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Anti-Semitism in the Arab/Muslim World

Arab Media Review: Anti-Semitism and Other Trends July - August 2005


Posted: November 23, 2005

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·          "…since Israel is of among the sacred cows in the US and those who attack it or hint to its anger from their deep influence on the American decision making will be harmed…"
Khaled Daoud, "The Humiliation of Spying In Favor Of Israel is Threatening to Drop the Symbols of Neo Conservatives in Bush Administration," Al-Ahram,
August 14, 2005

·         "…If Israel is the first country in our modern world that has the ability to warn of attacks before they happen, be it during September 11 or the London bombings, or the bombings in Taba and Sharem ash-Shaykh. This is not showing the power of its security apparatuses but from a hidden side it hints on the responsibility of those apparatuses for participation in preparing and help in committing it. There is a lot of research on which analysis arrives at this (conclusion)…"
Munir 'Amer, "The Power of Money… and the Power of Thoughts," Al-Ahram,
August 1, 2005

·         "… The role of the western media, which is owned by the Jews, or friends of Israel, is well known. It acts in order to illuminate the Palestinian-Palestinian struggle…"
"The Future of the Relationship Between The Palestinian Authority and the Hammas," Al-Ahram,
July 27, 2005

·         The writer is telling the story of a phone conversation that he had from an Egyptian woman re the terror attack in Sharem ash-Shaykh:
"…She asked: Why is it an Islamic group and not the Mossad, especially that it was done so professionally?!
I answered: … Suicide attacks against others are known only in two cultures – the Islamic culture and the Japanese Kamikaze culture. It is unknown about the Jews through their history that they committed these kinds of attacks. It is true that they have a long might of terror attacks, but without sacrificing themselves in it!…
She said: It (
Israel) is planning and operating Islamic groups by remote control without knowing!
I said: I agree…"  
Nabil 'Amer, "The Mossad and the Jihad," Al-Ahram,
July 26, 2005

·         "There is no doubt that the events witnessed by the occupied territories will put a negative shadow (on the Palestinians), will harm the Palestinian attitude and reputation during the upcoming period, and will also harm the Palestinian scene internationally. This is what curtailed successful steps during previous years because of the ugliness and the Nazism of the Israeli occupation... And Sharon's government lost a lot of its influence and international aid because of the Jewish lobby's cheating and influence..."
Ashraf al-'Ushri, "The Unity of the Palestinians is the Only Hope for the Implementation of the Israeli Disengagement," Al-Ahram, July 24, 2005


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