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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - December 2005


Posted: January 10, 2006

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Al-Watan, September 27, 2005

Al-Watan, September 17, 2005

The cartoon's headline: "The Arab Knight."




Conspiracy Theories

  • "…Through bonding, through the unification of their (the Jews') objectives and the exploitation of everything they have in order to strengthen their legitimacy and existence of an entity (the Zionist entity) which grew through rape, force and terror…

…The Zionist entity is executing a grand plan and a conspiracy against Jerusalem as a city by taking practical steps which target the holy sights…"

Dr. Mahmoud Wa'ethi, "What Is The Way to Liberate Jerusalem?" Al-Watan, November 18, 2005


  • "…With retroactive force we understand the importance of the American and French pressure in order to eliminate the Syrian military and intelligence presence (in Lebanon), since the political and the security stage in Beirut have been deemed now the private possession for elements from the C.I.A and the Israeli Mossad… and the presence of a Lebanese government controlled by political jobbers working for Washington, Tel-Aviv or Paris…

Beirut in 2005 has become Beirut of the 50's and the 60's of the last century, when the district manager of the C.I.A. station became the real ruler of Lebanon, with the assistance of the Mossad district manager…

…In general Beirut is re-appearing as a central base for the Big Middle East project, which aims to enable Israel to merge with the Arab and Muslim world texture as a regional dominating force…"

Ahmad 'Amrabi, "Why Did Mehlis Choose Beirut in Order to Interrogate the Syrian Officers?" Al-Watan, November 13, 2005


The Holocaust Memorial Day

  • "…Meaning that the World War II massacre was not exclusive only to the Jews, and the Jews were not the main victims to suffer from this tragedy…why then, was an international memorial day designated to honor only the Jewish victims, and why can't this day be a celebration for all of humanity's victims in the modern era…this reckless resolution, which the General Assembly announced to consolidate the Jews, ignores millions which suffered hundreds of times more than the Jews, and I wonder where the Arabs and the Muslims are? Isn't it our duty to pick a date for us, commemorating one of the massacres we suffered like Dir-Yasin, Kafr Kasem, Sabra and Shatila and Jenin?"

Raja An-Naqash, "A Reckless Resolution," Al-Watan, November 9, 2005


  • "…When the French thinker Roger Garaudi published his book The Founding Myths for the State Of Israel and uncovered the organized hysterical exaggeration in picturing and exploiting what is known as the 'Holocaust' in the German Nazi era during which a number of Jews were killed, (saying that) they are absolutely not the numbers which the Zionist organization adopted…

…The General assembly's decision to declare the 27th of January of every year as an international Holocaust memorial day, is a decision the least of which can be said about, that it is a falsification of history, and gives this falsification a legal standing, not to say that it turns the General Assembly into a club or corporation for the spread and enforcement of the Zionist claims…

...Why does the General Assembly ignore those who consider themselves from 'the dynasty of the Holocaust victims', organize a daily holocaust day for the Palestinian people of whose land they occupy?…

…It (G.A.) has lost whatever objectivity was left, ever since the world has become under the control of the American Empire about a decade and a half ago with its Zionist content…"

Basem Dho, "The Holocaust and the Falsification of History," Al-Watan, November 8, 2005


  • "…But, the atmosphere of conformity which surrounded this resolution does not necessarily reflect agreement with the Israeli request as much as it reflects a state of chronic hypocrisy for Israel, nor does it reflect contentment with it as much as it reflects a strange disability to uncover the guilt complex since the Holocaust happened up until today. If it wasn't for this state of hypocrisy and the guilt complex, it would have been possible for those states which supported and were enthusiastic for the resolution, to stand in the face of the Israeli delegation and tell him, that the Jews are not the only people in history who were subject to annihilation and exodus…since the government which promoted this resolution did not hesitate, in its role, to commit mass exodus let alone its honored massacres' history…"

Faisal Al-Batut, "A Discernment Resolution…" Al-Watan, November 8, 2005



  • "…The Truth about the conspiracy against Islam and the Muslims has begun with the first moment the last prophet, Muhammad, was sent, when the powers of infidelity moved in Quraysh and among the Jews…

…The Conspiracies extend and its devils and criminals meet in an intense and sly alliance, when the clear infidelity and the people of the book from among the Jews met arrogantly and haughtily and besieged al-Madina (the city of the prophet)…

…One of the main and most apparent parts of the conspiracy is the Balfour Declaration and the mutual persistence of the establishment of the Jewish Zionist entity in Palestine so that this entity be the central anchor in the war and fragmentation of the Islamic world…"

'Adnan 'Ali Ridha An-Nahawi, "Why Do They Target Us - Islam And the Muslims - Through History," Al-Watan, November 23, 2005   


  • "…There is no doubt that the Jews have played an important role in the campaign against Hitler and Nazism…But the truth is that the hellish English, American and Jewish propaganda machine has prevented the objectivity and the integrity in writing the history of Hitler and the Nazism, that enables to record the positive things, even if they are a few…"

Raja An-Naqash, "Was Hitler Oppressed?" Al-Watan, November 21, 2005


  • "…Because he said what he said when he called for the elimination of Israel from the map of the world, actually, the Iranian leader never said he is calling for the annihilation and dumping the Israelis in the sea, but his speech was directed at the Zionist state. I do not know why we can't interpret the Iranian president's saying that he meant by it the establishment of one state in Palestine which includes the Jews and the Arabs together…

…I return to those who criticized and revenged against the courageous and honest Iranian president, and I say that Israel the way Sharon is representing it now is behaving with the extreme limit of arrogance, aggression oppression and evil…"

Raja An-Naqash, "They Make Me Wonder," Al-Watan, November 6, 2005


  • "…If the withdrawal from Iraq is threatening the security of Israel then, is it possible to say that the guarantee of Israel's security was one of the main reasons for the occupation (of Iraq)?

…Will Hadley's (Steven Hadley-National Security Adviser in the White House) gospel for AIPAC bring more pressure on Syria and Iran, asserting that this whole issue is schemed in Tel-Aviv? Does AIPAC have the answer?"

Lu'ai Kadoumi, "Precisely!" Al-Watan, November 4, 2005


  • "…The opportunity is still in the hands of Sharon and his terrorist gang to save the tranquility…

the international Zionist movement, which its vanguard base is the Israeli entity, backed by the United States by deed and saying, which reveals that the occupation of Iraq is an Israeli interest in the first degree…"

'Ali At-T'eimat, "Mutual Security…and The Expiring Tranquility," Al-Watan, November 4, 2005


  • "…The International Community should be extremely aware before the United States drags it into another problem which aims at translating its plans to establish the Big Middle East, where Israel can take the leading position. This is what Washington maneuvers for, and not for the sake of exposing the truth of the Hariri assassination crime…"

Hasan Younis, "Resolution 1636 - Anonymous Witnesses and Uncertain Assumptions," Al-Watan, November 3, 2005

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