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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - December 2005


Posted: January 10, 2006

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Ar-Rai, November 5, 2005
"The Future of the Relationship Between The Palestinian Authority and the Hammas," Al-Ahram,
July 27, 2005

Ad-Dustur, September 12, 2005

Sharon is saying: "We accuse Katrina for anti-Semitism because it deprived us from the American grants for the disengagement – a sum of 2 milliard dollars."

Ar-Rai, August 3, 2005

In the front: the US, dressed with a jacket decorated with two insignias: "the Palestinian issue" and "the Iraqi issue." Behind, Sharon is saluting with an apparent Nazi salute.

Ad-Dustur, July 20, 2005

The cartoon's headline: "American pressures".



Israel is Racist, Imperialist and Killing the Palestinian People

  • "…What is notable, that no one in the world speaks about the bloody fascist fundamentalist Judaism."

Muhammad Kharub, "Ten Years after Rabin' Assassination…Israel is the Same, A Fortress for Extremism and Arrogance!" Ar-Rai, November 3, 2005


  • "…The tranquility…and the defeat and uncover of the Israeli imperialist plan and its aggressive and expansionary policy and measurements…the occupation which has become naked like the racial republic of South Africa…the Israeli Policy is not less sever and even exceeds the core of South Africa in its previous stage…"

Hamada Fara'ane, "The Tranquility is a Palestinian Interest," Ar-Rai, November 1, 2005

  • "… But what is more dangerous to the image of the Arabs and Muslims, is a result of the conflict which started between Arabs and Muslims and Zionism which was formed (Zionism) on a mixture between fundamentalist Jewish concepts and the Neo-European imperialist concepts. It used religion as a mean of policy and aggression…

…Moreover, the political conservative movements which lead the preeminent aggression policy against other nations, is generated out of political concepts extended from the mixture of concepts and religious myths from Christianity and Judaism…"

Nasuh Al-Majali, "Fundamentalism is not a Monopoly for Muslims, Because Israel Was Born Out of a Fundamentalist Religious Vision," Ar-Rai, October 5, 2005


Conspiracy Theories

  • "…Is the crime of killing Hariri proportionate to the sanctions? A super power pays the bill for an unknown-known gang who has its means called the 'Mossad.' The U.N. did not investigate the assassination case of Yaser Arafat and the assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yasin which occurred in the sight and hearing of the whole world and one said nothing…"

Ghaydaa Darwish, "Every Threat and We Worry…!" Ar-Rai, November 7, 2005

  • "…He (Mehlis) pointed out that 'a crime could not be committed without the knowledge of the Lebanese and Syrian intelligence' in Lebanon, ignoring by that the possibility of security breaching, the existence of double agents, disregarding the presence of the Israeli Mossad and the C.I.A. itself in Lebanon…actually, (it is) trying to clear these other sides, in order to focus on blaming Damascus, the Lebanese government and its security apparatuses…"

Muhammad Naji 'Amayre, "The Mehlis Report and The Merits of this Stage," Ar-Rai, October 23, 2005

The Holocaust Memorial Day

·         "…It is the Zionist dominance which pushed to the declaration of a memorial day for the Holocaust…

…It (the U.N assembly) should designate an international memorial day for the commemoration of all those who were murdered subject to the imperialist and Zionist terror…Perhaps designating such a day to sympathize with the Jews who were murdered, is contradiction with the Zionist violence against the Palestinian people, making them (the Jews) undeserving sympathy or shedding a tear for them.

If the assembly is convinced with the need to designate the 27 of January for the Holocaust, it should open the door of designation, and make it a public for all the victims of this globe, among them are our victims which are still wondering due to the continuation of the Zionist and American Violence…" 

Fakhri Qa'war, "The 27th of January," Ar-Rai, November 5, 2005


  • "…There is no doubt now, that this heading (UN resolution re an international Holocaust Day) coincides with what is called 'The Holocaust Industry,' i.e. the constant employment of the political and propagandist aspect of the Holocaust…

…The purpose of it is not sympathy with the Jewish Victims, but to disregard the non-Jewish victims like the Russians, and also other disasters which humanity has suffered…

…The Holocaust was caused by Europeans to other Europeans. Even so, it seeks to encumbrance the guilt and even to cast the aftermath (of the Holocaust) on the entire humanity, so as to cover the crimes of the Zionist movement and the Zionist regime in the removal of a nation out of its land, and the divestment of constant war on this people (the Palestinians people)…

…The Palestinians are the victims of the Zionists who categorize themselves as victims of the Holocaust…

Mahmoud Ar-Rimawi, "A Day for the Holocaust or for Disregarding the Other Disasters?" Ar-Rai, November 3, 2005



The Relations between America and Israel

  • "…In spite of the disputes between the two major American parties, The Republican and the Democratic party, especially regarding defense and economical policies, they do agree it stretching all kinds of support to Israel. Additional proof for that is the relatively balanced reaction of the American government to these serious espionage acts…"

Dr. As'ad Abed Ar-Rahman, "The Israeli Espionage In the United States." Ar-Rai, November 5, 2005


  • "…These concepts (Bush's fear from the establishment of an Islamic Empire and the clash of civilizations) which are being generated out of apparent hostility to Muslims and Islam, are a clear result of the Jewish and Zionist penetration to the church, and the incorporation of creed and myth among some Christian communities in order to serve the propagandist needs and the expansionist ambitions of Israel, and to shift the conflict (Arab-Israeli conflict) from its limited context to a wilder context involving the Christian world…

…As well, the Zionist waged its war in Iraq through American armies. It (the Zionist) incites a religious and propagandist war against the Muslims through the revival of religious fundamentalism among some influential Christian communities in the West…

…Moreover, the Muslim world is detriment from the amoral bias of the American administration which is completely supportive of the Israeli settling aggression in Palestine.

…The disorder and terror which the world is facing today - its sources and roots are generated out of political mistakes which mix between the Zionist interests and ambitions and the American policies in the Middle East…"

Nasuh Al-Majali, "Ambiguous Attitudes Between Religious Extremism and Political Bias," Ar-Rai, November 8, 2005



  • "…If we recall the memory, then Dennis Ross and David Walt, the state department's delegates to Israel and the P.A. in order to assist in solving the twining problems between them, did not do anything, because they are Jews who speak in the torah spirit which is subject to the Zionist movement…"

Mufid Nahle, "The Phenomena of Danger in Writing the Report (The Mehlis Report)!" Ar-Rai, October 30, 2005


  • "…The Europeans do not accept such a language for political, ideological and religious reasons and because of the influence of the Zionist Jewish lobbies and the Christian Zionist lobbies which deeply penetrated the European societies (the American society is an example for that) and have become, in one way or another, subject to the influential and destroyable media, in a manner not opened for discussion. Moreover, it makes them feel the guilt complex towards Israel and the Jews, which brings back the still un-erasable memory since the forties of the late century (The Holocaust) which pushes them to use all the hypocrisy they have to please these lobbies…and before everything to please Israel and its rulers regardless of what party they represent…"

Muhammad Kharub, "What is Beyond the Iranian President's Statements?" Ar-Rai, October 29, 2005

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