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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - December 2005

United Arab Emirates

Posted: January 10, 2006

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Al-Ittihad, August 29, 2005

The American people (on the right) and the Jews (on the left) are eating "the American economy."

Al-Ittihad, August 25, 2005

The Jew, the American and another man (maybe Iranian) are sitting around a table eating chicken on which is written "Iraq". The American is saying to the man representing "Turkey": "Who invited you?"


Israel is Racist, Imperialist and Killing the Palestinian People

  • "…In another swindle, the Jews…also until this moment are making a whole people homeless, killing, liquidating, and attempting to annihilate an entire people and erase it from the map in order to fulfill those (holy) promises while performing the ugliest kinds of racism which history recorded nothing as such…"

Dr. Muhammad Salman Al-'Aboudi, "The Swindle Game," Al-Bayan, November 6, 2005


Conspiracy Theories

·         "…Was it a coincidence, that the year 2001 is the year when the reign of the 'new cons' started in America, with their extreme Christian dogma character, the year of Sharon's taking office in Israel on the basis of Jewish religious extremism, and the surfacing of 'Al-Qaeda' and the execution of terror incidents by extreme groups with an Islamic Character?"

Subhi Ghandour, "Abandoning Extremism is the Solution," Al-Bayan, November 17, 2005

  • "The Israelis are trying to plant a base of the Al-Qaeda organization in Palestine through every possible mean …

…The whole matter seems to be an act committed by the Israeli intelligence in order to drag Al-Qaeda into the conflict (the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) on the media level and not practically, in a manner which will bring propaganda benefits for Israel…"

Hafez Al-Barghouti, "Israel is Establishing an Al-Qaeda Base in Gaza by on the Media Level," Al-Bayan, November 8, 2005


The Holocaust Memorial Day

·         "…(The World Zionist Movement succeeded in) making these concept control the world, when the general assembly of the U.N. accepted recently the exaggerations and inflating of the 'Jewish Holocaust' in Germany which is known as the Holocaust and dedicating an international budget to commemorate it annually.

Preserving the memory of the victims and compensating them, disregarding the Arab and Palestinian victims which Israel has harvest their souls in the ugliest massacres this age have witnessed…these massacres are still being committed until now…

…In such an atmosphere, history becomes a ground for forgery and the drafting of myths, the integrity of scientific research is lost and the historian losses his independence and freedom, being forced to glorify the Israeli terrorist murderer of the Palestinian children at the military checkpoints…"

Sayyid Zahran, "Globalizing Normalization with Israel," Al-Bayan, November 24, 2005

  • "…But, for the Holocaust to achieve this exclusiveness while Palestine is subject to massacres…it is more of the international organization (the U.N.) as an umbrella to cover the Israeli aggression which is committing a continuing and comprehensive Holocaust against the Palestinian people…"

Editorial, "The U.N…Why the Holocaust?" Al-Bayan, November 3, 2005



·         "When the Jews became an intolerable danger in the European societies, these countries totally departed the Jews in an organized way, so as to get rid of the organized Jewish terrorism… Let us be aware that the Jews want us as slaves or employees, not as neighbors or partners…"

Dr. Mu'ammar Al-Far, "Unaware Moment," Al-Bayan, December 6, 2005


  • "… But who planted the biggest and the most dangerous virus in the region? Isn't it Britain and Europe who planted the Israeli virus? Isn't America protecting and injecting this virus in every aspect of life so it can penetrate and become monstrous?

…Rice would do well if she tries to convince its administration to try to treat the Israeli virus, which also unfortunately at present has no anti-dote except for in American pharmacies…"

'Imad Ad-Din Hussein, "The Virus and the Infected Region," Al-Bayan, November 12, 2005

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