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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - December 2006


Posted: January 24, 2007

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Tishrin, November 2, 2006

Tishrin, October 30, 2006

Tishrin, October 3, 2006

The Jewish mother is feeding her babies out of a bottle filled with bodies and weapons.

Tishrin, September 25, 2006

The cartoon's headline reads: "Redlines."

Tishrin, September 6, 2006

The cartoon's headline is: "The Siege."

The sing reads "The South (Lebanon)."

Tishrin, August 3, 2006

The Jewish soldier is washing his bloody hands with American water after he finished cutting a Lebanese mother and child.

Tishrin, July 27, 2006

The international community is handing Palestine to the Jewish Dog.

Tishrin, July 24, 2006

The Jew is sitting over bodies and showing Uncle Sam a hen saying: "I don't see anything which should be condemned."

Tishrin, July 6, 2006

The cartoon's headline is: "Surrendering the Prisoners!!"

The sign on the table reads: "Negotiations."


Conspiracy Theories

  • "…The worst is that the German report hints that the German intelligence has confirmed information that the Israeli Mossad not only knew about the September attacks, but also participated in putting and implementing it accurately…"
    'Omar Jiftaly, "Would They Listen to the Other Side?" Tishrin, September 26, 2006 

Comparison between the Jews\Israel and the Nazis

  • "…After eliminating Nazism, Christian Europe solved its historical problem with the Jews through emigrating them to the Arab Palestine.. and this is how the tragedies, distresses, wars and the Israeli Holocaust, came into our homes, lands and homeland, under the claim of compensating for the Nazis crimes against the Jews...
    The Jewish American organizations mislead the world with the Holocaust, in order to collect immense amounts of money from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    The bigger Jewish Ghetto in the world – Israel, which was established on the land of Palestine – gained the status of the victim, as the international Judaism gained the image of the victim…
    Using the Nazi annihilation, the Holocaust, in order to cover the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people.
    The world Zionism, Israel, the American government and some European countries did not learn the lessons of the Nazi Holocaust, as they support the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people. They protect the Israeli arsenal of atomic, biological and chemical weapon of mass destruction, as a preparation for committing a new atomic Holocaust in the region.
    This is how the Palestinian people becomes a victim for fabricating, exaggerating and monstrous using of the Nazi annihilation in order to rob its homeland, ruin its achievements and put it in an Israeli arrest camp which is worst than Nazi arrest camps."
    Dr. Ghazi Hussein, "The Monstrous Use of the Nazi Holocaust Put Israel Above the International Law," Tishrin, August 16, 2006
  • "…This is how the Israeli savageness, which is excelling the Nazi and Fascist deeds, continues…
    The Zionist purpose is to annihilate the whole Palestinian people or exile it even if it is to Mars, in order to establish a racist entity on the ruins of Palestine…"
    'Isam Dari, "In order to Clear Up the Matters – The Massacre is on its Way," Tishrin, August 11, 2006 

Demonizing Israel\the Jews

  • "…Truly this is the Zionist plague – one cannot describe what is happening in Palestine in a more accurate way…
    Do they keep away from us fearing from the hostility since we are afflicted by the plague? Or fearing from the revenge of the Israeli plague? As the plague in itself – according to Hollywood – could have a mind, will and judgment – no matter whether it is a microbe or a jellylike…"
    Naser Shimali, "Today's Attitude: How Can We Counteract the Israeli Plague?" Tishrin, August 12, 2006
  • "…The rat of the Israeli plague is crawling over the green grasslands, carrying the fountains of blood to children and women, and spreading the powder of ruins to the sources of water and light…"
    Dr. Ghassan Rifa'i, "Non-Balanced Weekly Features – the Evil's Satans," Tishrin, August 2, 2006
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