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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - December 2005

Saudi Arabia

Posted: January 10, 2006

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Al-Yawm, December 4, 2005

Al-Yawm, December 1, 2005

The Star of David superimposed on the Third Reich flag.

Al-Yawm, November 30, 2005

Arabnews, October 9, 2005

Al-Watan, September 19, 2005

Al-Watan, July 22, 2005

Ar-Riyadh, July 14, 2005



The Holocaust Memorial Day

  • "…We never were for the Holocaust against the Jews. And we are not those who committed it. But we have become its victims in an open robbery game!!…don't we have the right to write in our books and teach our children that the Holocaust is in progress against Palestine and the Arabs since 48…

…is it just that the Arab People pay the prize for the Holocaust of others, while a Holocaust is being continuously committed towards him?..."

Ghazi Al-'Aridhi, "The Continuous Holocaust Against Us," Ar-Riyadh, November 13, 2005



Conspiracy Theories

  • "…It has been some years that I am writing and publicizing the Israeli experience with Arab detainees and prisoners in the Israeli jails, trying to urge people to stand up in the face of the occupation. This experience, besides being a contradictory to all human rights, morals, values and international laws, is exceptional in its sins. The Israeli forces used the bodies of the prisoners as experiment fields for the benefit of drug companies!! And so, on top of the torture, pain and the attempts to humiliate the prisoners, their bodies were used as so!! This, in addition to the extirpation of members from Palestinian civilians' bodies who entered Israeli hospitals for surgery and exited without some body members which had no connection to the surgery. Those parts were planted in the bodies of needy Israeli civilians!!..."

Ghazi Al-'Aridhi, "Our News From Israel," Ar-Riyadh, November 27, 2005


·         "…The Israeli goal is to impose slavery on the Palestinian individual, by forcing him to work in (Israel's) factories and farms in return for an urban salary, which means selling his efforts and sweat in Israeli factories and farms for (a lousy fee)…

…This hidden concept which is being held by the Jewish Chachamim in Israel against the liberal Zionist concept which is represented by the extreme right wing holding the authority and rule; and the collision between them does not represent a true rivalry, rather than a mere artificial dispute over the critical issues in Israel, in order to complete the circles of conspiracy between the extreme right wing and the ultra-orthodox extremist to steal the justified rights of the Palestinians and Arabs over the lands which Israel occupied since 1967…

The Israeli conspiracy path leads to the entanglement of the peace process in the Middle East, especially when America is part of this conspiracy. It is being proved by the Chachamim's alleged claims that Israel is submitted to Washington's orders, while they really know that Tel-Aviv controls America through the Zionist walking in the halls…

Giving back the Gaza strip to the Palestinians is a big Israeli conspiracy, because it opens the path for attacks and for the destruction of the Palestinian soil and the Palestinian individual…this proves that Israel is aiming at liquidizing the Palestinian problem by enforcing life in the Gaza Strip and piling them (the Palestinians) one upon the other…

…But Israel insists on not respecting the (international law) because it 'believes in punishment and is misbehaving' so it started to patronize others under the excuse of fighting against the world terror using America's clear standards which are contradicting the scales of justice and righteousness which are absent from the world stage, enabling Israel to play its terrorist role…"

Ridha Muhammad Lari, "I Would Like to Say: Returning Gaza is an Israeli Conspiracy," Ar-Riyadh, October 6, 2005


The Relations between American and Israel

  • "The oil and Israel is the supporting pillar of the American policy in the region, or what it calls the big Middle East… and Israel is the square root in planning and implementing its strategy…

In addition, from the reality of the American policy – why is the attempt to cause a crisis in the region, once through the American Democracy project, and then through a big Middle East which it (America) is leading its unification, and presents Israel as its spearhead?"

"Intelligent People… or Light-Headed?" (editorial), Ar-Riyadh, October 29, 2005


·         "…Israel has penetrated American secret sites several times, on the principle of achieving its goals no matter whether this deed is aimed towards supporting a great ally, as long as it corresponds with the principle 'I am worthier than others' …America has been mislead by Israeli information saying that Saddam is about to obtain nuclear weapons, and that (Israel) knew in advance that the Twin Towers will be targeted by Al-Qa'ida…"

Editorial, "The Allowed and Forbidden in the Political Game!!" Ar-Riyadh, October 8, 2005


De-Legitimizing the State of Israel

  • "… The recent presence of the Jews in the land of Palestine under the name 'Israel' is not a natural presence, which was imposed by circumstances and elements that are explicable. Had the Arabs in the 21st century been a united nation, Israel wouldn't be established in the first place…

Every day that passes well, Israel should receive it with what is called Hagomel[1]…"

Jihad Fadel, "When the One Who Cries Cries," Ar-Riyadh, September 1, 2005


Zionist Control over Western Media

  • "… The Israeli media, as did the western media which is subject to the Zionist influence, intentionally showed the Jews going out of their homes forcibly, with a look of artificial distress on their faces…"

Ridha Muhammad Lari, "I Would Like to Say – Gaza and the Palestinian State," Ar-Riyadh, September 1, 2005



  • "… The imperialism was not satisfied (enough) with transforming the Arab world into many countries disagreeing with the borders, the water sources, the seacoasts and others. Moreover, it aimed at planting a peg in the back of the Arab world that resembles cancer, and this is the State of Israel, so that the Arab world will walk as a hunchback who cannot rise and stand straight because of this disease that is planted in his back. In spite all of that, you can see that the attitude of the different Arab countries towards this strange body, which is planted in the Arab nation's body, is stranger than imagination, and although all of the Arab world's people know the disease and the treatment, so far they were not able to become aware of its importance and necessity so that the Arab body recuperates from it. The disease is worsening and gaining power…

As for the third kind of the Arab minds' assassination, it is being embodied by the role played by the Zionist enemy through its multi-aims intelligence apparatus, of which prioritizes the assassination of the prominent Arab minds…

Those who follow analyses of the Israeli elections in the Arab papers will find strange that there is optimism when this person is being elected and pessimism when that person is being elected, although both are killers and war criminals…"

Dr. Hamed 'Abdallah al-Lahidan, "The Strategy of Minds' Assassination and the Arab Capabilities," Ar-Riyadh, October 28, 2005


  • "…America and England, and following them, Israel and the rest of the European countries, are extremely interested in re-engineer the building of the Arab nation first and then the Islamic world, since the demographic problem is disturbing for the western plans and its interests in the Middle East…"

Dr. 'Abed al-'Aziz Jarallah al-Jarallah, "Arabs with no Arab Countries," Ar-Riyadh, October 26, 2005


·         "…Then the region was divided according to the Saicks-Piccot treaty, and then the Balfour declaration, which planted an alien body in the region in order to guarantee the continuation of dominance over it. Yes - this alien body grew and got strong until it became a state called Israel, which is supported by the Western countries, especially America

In fact, Israel is a hidden power controlling the domestic and foreign American dimensions. Israel is not only what we see in occupied Palestine. Israel today establishes democracy and produces progress through the interaction of education, health, defense and economy through using the highest level of technology. At the same time, (Israel) uses all the power it was given, whether it was gained through self-effort or by utilizing others which it controls through money, media or the centers of power in order to annihilate the Arab and Muslim countries from the inside… to realize the dream of the big Israel…

…the first Gulf war with Iran which consumed the green and the dried not just in Iraq but in all of its neighbors, except Israel who was the only one to benefit…

…yes - the international intelligence agencies, especially the Israeli, American, Iranian and other agencies are playing a suspicious role in Iraq. Israel and its allies are striving with all their power to create and polarize the region into two parts - the Shi'a and the Sunna...

The people of the West are subject to a cultural brainwashing based on the hatred of Islam. The people responsible for this propagandist distrustful deed belongs to Zionist intelligence agencies and forces, manager corporations, hired writers and owners of capital and media who are enemies of this nation (Islam)…

The Zionist attack, which is led by the Israeli intelligence and other international agencies who dwell in its orbit together with Zionist organizations and the radical right wing Christian Zionist organizations whether they are military, terrorist, or propagandist oriented - they all lead to one conclusion; that is to bring about destruction and retardation to the Arab and Muslim people, and to expel the Arab and Muslim communities from the west with every means available, so that the nations will only see Israel's needs, and hear what Israel has to say. Yes, Israel is a snake that spreads corruption directly and indirectly in the region…"

Dr. Hamad Bin 'Abdalla Al-Lahidan, "The Consequences of Occupying the Balance of Power and its Creation of Polarization in the Region," Ar-Riyadh, October 14, 2005


  • "…The Jews are known for their greediness, as they do not spend a lot of their budget on media. Instead, they are relying on using the event. Thus, their media is gratis and with no charge…"

'Abed al-'Aziz Muhammad adh-Dhakir, "Who is the Israeli Minister of Information?" Ar-Riyadh, August 31, 2005

[1] Blessing recited upon deliverance from danger

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