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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends January- April 2007


Posted: April 17, 2007

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  • "As we live through all of this media tumult which the Zionist lobby is behind, we stress that the world never in its political modern history stopped at a historical event which changed the face of history as much as it did regarding the massacres that the Jews claim the Nazis have committed against the them and was named the Holocaust by the Jews…"
    "…The myth of the Holocaust has three important aspects; the first is to claim a mass Nazi extermination policy against the Jews, the second is the claim that six million Jews died during WWII and the third aspect is the claim of the gas chambers. The most significant part of the Holocaust myth is the fairy tale of the gas chambers where presumably the Jews were exterminated, then if we prove that the gas chambers did not exist which scholarly historians have done, then myth of the Holocaust tumbles down as a whole. It is true that the question of the Holocaust is not merely a historical issue; it is a current political and media topic. Firstly-the Holocaust justifies the need for the existence of the Zionist occupation state…secondly-it justifies the lack of commitment of the Zionist movement towards the U.N. laws and religious and secular rituals under the excuse that what the Jews have experienced throughout the Holocaust gives them a kind of  privilege…thirdly-it (The Holocaust) is a means for extorting political and financial support from public opinion under the influence of  the collective guilt complex which the west is living as a result of the presumed Holocaust…"
    "…this undoubtedly proves that the Holocaust was not aimed against the Jewish community, because here we see Israel behaving today the same as the German Nazis behaved under the leadership of Hitler; they are (the Israelis) committing massacres against the Arabs everywhere especially against the Palestinian people and are persecuting the Arabs in the same manner as they did to Christ peace be upon him two thousand years ago, the Jews are a tyrannous and rouged people…"
    Abdullah Rashid, "The Holocaust…the Myth which has borne gold and a Homeland on the Jews!!," Ash-Shems, January 31, 2007
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