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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - December 2006


Posted: January 24, 2007

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Ad-Dustur, September 28, 2006

The Cartoon's headline reads: "The believer is never stung twice from the same lair."

Al-Ghad, August 30, 2006

The cartoon's headline is: "True Love."

The two sneaks are the depiction of both (on the right) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and (on the left) Israeli Foreign Minister Zipi Livni.

Ad-Dustur, August 5, 2006

In Arabic: "'A Medal of Honor' on Olmert's chest."

Ad-Dustur, July 31, 2006

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is holding a sign saying: "The New Middle East."

Al-Ghad, July 31, 2006

Skull and bones create the Star of David, while blood imprints the word "Qana".

Ad-Dustur, July 26, 2006

The cartoon's headline is: "A New Middle East." PM Ehud Olmert just gave birth to a baby - Adolph Hitler.

Al-Ghad, July 20, 2006

The head is representing "Beirut."

Ad-Dustur, July 15, 2006

PM Ehud Olmert swimming in a bottle of blood.

Al-Ghad, July 15, 2006

In Arabic: "The three Israeli prisoners."

Ad-Dustur, July 8, 2006

In Arabic: "Arab Blood."

Israel is Racist, Imperialist and Killing the Palestinian People

  • "We see on the satellites how the barbaric and racist Zionists exile the Palestinian women and men…
    What kind of killers, ignorant, lifeless and defeated people are those Zionists?...
    We all follow the Palestinian Holocaust, in which Olmert is taking Hitler's place…"
    Khaled Mahadin, "They Read the Al-Fatiha[1] on Our Graves," Ar-Rai, November 5, 2006 
  • "What is the difference between Israel as an imperialistic racist plan and the past apartheid regime in South Africa…?
    What is the difference between the racist, stern and Jewish Israel and the Taliban extremist regime, in its hostility towards the other and execution without putting him on trial?...
    What is the difference between Israel and the Nazi Germany, as Israel is based on the theory of 'God's chosen people?' The Nazi Germany was based on the superiority of the Germans to the rest of humanity and classified them to different levels, and Israel treat people according to their being Jews or non-Jews.
    What is the difference between Israel and the Cambodian Pol Pot and the Red Khmer regimes, which buried people alive… Israel is burring the Palestinians and the Lebanese alive…?
    There is no big difference between …Hitler's Fascist, racist and Nazi regime, the Apartheid in South Africa, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Red Pol Pot regime in Cambodia and the imperialistic project in Palestine, which is Zionist, Jewish, racist and cancerous…
    If there is difference between them – it is that Israel is still using the ugliest kinds of malice, killing and racism…"
    Hamada Fara'na, "The Racist Israel," Ar-Rai, September 7, 2006 
  • "…The organized annihilation campaign became a right owned by the new Nazis, who could talk foolishly about anything, including peace, under the condition that they would not be deprived from implementing the Zionist dream to annihilate their neighbors. This is the same Nazi racial way, which permitted 'the final solution' – getting rid of other nations and races…"
    Mahmud ar-Rimawi, "Resist against the Siege and the Continuing Wars," Ar-Rai, September 4, 2006 
  • "…Why is there no balance in the region, while the imperialist and cancerous Israeli plan is the only one to rule us and our future?..."
    Hamada Fara'na, "We Both Disagree and Agree with Iran," Ar-Rai, September 3, 2006 

Israel\the Jews' Control of the Media

  • "…The Zionists, which control many of the media platforms and the scientific research institutions in Europe and America…"
    Ibrahim al-'Ajluni, "You Will (Probably) Ask," Ar-Rai, September 19, 2006 

Comparison between Israel\Jews and Nazism

  • "…What the Israeli injustice authorities commit in Palestine is much more horrible than what Hitler did in Europe through what is called 'the Holocaust.' If the Germans killed several thousands of Jews, as they killed several people from other groups during the war. Israel killed relatively more Palestinians than those who were killed in Germany. The Jewish racism made the Holocaust an industry and through it they robbed the world. The number of Jewish victims was multiplied a thousand times as much…
    Dr. Samir Qatami, "The Palestinian Holocaust," Ar-Rai, November 14, 2006

Conspiracy Theories

  • "…The Iraqi leaders are convinced about the importance and necessity of the American army's withdrawal from their country after it became a central arena of killing Iraqis and igniting wars between them, and to let the Israeli Mossad - which is armed with the Jewish slyness throughout history – to penetrate into Iraq and to ignite a civil war between brothers…"
    Dr. Ahmad Shqeirat, "Standing by America," Ar-Rai, September 3, 2006

The Relations between America and Israel

  • "…This means that the US is being used in order to serve Israel's bloody presence in the Arab and Muslim East… We have to remember Husni 'Ayesh' book: The Israeli America and the American Israel
    The situation does not differ that much between European countries and the US, since Zionism has its supporters in every party…"
    Ibrahim al-'Ajluni, "Zionism is Renewing its Clothes," Ar-Rai, November 14, 2006

Holocaust Denial

·         "…He (the Pope) lived in the Nazi era, which poses a mental and cultural burden on him, as Germany is still subject to political and cultural robbery led by the Zionist movement, and is still paying the Jews and Israel financial compensations for the Holocaust which was extremely inflated…"
Ahmad Dhiban, "The Pope's Bomb," Ar-Rai, September 18, 2006 


·         "The Talmud was written by the Jewish Rabbis, who claimed that it is holier than the Torah, which they distorted and used in order to serve political purposes… The Talmud instructions are contradicting the essence of the divine honor towards human beings; they are emanating from narrow racist discrimination deep-rooted in malice, hatred, crime and spoiling of human blood, their land and wealth…"
Dr. Saher al-Majaly, "The Israeli Annihilation Policy and the Talmud Metaphysics," Ar-Rai, July 11, 2006


[1] The first chapter of the Quran read in a burial  ritual.

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