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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends January - June 2006


Posted: September 15, 2006

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, January 8, 2006



  • "…The American or Zionist soldier is the one who performs the role of everyone, they are able to arrest, beat and even kill anyone they wish without being exposed to any punishment…"

    "… this is the Zionist entity which fires missiles on pedestrians and produces a massacre after the other…"
    Mouceeb Na'ami, "Between
    Guantanamo and The Jungle," Al-Wifaq, June 14, 2006


  • "…This thinking is derived from the fundamental Zionist principals which are Racism, Fundamentalism and the constant absolute assumption that power is the barbaric justification and the elusive excuse to achieve the grand lie which states—your land Israel is from the Euphrates to the Nile."
    The Writers name does no appear, "The Hazards of the Israeli Policy of Rearranging the Area," Al-Wifaq,
    June 6, 2006


  • "Perhaps [U.N. envoy to the Middle East Terje Roed] Larsen, when he appointed himself from the beginning a guardian of Lebanon as being the representative of the unholy trinity, [Washington-Paris-London] which are linked to the Zionist resolution…"

"…the new international resolution 1480 [regarding East Timor] is a dangerous step on the path of the ordination of international affairs according to American-Zionist alliance, thereby serving their enterprise in additional crumbing to the Arabs…"
"Resolution 1480 is a Service for
Israel's Strategic Interests," Editorial, Al-Wifaq, May 28, 2005


  • "…They [the Iranian protesters] strongly condemn what few western newspapers have done under the excuse of freedom of speech, they prevent or are being prevented even from pointing to the fake reality of the Holocaust, which today should be searched for in Palestine, where its sons are smeared every day in their blood by the hands of the Zionists…"
    Moceeb Na'ami, "The Holocaust in
    Palestine," Al-Wifaq, February 12, 2006
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