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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends January - March 2006


Posted: March 23, 2006

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Al-Watan, March 18, 2006

The cartoon's headline: "Bird Flu in Israel."

Ash-Sharq, February 19, 2006
On the left, "Islam" is caricatured; on the right, the "Western media" bows in front of a toilet bowl, labeled "Zionism," from which fire, labeled "the Holocaust," emanates. Behind stands the devil, above which are the Menorah and the Star of David.

Ar-RayaFebruary 9, 2006
In Arabic: "One of the Holocaust Deniers." (taken to the crematorium)

Al-Watan, February 8, 2006
The man in the front is representing "the freedom of the media."

Ash-Sharq, January 23, 2006
The Jew and the American are pushing "The Iranian Nuclear Portfolio" to "The Security Council."

Ash-Sharq, January 22, 2006
The U.S. and the EU are holding "The Iranian Nuclear Portfolio," on which a Jew is sitting.  The text on the sign over Bush's head says: "The Security Council."

Ash-Sharq, January 17, 2006
On the right: "Iran's nuclear project."

Al-Watan, January 6, 2006



  • “…Everybody is trying to ignore the Israeli Nazi policy in Gaza…”
    Lu’ai Qadumi, “Get it,” Al-Watan, March 21, 2006


  • “…The Holocaust is the biggest institution of investment and trade in history…The Jews suffered a Holocaust in Germany, and then they start a Holocaust for the Arabs as a compensation for what happened in Germany

    As for the story of the Holocaust - it will remain a cheap paper which is being used in order to justify oppression and terrorizing free thinkers like the British Irving, who is imprisoned in Austria…” 
    Raja An-Naqash, “The Biggest Investment in History,” Al-Watan, March 6, 2006


  • "…as if the Jews are the only humans whose feelings should be considered, or as if they are the only ones who were oppressed or slaughtered, and the world should not stop apologizing to them. At the same time the Palestinian people are subject to a continuing 'Holocaust' since 1948…"
    Mazen Hamad, “The Standards of Insult,” Al-Watan, February 26, 2006


  • "…How can criticism of the Jewish Holocaust be considered a punishable crime according to western criminal laws, when it is known that the Holocaust is a historical tale and not a religious belief?...

    It is an intellectual terrorism against Islam and the Muslims under the auspices of the international Zionist-Jewish movement.  Ask Roger Garaudi…"
    Ahmad 'Amrabi, “The West and the Holocaust: A Freedom of Speech or Intellectual Terrorism?” Al-Watan, February 23, 2006


  • "… I think that Holocaust denial as was done by [David] Irving should be expanded, and should become in the future a denial that God gave the Israelite Palestine and its surroundings, because the 'Tanakh' is the biggest Holocaust of the human mind…”
    Jawad Al-Bashiti, “Holocaust Denial is the End of the Western Freedom of Speech,” Al-Watan, February 22, 2006


  • "…All indications and signs stress that the Zionist movement is the one standing behind such acts (Muhammad cartoons)…

    …since Zionism fears from the spread of Islam and the Muslims over the world, and realizes that the expansion of the Islamic immigration to Europe and America…will expose one day the truth about the Zionists…" 
    Amin Mustafa, "The Zionist Movement is Behind the Campaign against Islam," Al-Watan, February 16, 2006



  • "…this issue clarifies that the publication of the insulting drawings of the holy Prophet is an intended hostile act which primarily aims at presenting a distorted image of Islam and the Muslims as a service for the Zionist agenda…"
    Ali At-T'eimat, "The Holocaust Removed the Lie of Freedom of Speech in Denmark," Al-Watan, February 13, 2006


  • "…Despite the passing of many years since this incident[1], the Jews will never forget it. It is mentioned in their books and history. This spirit of hostility and the hating soul of everything that is not Jewish were properly inherited by the new Israeli generations…"
    Ghazi Halil, "The Deep Hatred," Al-Watan, February 11, 2006


  • "…There is no doubt that Israel and the gang of the New Conservatives in the US both produced these bombs, one of which was exploded by the Danish newspaper...

    We need the irony regarding the Judaization of the western mind, which as a result of it any objection on the Zionist-Jewish-Israeli story of the Nazi Holocaust has become an arrogance towards the holy of holiest not just among the Jews but also in the civilized democratic world!

    Isn't it a scorn of the mind, science and culture that the ancient dead of the Israelite are still ruling the living in the west through the sword of Talmudic illusions…"
    Jawad Al-Bashiti, "Look for Israel and the Gang of the New Conservatives," Al-Watan, February 8, 2006


  • "…targeting the churches in our countries and creating religious pride…serves the imperialist Zionist projects in the region in planting civil wars inside our Arab societies…it is better to look for the Zionist fingers behind the targeting of Churches in Iraq…"
    Haytham As-Sadeq, "The Insult of the Christian Feelings is an Incitement to a Civil War," Al-Watan, February 1, 2006


  • “…The ways the Israeli media uses to justify the acts of murder and destruction which the Israeli army is exercising on the Palestinian land, is inventing tens of excuses to murder the Palestinian in cold blood. These excuses cover and furthermore, exceed the number of martyrs and are similar to a great extent to the Nazi propaganda methods of Hitler's Germany…”
    Dr. Jamal Al-Majaide, “The Incitement of the Israeli Media,” Al-Watan, January 20, 2006


  • “…The resolution (UN resolution regarding January 27th as an International Holocaust memorial day) is a new Israeli extortion of the world conscience, established on the western complex of sin towards the Jews, and is based on assumption of the tight link between the establishment of the state of Israel and the Nazi Holocaust, despite the fact that the Zionist thought preceded the German extermination campaign in WWII by decades…and despite the fact that the history is full of documents which prove the mutual exploitation between the Zionist and Nazi sides…”
    Sate’ Nur Ad-din, “Arab Memorial Day for the Holocaust,” Al-Watan, January 18, 2006


  • Israel invents on every day's dawn a creative racial method in its war to liquidate the Palestinian people. The latest and newest of these methods is Israel’s venture to dump a great number of sick birds in the surroundings of the Village of Beit Furik… This crime occurs after the revealing of the involvement of Israel in a similar crime of dumping toxic waste in the area of the Al-Mowasi, the Gaza Strip…These two crimes are part of a series of crimes which the Israelis committed in previous periods that have the same imprints, of which the poisoning of drinking water tanks by Israelis in Palestinian schools…

    In front of those continuous crimes that Israel commits against the Palestinian people, the features of the bloody war Israel is waging are becoming clear with monstrous methods, as a racial and vicious liquidation war aiming at annihilating a resisting people as a realization of the Zionist slogan ‘A land without a  people for a people without a land,’…"
    Haitham As-Sadeq, “Israel is an Unexpected Danger to the Health of the Palestinians,” Al-Watan, January 15, 2006

[1] An historical incident which tells the story of a Jewish king in Madina, who used to claim for himself the right of the first night “Jus Primae Noctis.” He also killed anyone who opposed him.

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