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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends January - June 2006


Posted: September 15, 2006

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Tishrin, June 14, 2006 

The Arab is shouting: "Land for Peace," whiles the Jew is thinking of controlling the whole world.

Tishrin, June 13, 2006

The Gramophone is the "Security Council," the music is the "Resolutions," the record which is being played is "Lebanon," while the U.S is holding in his right hand the "Palestine" record and in the left hand the "Iran" record.

Tishrin, May 8, 2006

Tishrin, April 30, 2006

The Jewish hand controls the U.S. which is destroying "Afghanistan" on the right and "Iraq" on the left.

Tishrin, April 18, 2006

The cartoon's headline is: "The festival greeting." The Jew is saying "Hi."

Tishrin, April 2, 2006

Tishrin, March 29, 2006

Tishrin, January 11, 2006
A man is bringing "Aid" to "poor countries", and the Jew behind is trying to take it.



  • "…international Zionism exploited the fact that the United States and the rest of the world states closed their gates in front of the Jewish immigration according to its [the Zionist Movement's] request, so as to hold them responsible for their oppression, and managed at the same time to convince the superpowers that the only safe heaven to rescue the Jews is to establish for them a state in Arab Palestine…"

    …The Nazi extermination increased between the years 1943-1944, when food, medicine and shelter became scarce. When the western states including Switzerland closed their gates in the face of the Jewish immigrants on the request of the Zionist movement, and when the Zionist movement refused to barter for the Jews in the detention camps with trucks, coffee and tea, therefore the link between the oppression, the Nazi extermination and the establishment of Israel is a strong link and is firmly connected and planed for; since the oppression, isolation and the  collaboration in deporting only the Jews to Palestine, the Nazi-Zionist pact to clean Germany out of them [the Jews] and the mass extermination, all have led to the mass immigration to Palestine…"

    "…what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, Gypsies and to the Nazi antagonists; Israel has been doing since its establishment until today to the Palestine people in an uglier fashion—the Israeli soldier today is much more monstrous and wicked than the Nazi soldier, because the Nazi soldier when he was committing his crimes had the excuse that there are no international accords banning and punishing crimes against humanity, while the Israeli soldier commits today crimes despite of the existence of many international accords and agreements, which bans it and makes it punishable. But he doesn't mind them much, because the 'Holocaust' melody has positioned him and positioned Israel above the international law and international agreements."

    "The Israeli extermination of the Palestinian people has been continuous since the establishment of Israel…because it is generated from the biblical (Torah) holiness, out of the Zionist creed and out of the Israeli schemes and ambitions."

    "In a much clearer note, what the Nazis did to the Jews in Poland, the Jews today are doing much worse than that to the Palestinian people, they have exaggerated with its (The Holocaust) numbers and tales, they received huge sums of money and weapons, they have practiced and are practicing intellectual, material and political extortion for their own privete interests and for Israel's interests on the account of the Nazi victims, the interests of the German people and the rest of the European people, so they can commit a Holocaust against the Palestine people…"

    "…Israel did not learn a bit of the Nazi atrocities, but instead have and is employing it to commit far worse monstrous atrocities against the Palestinians to fulfill the Talmudic and biblical allegations and aspirations."

    "The Israeli soldier today is worse than the Nazi soldier, the Mossad is worse than the Gestapo, the Israeli arrest camps are worse than the Nazi ones and the Israeli barbarism has reached a point exceeding the human imagination…the link between the Nazi Extermination and the establishment of Israel is true and very strong, it came to realize the Zionist enterprise in the Arab world…"
    Dr. Ghazi Hussein, "The Firm Link Between the Nazi Extermination and the Establishment of Israel," Tishrin, June 15, 2006 
  • "…The Israeli demand is to kill and scatter the whole Palestinian people, it doesn't care if it is by monstrous or terrorist or any other means…hence, the objective according the Zionist theory is to establish 'the Jewish pure state' which has no place for the 'Gentiles,'…"
    Isam Dari, "The Monster Reveals its Fangs," Tishrin, June 13, 2006
  • "…The theft of the latest American scientific inventions through cooperation between the Israeli and American centers is an obvious and known issue, its reports are only hidden by those circles which prevent the broadcast the news of the Zionist massacres against us…"
    Khader Awarki, "The Myths of the Israeli Cultural supremacy and the spills of the New Infidels: The Greek Civilization is measured by its philosophers, but the American and Israeli civilization are measured but the number of their victims and massacres." Tishrin, June 6, 2006
  • "…the Likudnic [U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John] Bolton has strong ties with the Jewish Lobby and Israel, to be exact with the Likud…"

    "…He is an Israeli before being and American, he is a preemptive warmonger for American world dominance to serve the Israeli and world Jewry interests…"
    Dr. Ghazi Hussein, "Bolton-Bush's Cudgel in The U.N," Tsihrin, May 18, 2006
  • "…Because the American policy is originally cooked in the Israeli kitchen…therefore, we strongly condemn this aggressive Satanic alliance…"
    'Isam Dari, "It is Clear…A Satanic Alliance," Tishrin, May 16, 2006
  • "…after 58 years from the establishment of the Jewish entity by the Zionist movement on the ruins of the Palestinian people's villages and towns…which was scattered as a result of the massacres and the ethnic cleansing campaigns which this movement committed…"

    "…the biggest ethnic cleansing that the past century has witnessed; by altering the Palestinian people to a minority inside the 'Jewish state'…"   

    "…the horrific manipulation of religion and its employment in the service of the Zionist enterprise for the 'Promised Land' never seized…"

    "…with this mentality the propaganda industry was mobilized, which also produced an occupying army…which is being armed with holy texts and scripts by the army Hachamim [Rabbis]…"

    "…it's no longer a secret that the Zionist enterprise was founded on the theory of 'More Land and Less Arabs'…the demographic issue which has occupied the Zionist leaders for the past four decades after the occupation of the West bank and the Gaza strip has become today more urgent…that is why we see a race among the Zionist parties, who will present sustainable solutions based on the Palestinian blood…"
    Nassir Al-Sahli, "A Reading in the Purity of the Jewish State; Between Reality and Elusion," Tishrin, May 14, 2006
  • "…when doing any comparison between the Zionist violence, terrorism and its American counterpart, we will reach the conclusion that both generated from one religious source; from those Talmudic Torah myths and legends…"

    "…the Jewish pressure lobbies, the New Conservatives and the Talmudic Christians who occupy decision making posts in the Bush administration, and guide this marginally coalfield person [President Bush], are in fact the ones who planed and executed the adventure of occupying Iraq and are destroying it for Israel by proxy as a service to its interests in the region…"
    Araf Al-Aga, "The Talmudic Culture of Violence and Terrorism in the American Political Rhetoric," Tishrin, April 28, 2006
  • "…the Havara agreement of October 24, 1933...designated Palestine as a homeland for the settlement of the Jews…the agreement materializes the theoretical congruence and the collaboration between the Zionist movement and Nazi Germany to convince Germany's Jews to migrate to Palestine and no other; (the agreement) fulfilled the close and remote objectives of the Zionist movement in Germany and in Palestine, by solving the crisis of the German Jews according to its schemes and visions, which resulted in its cooperation with the Nazi monster…"

    "…This is how Zionism managed through Nazi Germany and its aid to force the German Jews to turn to the Arab Palestine…"
    Dr. Ghazi Hussein, "The Official Cooperation Between Nazi Germany and the Zionist Movement: The Havara Agreement as and example," Tishrin, April 28, 2006
  • "…the Jews seized the opportunity to commit a massacre against the Christians (after the Persian occupation of the city of Jerusalem in the year 416)…the Jews ransomed the Christian prisoners paying large sums of money to the Persian soldiers, then they led them to the Mamela cemetery and slaughtered them in the same manner as sheep are slaughtered-while they [the Jews] rejoiceduntil the Mamela pole was filled with their blood…The Jews destroyed and burned down Churches, Monasteries, books and killed the religious men…"
    Neheal Adel Owaida, "Mamela in the Recollections of the Israeli Attacks Against Arab Holy Sites," Tishrin, March 27, 2006    
  • "…We have to relate to the exaggerated magnitude of influence which the term Holocaust has obtained as  synonymous to what has or presumed to have been committed against the Jews in Europe…the Palestinian people have been buying for the last six decades with the blood of his sons and its rights of his lands and resources as a price of the holy Holocaust…to the extent that the infuriation of the Holocaust had become a scam aimed at preventing any criticism pointed at Zionism and Israel or to black its racial policies and hideous crimes…"

    Emptying this term, drawing its limits in the frame of the attempts of the Zionists and their patrons; carved in the memory of the Jews and the world as the biggest mass extermination in history, occurred solely against the Jews…"
    Hanan Hamad, "The Pierced Value of the Reliability of 'Freedom of Speech': Incriminating David Irving as an Example…" Tishrin, February 26, 2006
  • "… It is known that Israel has exploited ever since it was established in 1948 the story of the Holocaust to rob Germany and the western countries…"

    "Israel was not satisfied with this material robbery, but moreover, it took the story of the Holocaust to the direction of sanctions over thoughts and analysis which relate to the well fabricated story. Everyone who attempted to approach the issue of the Holocaust was accused of reviving the Nazi policy and anti-Semitism…"

    "…Meaning that David Irving is facing 20 years of imprisonment for denying the Holocaust which is basically a myth…while the Israeli war criminals do not stand for trial in Lahai on the charge of organized terrorism and the murder of thousands of Palestinians?..."  Note: David Irving is a Holocaust denier.
    Omar Jifteli, "Wrong Standards," Tishrin, February 20, 2006
  • "…Everybody in both the Arab and Muslim worlds knows that these insults are of Zionist origins even though other voices and writers took responsibility for them…"

    "Insulting the Holy prophet in Denmark is a result of the fundamentalist Zionist thought killing Arab civilians in Palestine…"
    Izz ad-Din Darwish, "The Zionist Thought and Insulting Sacred Things," Tishrin, February 9, 2006

  • "…Terrorism is the most important basis to implement the Zionist project…

    And the Zionist terrorism is one the most important basis to implement the Zionist project in the Arab world and sources from religious teachings which was manifested by the Torah and Talmud and the founders of the Zionist ideology.

    The roots of the Zionist terrorism goes back to the Torah and Talmud…Zionism is the spring of terrorism, extermination, racism and for the imperialist settlements which Israel is implementing."

    "The Zionist terrorism is considered one of the oldest and dangerous forms of terrorism in human history, because the Khakhamim [wise men] and the leader of the Jewish terrorist armed gangs and Israel rulers have elevated it to the level of religious sanctity and to the level of a basic law in the Jewish state…

The Zionist terrorism came out of the religious creed and shifted from it and from the Nazi racism to the Zionist founders…"

"The former Israeli terrorism has exceeded the massacres, the extermination and assassination…and includes the Holocaust which Israel is performing in the societies, villages and cities of the West bank and the Gaza strip…"

"The Israeli terrorism aims at forcing submission of the Palestinian leadership…"

"The Israeli terrorism is one of the fundamental dangers which threaten the Arab national security…"

"The imperialist regimes headed by the United States and Israel are terrorist regimes…terrorism as a global phenomena is linked with the global imperialism, occupation, racism, the Jewish religious extremism, Christian fundamentalism and the war on Islam and Arabhood…"
Dr. Ghazi Hussein, "Terrorism, Occupation and Extermination are the Core of Both the American and the Israeli Strategies," Tishrin, February 9, 2006

  • "Zionism and Nazism appeared in Europe. Both are of European origin and are derived from the racial supremacy theory; both worked to fight against the integration of Jews, isolating them and deporting them to Palestine; the establishment of an Israeli entity in Israel to protect the interests of the international imperialism and Jewish states; fighting the Arabs and Muslims; preventing the fulfillment of Arab unity; rocking the stability; hindering growth and development, and controlling the region."

    "Nazism and Zionism drink from one spring, that of the conviction of racial supremacy and purification, the theory of vital space, the exploitation of military might and sudden, preventive and preemptive wars, mass extermination and racial purification to achieve dominance over the others."

    "Nazism was established on similar foundation on which Zionism was erected. It [Nazism] called for the rule of the Aryan race over all nations and races, precisely as Zionism, which was established on the notion that the Jews are God's chosen people, and are superior to other Humans with intellect and are purified."

    "This conceptual similarity between Nazism and Zionism has led to cooperation between the two racial movements in ideological, political and financial fields so as to solve the Jewish issue, by deporting the Jews to Palestine and the establishment of 'Israel' there."

    "Nazism has planned to control Europe exactly like Zionism has planned and worked on controlling the region of the bigger Middle East, in a strategic alliance with the American imperialism and adopting the strategy of preemptive wars."

    "[The Zionists act by] replacing the political regimes and assigning presidents and political leaderships, Americanizing and Zionizing the region, and by whipping out its historically deeply rooted Islamic-Arabic identity in the land, in the human, and in the  cultural character of the region."

    "Many intellectuals from
    France and Britain stress that racism and race purity which was firmly established by the authors of the Torah and Talmud, is the oldest in the history of racial movements in the world…"

    "Nazi Germany used offensive wars, mass extermination, and prisoner camps to insure the control of the Aryan race, the Zionist entity use offensive wars, mass extermination, terrorism, and racism to stress the supremacy of the Jews…"

"The Zionist entity calls for dual Jewish loyalty with 'Israel' as its first primary, it also claims the right of representing all the Jews in the world, the dead ones and the living…"

"The international Zionism and 'Israel' have used anti-Semitism, Nazism and the Holocaust as a sharp weapon in the face of everyone who criticizes the Zionist racism and 'Israel's' conduct of terrorism and racism to justify its offensive wars and Holocaust against the Palestinian people. It will do its utmost in harming the Arabs, spreading hatred and rancor against them and against Arab-hood and Islam incorporation with the racial movements in Europe and keeping its cooperation with Nazism a secret…"
Dr Ghazi Hussein, "The Similarity between Nazism and Zionism," Tishrin, January 26, 2006

  • "…The Rabbis, Israel, Bush's administration Jews, the American Jewish lobby, the New Conservatives and the Christian fundamentalists are standing in the same front line to fight Islam, the Arabs, and the Muslims and to destroy and bomb their mosques in Palestine and in the European countries and the USA…"
    Dr. Ghazi Hussein, "Israel is Acting to Destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and Judaize Jerusalem," Tishrin, January 19, 2006
  • "…The entire world agrees on condemning all signs of racism, but it disagrees on its stand regarding the Zionist racism and Israel…"

    "The legal concept proof...the Zionist racism and the racism in the Israeli laws which have exceeded the terrorism of all of the racist movements that appeared through history…but the international Judaism and the United States of America…refuses to describe Zionism as racism…Israel is originated from the Zionist ideology, it is a racial, terrorist and imperialist ideology, it employs the myths, presumptions legends, greed and Talmudic and Torah lies…"

    "The Israeli street's racism is generated from three sources: the first is the Jewish Talmudic and Torah heritage; the second is the Zionist ideology and the third is the imperialist racial Western thought…this is how the Zionist and the Israeli street racism is based on Talmudic and Torah roots and based on the thoughts, schemes and Zionist programs…"

    "Despite its inaccuracy, the term anti-Semitism appeared with the appearance of Zionism as an organized world political movement, meaning a timely appearance of anti-Semitic movements with the appearance of Zionism - they are both the sides of the same coin which is Racism…"

    "Therefore, Zionism and Israel never acted anytime against the Anti-Semitic movements, but it rather cooperated with them and used its outcomes; anti-Semitic movements serve the goal of the Zionist movement…"

    "The secret resolutions of the first Zionist congress renowned as the Protocols of Elders of Zion to dominate the world; were they decided to spread incitement and war so as to weaken the nations of the world and control it…"

    "The entire world is obliged to stand in the face of the Zionist racism, the same as it did in the face of the anti-Semitic movements, Nazism and Apartheid, because the Zionist entity has stationed itself with the help of the international Judaism, the USA and with some E.U. countries above the international law and above the U.N. Security Council…even though Zionism is the most hideous and dangerous racial movement in Human history…"

    "But the Talmudic, Torah, Zionist teachings and Israel's implementation of wars, extermination, terrorism, racism, occupation and imperialist settlement are what lead to the hatred of Zionism and the Zionist entity…"
    Dr. Ghazi Hussein, "The Cooperation between Anti-Semitism and Zionism," Tishrin, January 12, 2006



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