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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - December 2005


Posted: January 10, 2006

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Ahram weekly, November 10-16, 2005 (Egypt)

The Jew is sitting on top of United Nations Resolutions.


Israel is Racist, Imperialist and Killing the Palestinian People

  • "…Unfortunately this World has abandoned Arafat the president and symbol besieged in the Muqataa in Ram-Allah with the new Israeli aggression, arrogance and Nazism…"

Editorial, "Arafat...a Symbol of the Continuing Resistance," Al-Gumhuriyya, November 12, 2005


·          "...Meaning, that the hardships and obvious discrimination that they [the Muslims in Israel] suffer is not on a religious basis but on a racial basis, because Israel considers itself a state for the Jewish People (religiously speaking). Therefore it employs discriminating policies towards non Jews inside of Israel…"

Arabs Against Discrimination (AAD), "The Muslims in Israel," Al-Ahram, October 30, 2005


·         "…when the neo-western imperialism, especially the British imperialism, conspired with the world Zionist movement to takeover the Palestinian land and destroy the Palestinian people, it becomes an immediate threat to several Arab countries starting with Syria and Lebanon…"

Dr. Muhammad As-Sayyid Sa'id, "Internationalizing the Crisis of the Arab Countries," Al-Ahram, October 24, 2005


·         "…Although to all these factors we add an important factor which is, the phenomena of international oppression, more precisely, of the Arab and Muslim peoples and governments. It would be further accurate to name it 'the American oppression' - this oppression is firstly reflected through the screaming discrimination against Arabs and the total backing for the Zionist racial policies which the State of Israel implements against the Palestinian people…" 

As-Sayyid Yasin, "The American Realization of the Phenomena of Terrorism," Al-Ahram, October 20, 2005


  • "When will the day come in which Israelis apologize for the crimes committed against the Palestinians?... The Germans apologized to the Jews for the crimes they did against them, and the Vatican apologized to the Jews as well for the collective condemnation… and the Japanese apologized to the Chinese and to the East Asian countries…"

Muhammad as-Sammak, "About the Culture of Apology," Al-Ahram, October 5, 2005



The Holocaust Memorial Day

  • "… But I do reject that this day will be exclusive only for the Jews' Holocaust. The truth and the justice is that this will be an international day to all of the collective Holocausts to which people were subjected to, in Palestine, Bosnia, Iraq, Chechnya and others, especially would the world know that the Jews' leaders helped the Nazis to burn the Jews. (As) Jon and David Kimche revealed in their book 'The Secret Roads'…

It was proved, through documents and records, that the leaders of the Zionist movement in Central and East Europe were active partners of the Nazis in committing the Holocaust during the years of the war. The Jewish councils… were one of the major tools that had an important role in committing the Nazi annihilation of the Jews. They also had an important and essential role in revealing the secret cells of the Jewish resistance to the Nazi forces and in bringing their leaders to the Nazis….

The Zionist leaders brought the poor Jews and the elders to the Nazis in order to burn them. There are many ways in which the Zionist leaders betrayed the Jews…

This story must be recognized by the whole world, in order to make known the truth about the filthy Zionist role in burning their people in the Nazi crematories."

Abed al-Wahab 'Adas, "The Jews' Secret Role… in the Holocaust," Al-Gumhuriyya, November 24, 2005


·         "…Israel itself was established on the concept of annihilating the Palestinians, and in the same manner, America was established on (the concept of) annihilating the American Indians. Furthermore, until recently the U.N. considered Zionism as a racist theory…

…We are in favor of reserving a memorial day for the Holocaust, on the condition that the remaining days of the year would be for the perpetuation of the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians…"

Sayyid 'Ali, "Briefly," Al-Ahram, November 9, 2005


The Relations between America and Israel

  • "…The distinguishing characters which gathers them (the New Conservatives) is the their love, support and loyalty to Israel, their accusation to who disagrees with them in the support of Israel as being anti-Semite, which means hatred towards Jews because of their religion, culture or origins. The New Conservatives concentrate in making up indications in order to prove that Israel's interest is America's interest. This is (done) in order to hide their real feeling which is loyal to Israel prior to America. Defending the Israeli interests, they claim they are defending American interests in order not to expose their real positions…"

Muhammad Jalal 'Inaya, "The Palestinians as Conceived by the New Conservatives," Al-Ahram, November 21, 2005


  • "…She (Condoleezza Rice) is actually adopting old thoughts which Israel presented for the crumbing of the Arab World, by initiating sectarian, racial, religious and ideological disputes in Arab Countries…

…The thought of crumbing the Arab World to petty states on a religious and racial basis is a thought that the Israeli political thought deals with, in order to surround Israel with petty states or divided ones, which will guarantee Israel's security and moreover, the control over the Middle East region…

…This shows to what extent the American administration is influenced by the Israeli Strategy of crumbling the Arab World…"

Taher Shash, "The Danger of the Constructive Chaos Strategy," Al-Ahram, November 2, 2005


  • "… As (the extreme Coptic groups) found a bigger support in the shade of American return to religion and ideological affection with the Jews and Christians all over the world, with direct encouragement from what is known as the fundamentalist Protestant Christian right allegiance with Zionism which is called in the States as Christian Zionism, which is connected through its influence with some Christian churches, Jewish Synagogues and civil society organizations, reaching the Congress, the press and the Money circles, and reaching the influence of the extremists 'New Conservatives in the White House and in both the Defense Ministry and the State Department.

It is no longer hidden that the embracing of these American conservative movements for some Coptic immigrant groups, is not a noble defense for oppressed rights and organized persecution in Egypt. But, it is for the safeguard of the American strategic objectives and interests, which aims at changing and repainting the regional map in accordance with these interests on the one hand, and with what protects Israel and strengthen its controlling role, on the other…"

Salah Alden Alhafiz, "Domestic Rights and Freedoms…Before Foreign Consolidation!" Al-Ahram, November 2, 2005



·         "…since Israel is of among the sacred cows in the US and those who attack it or hint to its anger from their deep influence on the American decision making will be harmed…"

Khaled Daoud, "The Humiliation of Spying In Favor Of Israel is Threatening to Drop the Symbols of Neo Conservatives in Bush Administration," Al-Ahram, August 14, 2005



 Conspiracy Theories

  • "… an aerial bridge has been created between Israel and Iraq, as Israelis like businessmen, investment, trade and industrial companies, building companies and others, penetrated in order to learn the economic projects… so that the number of Israeli companies that work in Iraq reached more than 16- companies, behind which are hiding Mossad people with non-Israeli passports…

Some of those groups (terrorist groups) belong to al-Qaeda and the Mossad became part of other terrorist attacks and this is what justifies what Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah, said that Zionism is behind the terrorist bombings to which the Kingdom was subjected to lately, especially that the terrorist groups that committed those bombings came from Iraq, according to what was written in the British Times

At last we would like to say that the Israeli strategy relies on convulsing the stability and disseminating disorder and disagreements in Iraq and the Arab world through the massive presence of Israeli Intelligence apparatuses all over Iraq…"

Dr. Amira ash-Shinwani, "The Aerial Bridge between Israel and Iraq," Al-Ahram, October 1, 2005


  • "The Israeli Spying network, which was discovered in the period of time before the bombing of the World Trade Center in NY, is still a mystery. Many information sources claimed that this network was acting in the shadow of the group that hijacked the planes and bombed the two buildings. The American sources put a dark cloud over this information...

As opposed to Carl Cameron, this issue was covered and tracked... and the information that they had agreed upon was that details about a big Israeli spying network of 120 Mossad agents who are acting within America were revealed...

Or that the political and ideological solid link between the neo-conservatives and Israel... is a big obstacle facing the revelation of the truth to the Americans in order to know the whole truth?..."

Sharif al-Ghumari, "Who is Behind the Darkening of Israel's Role in the September 11th Events?" Al-Ahram, September 5, 2005


  • "…If Israel is the first country in our modern world that has the ability to warn of attacks before they happen, be it during September 11 or the London bombings, or the bombings in Taba and Sharem ash-Shaykh. This is not showing the power of its security apparatuses but from a hidden side it hints on the responsibility of those apparatuses for participation in preparing and help in committing it. There is a lot of research on which analysis arrives at this (conclusion)…"

Munir 'Amer, "The Power of Money… and the Power of Thoughts," Al-Ahram, August 1, 2005


  • "… Fragmentizing the society in Egypt and the other Arab countries is an aim of an old Zionist strategy (aiming at) total control of the region…

All of them are aims at those who carried the materials of killing and explosives and blew them up in Sharem as-Shaykh are working for. Their slogans are talking about religion, although it is as clear as day that they became slaves of terror, serving the Zionist purposes…"

'Atef al-'Ghumari, "Towards A Comprehensive Strategy For Confronting Terror (3) – Terror: A War Or A Crime?" Al-Ahram, July 27, 2005


  • The writer is telling the story of a phone conversation that he had from an Egyptian woman re the terror attack in Sharem ash-Shaykh:

"…She asked: Why is it an Islamic group and not the Mossad, especially that it was done so professionally?!

I answered: … Suicide attacks against others are known only in two cultures – the Islamic culture and the Japanese Kamikaze culture. It is unknown about the Jews through their history that they committed these kinds of attacks. It is true that they have a long might of terror attacks, but without sacrificing themselves in it!…

She said: It (Israel) is planning and operating Islamic groups by remote control without knowing!

I said: I agree…"

Nabil 'Amer, "The Mossad and the Jihad," Al-Ahram, July 26, 2005


Israel and WMD

·         "…In any case, Israel remains the only state which has nuclear protection. The US and its allies extend over it the cover of protection and defense…while, the Arab states are being blackmailed from time to time, accused of attempting to obtain weapons of mass destruction, which of course does not rise to the massive Israeli nuclear capabilities…

The wide scale American-Israeli propaganda campaign is promoting the pullout from Gaza, selling it in the market of deception to those who are eluded and tricked. In return, it is demanding to be paid at once, by money and guarantees, as a reward for the courageous, unprecedented step that the butcher Sharon took, and the immense and usual sacrifice which Israel gave by giving up Gaza to the Palestinians, according to deceivable expressions being promoted by the Zionist propaganda machine, and being repeated by Americanized Arabs, hoping that everyone believes it with no comment or question!

…When the forbidden becomes allowed; when the strange and horrible become common; when the acceptance of the status-quo becomes rational; when rejection and resistance is terrorism…when normalization with the raping enemy becomes trade and slyness and when keeping silent on the vicious massacres here and there is done because of fear, as for the industrious run toward those who killed and raped and occupied, it  has become a prayer and being worshiped in the temple, then it is swallowed and gone with it to the Ka'ba[1] of Washington, which the keys for it are in the hands of Israel…"

Salah Ad-Din Hafez, "Why is it Alone..!" Al-Ahram, September 28, 2005 The Jews Control the World Media

·         "… The role of the western media, which is owned by the Jews, or friends of Israel, is well known. It acts in order to illuminate the Palestinian-Palestinian struggle…"

[1] Ka'ba - The most holy structure in Islam situated in Mecca. Centre of the world according to Islam ('ba.htm)



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