the Israeli claims that anti-Semitism is growing in that area of the world; the purpose of these claims is to justify the acts of pressure and robbery that Israel practices on the different European governments, and the acts of terror against those that Israel calls 'neo-Nazis' and terrorist Muslims!

In this context, the scene in Auschwitz was noticeable this year, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the camp's liberation … Why don't they gather around against the open crematorium that is being conducted against the Palestinians?… The scene in Auschwitz, which was based on the rejection of oppression, coercion and hostility, is not complete because it is incumbent upon those who gathered there to reject oppression, coercion and hostility in another territory and against another nation, especially since the oppressor, the hostile one, the one who coerces and the terrorist is the same one around whom they are gathering, showing solidarity with him because he was exposed in the past to a crematorium… One might say: behind Auschwitz there stands a problem, a nation, an administration and political, media and financial establishments dynamically operated, and this is true…"

Ghazi al-'Aridi, "From Gaza to Auschwitz," ar-Riyad, January 30, 2005


  • "…Whoever talks differently from what is prevailingly presented about the Holocaust (the Nazi crematorium against the Jews), does not find anyone who will allow him the opportunity, but might be exposed to questioning that will reach the level of punishment by jail and fines! Where is the freedom of expression? Where is the freedom of press?…"

'Abd al-Wahid al-Hamid, "The Media – Society's Lung," ar-Riyad, January 15, 2005




  • "…It is strange that the British people reproached Prince Harry, the queen's grandson, for wearing a Nazi uniform at a costume party, despite the fact that the crimes committed by the United States against humanity are worse than the Nazi crimes."

'Abd Khazandar, "They Order the People and Forget Themselves!" ar-Riyad, January 23, 2005


  • "… The blond, blue-eyed Turks, Iranians and Europeans who live in their lands or emigrated from these lands to America, descended from Yefet the son of Noah. They call themselves the Aryan race and they believe that God has created the earth and all that is on it in order to subjugate it for the Aryan race. This megalomania was represented in the first half of the previous century, the twentieth century, by German's Nazi chancellor Adolph Hitler, who has imposed on the world the 'Second World War', so Germany will become 'on top of everybody'. At the beginning of the current century, the twenty first century, it is represented by the American President George Bush Junior, who imposed on the world a 'war of terror', so America will become 'on top of everybody.' They both constitute an aggression against nations and people, in a way that makes them both oppose human rights …

The Arabs and the Jews called one another cousins. Yet the Jews' conspiracies in the lands where they lived caused those nations to become anti-Semitic, and this damaged the Arabs. When the Jews acquired secret influence, such as the 'Zionist lobby' pressure groups in America and other countries in Europe, they endeavored with slyness to monopolize the origin of Semitism for the Jews alone without the Arabs. Under the umbrella of this wrong understanding of Semitism, the American President George Bush Junior issued a resolution during his election campaign in order to please the Jews and gain their votes, a resolution that imposes harsh sanctions on whoever is anti-Semitic … This caused America to contradict itself by protecting Semitism represented by the Jews, and attacking Semitism represented by the Arabs …"

Rida Muhammad Lary, "The Flood of East Asia," ar-Riyad, January 13 2005




  • "…The high human sentiment is far from the path of power's arrogance, racist inclination and the religious discrimination, far away from the making of accusations that are crystallized inside the lobbies of rancor, schemes and the circles of the Zionist secret services everywhere, and far away too from the greed of the monopolizing companies and their owners from among those who have Zionist tendencies – those who are not satisfied unless they steel the fates of the nations and their resources…

The planned Zionist attack on the Middle East region, including the media attack which is led by the brilliant men of the Zionist thinking, be it in the media, the publishing houses, the cultural circle or through the legislation and decision making centers – all this is terror…

Whoever checks the history of the Zionist movement will find that it is experienced and a pioneer in using terror as means and legitimizing… Democracy is a good and even an excellent method theoretically, but it has become in the actions of the Zionist movement and its practice a method in which poison is inserted in the honey, so that the nations will accept it without knowing what is being weaved behind the curtains … The American people are still shut off from the world and are listening to the local media, controlled by a handful of Zionists in a direct or indirect way … This is why we must turn to ourselves and look for solutions and useful ways to reach these people who are taken over by those who own the capital and the media…"

Dr. Hamd Ibn Abdullah al-Lahidan, "Fighting Terror is The Responsibility of Everyone," ar-Riyad, February 11, 2005


  • "…This obvious hostile American role against Sudan did not come from Washington alone, but came with Israeli support … Israel trained those who rebelled against Khartoum in the district of Darfur and supplied them with weapons so they would succeed in separating this district from Sudan.

In addition to this Israeli support of the rebels in the Darfur district, a hundred Israeli rabbis announced they will conduct and continue their prayers in every synagogue – a Jewish worshiping place – for the failure of the international conference for the fight against terror, which was held last week in ar-Riyad, so the war against the Arab 'others' will continue … and the government and rule in Sudan will be given to the Christians…

I am honored to add my voice to the voice of the Sudanese people who demand that the American leaders be presented in front of the International Court of Justice in Hague, and put to trial for committing the crime of mass annihilation of the Afghani and Iraqi people, and likewise that the Israeli leaders be presented in front of the International Court of Justice in Hague, and condemned for the crime of mass annihilation of the Palestinian people… "

Rida Muhammad Lary, "I Want to Say: Christianizing the Ruling in Sudan," ar-Riyad, February 10, 2005


  • "… Israel and America are striving to find a Shi'ite 'crescent' in order to create a polarization, which will allow them to light up the next war between Sunnites and Shi'ites, a war that Israel will endeavor to kindle…

Lack of stability in the Arab region serves Israel, the economical stumbling of the Arab nations serves Israel, the backwardness in teaching serves Israel

The conspirators strive to keep the balance of power in order to guarantee that the war continues for as long as possible, so that the largest possible degree of killing and destruction will occur in the land of Islam and the Muslims… The region will be divided up between the war leaders, that is: the region will turn into cantons and small states with no power that will carry out the orders of Tel Aviv and Washington. Yes, this scenario leads us to believe that the founding of al-Qaida organization is nothing but part of this scenario, and that the terror, the charge of infidelity [1] and the blowing up is nothing more than introductions to this horrific plan. I always ask: why wasn't Israel attacked on 9.11.01?…

The people of the west hear about Islam and its constituents through the directed Zionist media and the writers who are hired by the Israeli secret services, the Jewish organizations and the extreme right wing Zionist Christian organizations … The Israeli secret services have proven that they are behind every disgraceful act. They are attacking and moving about everywhere today without any objection. They are liquidating the Jihad leaders in Palestine, and in Iraq they are liquidating the Sunnite religious scholars, the University professors and the religious scholars of Iraq

The defamation of the reputation of Arabs and Muslims in America is an old matter that came before the Zionist lobby penetrated the media …"

Hamd Ibn Abdullah al-Lahidan, "The Double Mastering of the Sunnites and the Shi'ites," ar-Riyad, January 28, 2005


  • "…There is no doubt that Islam today is exposed to a vicious Zionist imperialistic attack. The truth is that it is a continuous attack, yet its stench and smell have filled up the noses and clogged the souls. The catastrophe is that the attack on Islam comes in the form of numerous axis, some of which are military, some are intellectual, some are economical and some are connected to security…

The charge of infidelity and blowing up are not instruments of reform but of corruption on earth, behind which stand legions of those who benefit from this, primarily the Israeli secret services that do their work in Palestine and Iraq and in every enlightened Islamic place. Then come those who have economical and military interests in the region, primarily the Christian Zionist-becoming extreme right wing, which signed an alliance with Zionism to split the good and the bad …

Today there is another book called 'The Prophet of Doom', published and circulated by the fanatical Christian right wing and the Zionist organizations in America … There is no doubt that the book's author, Craig Winn, has other books against Islam, their cost paid for in advance by the Israeli secret services and the Zionist organization …

The nations of the west are peaceful nations… yet these nations too have a decisive word if they wake up, understand the trickery and use democracy in its bright and pretty form, far away from the monopoly of the misleading media and the hegemonic Zionist lobby."

Hamd Ibn Abdullah al-Lahidan, "Fortification Against Penetration," ar-Riyad, January 28, 2005


  • "…The money collection in the Jewish society for their own benefit has historical roots, and goes back to the critical periods in which the Jews in different areas of the world were exposed to persecution, due to their racism and black rancor towards the nations…

The big Jewish organizations used different ways and methods to seduce people personally or morally to donate, such as writing their names with the sums that they donated… as there are different slogans by which money is collected, like: 'save the Israeli people', 'the Jews are in danger' and 'pay a dollar to kill an Arab…' the money that is collected by the Jews is for killing Arabs and Muslims, stirring civil strife among them, attaching descriptions and attributes to them such as 'terror' and 'backwardness,' shaking their security and stability, hindering their progress and last but not least – portraying the Islamic nation as the nation that threatens western civilization…

The war of Zionism against the Islamic charitable activity came as a result of their background and their exploitation of charitable activity for conspiring … Indeed, their circles and centers of strategic studies have concentrated on the Arab and Islamic world. They have prepared secret studies for dealing with and destroying every activity, belief and positive tendency among the Arabs and Muslims, sometimes by pressure, at other times by blockade and yet other times by war, if necessary. They have used implanting and spreading of terror as means and a goal: if terror does not exist in the society that they hate – they create it, for they are the pioneers and producers of terror throughout history …"

Hamd Ibn Abdullah al-Lahidan, "The Connection Between Terror and Charitable Activity in Zionist Thinking," ar-Riyad, January 21, 2005


  • "…There exists an American Israeli plan aimed at subjugating the whole Middle East region in its current size or in its big size (which is demanded by Tel Aviv) with the backing and support of Washington, to the influence of the 'Zionist lobby' pressure group over all the region's countries, in order to attack their religious beliefs, to play with their cultural inheritance, to influence their social conduct, to control their economical abilities and to direct their political decisions. This, in order for Israel to become the one who has the absolute authority in the whole Middle East region… Washington and Tel Aviv endeavored together to rearrange the situation in the Middle East before the American military leaves Iraq … Thus, the Israeli plan is no longer restricted to settling the situation in the Palestinian territories that its occupying, but broadened to include the whole Middle East region, with the goal of subjugating all of it to Tel Aviv's leadership… We cannot separate this Israeli plan, imperialistic over the Arab world in a new way, from the Qualified Industrial Zones (agreement)[2]… all the region's taxes will go in the end to Israel's pockets …

This American move concerning the Qualified Industrial Zones did not come by chance… This American guidance came in order to pay back the bill of the American president George Bush's reelection to a second presidential term … the Zionists completely covered the sum of 40 million American dollars, which is the total cost of the last elections campaign. Today they are demanding insistently that the White House pay back this bill by taking care of the big Israeli interests in the Middle East region…

It is clear that Israel contrived an imperialistic, dangerous and new plan, aimed at subjugating the countries of the Middle East region to Tel Aviv's will, the goal of which is to change the values and principals so these countries will lose their Arab identity and their Islamic belief will be shocked …"

Rida Muhammad Lary, "Israel's Regional Leadership," ar-Riyad, January 20, 2005


  • "… It is clear that there is an organized campaign, in which the Christian right wing and the Jewish organizations in America take part, not only to deform Islam's image in the eyes of non-Muslims, but also to cause the Muslims to doubt their religion …"

'Abd al-Wahid al-Hamid, "The Prophet of Death and the Attack on Islam," ar-Riyad, January 17, 2005


  • "… For over a year our beloved country, the Saudi Arabian Kingdom, has witnessed a series of terror acts… the filthy and suspicious hands connected to global Zionism refused to let our country continue to enjoy quiet and stability …".

Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad al-'Urf, "Terror and the Responsibility of Confrontation," ar-Riyad, January 8, 2005


  • "…Yet I do not believe that the (Conference) will inevitably lead to decisive solutions and positive results that might change the historical Jewish hatred towards Islam and the Muslims, for history is full of events that always give testimony to the Jewish conspiracies against Islam. If we return to our Islamic history even before the appearing of the messenger (Muhammad), may Allah's prayer and peace be upon him, we will find that there were Jews who were announcing the appearing of a prophet in the Arabian peninsula, and who were trying to raise the Arab tribes' anger with this matter, believing that this prophet will appear from among them. When the prophet, may Allah's prayer and peace be upon him, was sent and not from among them, they did not believe in him and denied his mission, although they knew that he was the expected prophet. Yet they did not stop at this: they displayed total enmity towards him and the Muslims, out of their own jealousness. Their hatred towards Islam continued with a conspiracy against the Muslims in the battle of the parties,[3] by making an alliance with the infidels against the Muslims. The Jewish conspiracies against Islam continued consecutively until their parts were completed with the taking over of conquered Palestine … Despite this completion from their point of view, they never did stop their conspiracies against Islam and the Muslims; they continued them by making alliances with Christian fundamentalism against Islam, which they considered their prime enemy …"

Hani Wafa, "The Conference of Imams and Rabbis – a Look at the Past," ar-Riyad, January 5, 2005




  • "…They rely in this belief on distorted texts in some of their religious books.[4] Based on this belief, the Jews who are conquering Palestine established their laws and social relations and separated between themselves and the rest of humanity in political and social matters. We even find this in their educational programs, according to which they educate their children… Refusing to merge (with non-Jews) in societies of the Jewish Diaspora is justified… The morale of children concentrates on supporting the feeling among the children that wars are inevitable for the guarantying of the Israeli biological existence… The children are psychologically prepared for accepting the idea of compulsory service when they reach the right age for this, and they are ready for engaging in wars…"

Dr. Nura Khalid as-Sa'd, "Where Is the Real Terror?" ar-Riyad, February 20, 2005


  • "… What is more important is the increasing waves that can be seen in the Jewish hegemony over the nerves of the Russian economy, and the spreading of harsh gaps between the monopolizing capitalism run by this minority and another national capitalism, which has understood that selling Russia's main possessions will turn the Jewish hegemony into a phenomenon that cannot be defeated …"

Ar-Riyad editorial, "A Cold War with New Means," ar-Riyad, February 19, 2005



  • "… The West's mentality… has drowned in the swamp of inheritance, swept away by the gushing waves coming from the Zionist centers that control the media …"

Ali Bukhamsin, "From Conflict to Contract: Oil Isn't Dollars," ar-Riyad, January 19, 2005


  • "…(Israel) has not become and will never become a friend to the Arabs, as long as its political entity is based on a racist philosophy which hates others… A few years ago the United Nations issued a resolution considering Zionism a racist and anti-human movement …

The "Mediterranean Clinic" magazine (issue no. 70 from April 2004) revealed a letter by the famous Jewish psychologist Sigmund Freud… 'I believe that Palestine can never turn into a Jewish state…' Freud has adhered to his decisive view against the racism of the members of his own race, racism that is hateful towards others, even when he was running away from Vienna to London in 1938 after the Nazi attack… This letter was intentionally hidden all along the period of the entity's establishment. If it had been published at the time, it would have caused uproar in global circles against the Zionist project!… The question here is why do those who are eager for a peace contract – whatever the agreement concerning it may be between Israel and the Arabs – remove the opinions of some Jews who know the truth about themselves and their Zionist projects?  Why do they adhere to their positions automatically, revealing ignorance that obscures reality and disgusting deception of the truth? This is the opposite of what Freud's scientific and human conscience has freed itself from, despite his Judaism!"

Muhammad Rida Nasrullah, "Between Freud and Abbas," ar-Riyad, January 10, 2005


  • "…We have a king with a nation, weapons and equipment

            Zion does not shake us nor do those who are like the Jews.

            No, oh bats of darkness, people of corruption …"[1]

Salih Falih al-Mal'abi, "Bats of Darkness," ar-Riyad, January 6 2005


  • "…Oh youth of the kingdom in every neighborhood

             No exceeding in religion, no thinking like the Jew …"

'Irin al-Layth, ar-Riyad, January 6, 2005


  • "… We also do not forget the historical series. Israel and America caused a big uproar concerning some of these series with the aim of erasing the truth, such as the series "The Diaspora,"[2] despite the fact that its information is available in many sources."

Sharifa ash-Shamlan, "as-Salihiyya Nights," ar-Riyad, January 4, 2005

[1] Charge of infidelity (Takfir in Arabic) is common among extreme terror groups, despite the fact that accusing a Muslim of being an infidel (an accusation that brings after it a death sentence) is very problematic in Islam.

[2] The free trade agreement signed between USA, Egypt and Israel in December 2004.

[3] The battle of the parties (Ahzab in Arabic), otherwise known as the battle of the trench (Khandaq in Arabic), occurred in the year 627, 3 years before Muhammad managed to conquer Mecca. In this battle, which took place in Medina, Muhammad and his followers lost to the infidels of Mecca and other Arab tribes.

[4] According to the Koran and Muslim tradition, the Jews (and Christians) have distorted and corrupted their heavenly books, given to them by Allah via Moses (and Jesus).

[5]  The poem was written in support of the Saudi monarchy against the extreme Muslim terror actions in Saudi Arabia. The terrorists are considered to be either a Zionist creation or at least playing into the hands of the Zionists. 

[6] Syrian produced series broadcasted by Hizballah's channel, al-Manar, and based on the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

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